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ANZ Access Advantage

ANZ Access Advantage

3.5 from 31 reviews

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Terrible customer service!!

We have been long term customers of the ANZ, both personally and with our business, but when we found it necessary to refinance, it was a flat out 'No'. Even the broker we engaged to speak on our behalf was surprised that they were unwilling to help given that we were 'well secured and with a good history of repayments asking for a very small increase'. As soon as we possibly can, we will be transferring all accounts from the ANZ to another bank.

The worst banking experience ever

This bank on every level provided the worst customer service ever, especially [name removed], he made promises, and messed us around beyond belief! Our own accountant can't believe the bank doesn't look after customers like us with a fantastic credit rating, can't wait to leave this bank, and the bank can thank [name removed]!!!

Apple Pay

Account is free and comes with Visa Debit card that can be used with Apple Pay.
ANZ currentlt only bank offering this, but might be change in the future ......

not happy

Currently shopping for a new bank card as my anz account has been hacked into for the third time and i hate going through the motions of changing accounts bank cards etc each time. Not sure if this is happening to other anz customers but im one to make minimal purchase online which are generally under 250 bucks and i always check atms for skimming devices before making withdrawals.


Had a anz visa debit card for 6 years, but recently decided to get rid of it after finding out they wanted to charge me $5 per month($60 a year) for the card use. Decided to change to NAB, they also have a debit card without the $5 sting. Please consider changing banks if you find $5 per month a unnecessary charge for using a debit card like I did.

Ridiculous $5 per month charge for use of card- ripoff.

I like it

Easy transactions. Internet security. Nil complaints yet. No fees since I work at public health and they have some sort of 'tie up' with the employer and my pay goes into it and don't have to pay any fees.banking can be done using iPhone app which is excellent feature. Do recommend it if you can get it without fees.
no fee


I have had this card since it came out. I was better off going onto this card because it has no fee's as long as I'm a student or if your a pensioner. It does everything I want it to and I connect it to my Online Banking. I like being able to choose the colour of your bank card. Also having no fee if you accidently take too much out of your account. Well Done ANZ! You might not be so bad afterall
I love this card because I pay no fee's because I am a fulltime student!
None at this stage


I have had this card now for a few months and am enjoying the flexibility of having a visa debit card, it means i can still do what i want to do but without getting myself into debt. I am fairly cautious when using mine to make sure i dont incure any other bank fees on top of the nornal monthly fee. I will not (unless needed) use any ATM that is not ANZ because of the fees they charge you just to use them. I would not change anything about this card as it suits my every day needs. I think they only way they could better this is to maybe have a reward program for when you use the credit aspect of the card.
Can be used in most places, has low monthly fees compared to alot of other accounts/cards.
If credit is used it takes a while for the amount of money to be deducted from your account balance.


When I came to Australia for my tertiary studies, I needed a bank to keep my savings and do my daily banking. I chose ANZ because a branch and an ATM was very near to my accommodation. I applied for the ANZ Access Advantage account because it had advantages to me as a student; I do not have to pay a monthly $5 account servicing fee, which other regular account holders do. But now that I am not a student anymore, I have to pay the $5 servicing fee; but it is a minimal amount to me. Besides, I could have unlimited withdrawals from the ATM per month. Unfortunately, account holders do not get any interest for the savings with this account. Hence, for those who want to build up on their savings, I would recommend applying for other ANZ accounts that offers interest on savings, such as ANZ Progress Saver or ANZ Online Saver. Overall, a reasonable account just to do transactions.
Low $5 monthly account servicing fee, unlimited ATM withdrawals and transactions
No interest accrued with this account


I use my card a lot and would certainly recommend it to others. It combines security and convenience of a credit card with the great feeling of knowing that you are using your own money.
The convenience of Visa, but without the debt! I use my card for on-line transactions that require a credit card number. I think the fraud protection is a big plus.
I think $6 a month in fees is a lot considering it is MY money I am using and most of my transactions are electronic. I also find that transactions take a long time to appear in the on-line statements, although the account balance information is usually correct.


$6 a month with unlimited free anz ATM transactions are great on the hip pocket! I like the way I'm using my own money and the card is accepted anywhere that visa is. Makes shopping online easy and safe. ANZ ATM's seem to be just about everywhere so its no trouble at all to keep ATM transaction fees non existent. ANZ are really good with the fraud protection too.
Low account fees, can be used just about anywhere, anz are unbeatable with their fraud protection, customized designs.
Some ATM's aren't use-able with this card if they don't accept credit transactions.


I think that this is a good card, but the monthly fee is quite high ($6). I have also had a few problems with paying online. The BSB and account number is shown on the back of the card which is convenient if you need those details but I think that it poses a security threat should your card gets lost or stolen.
That its your own money that you are spending
The statement does not have the accurate information with regards to dates.


Going through a credit company means that transactions aren't at 'point of sale' and can take a few days to goet your account. ANZ charge extra on top of their standard account to have this option available, and you cannot have a joint account with a Visa account - you can have an additional holder, but beware if you need to set up a salary debit, some employers will only accept an account in your name and if you are the additional card holder...
Be careful that your receipts that you throw out don't show your whole card number (I had one occasion when the eftpos terminal did this) - can lead to fraudelent use of your own actual money.
Convenient product that offers you choice in the way you use your own money. Overall a very good idea, just need to be aware of the security issues when you opt for Visa card account number.


great card that i use and dont know what i would do without it,you use it as a real credit card which means you can buy things on the internet and over the phone so your bot worrying about getting cheques to pay for things,they also have your acc no on the back which is really handy
this debit card is great as you dont get into any debt what so ever as you have to use your actual money to buy things,but you use it exactly as you would a credit card
they could have a bit more of a range in the clours that they have available


I like my ANZ Visa as it is accepted everywhere you go and I don't have any problems when buying items from shops. Also every now & then they send you out information on increasing your card - but no hard sell this only happens if and when you want it to happen (if you are in need of extra money). Also their interest rate is quite competitive.
It is able to be used in all outlets that I use easy and with no problems, also it is the best looking credit card that I have seen out of all the cards around.
Only one thing that comes to mind - other than the fact that most credit card interest is very expensive if not paid off within the month.


this is perfect for all the people like me out there that cannot get approved for a credit card with the anz visa debit you can use your money your way just like a actual credit card you can use it over sea's or even online sites suck as oztion ebay even if you wish to buy a ringtong for your from this is a great little handy card because you know you will never go over your limit
they you can use your money just like a credit car
the colors really need more color choices for the cards


Overall only $6 per month for transactions and anz cash withdrawls, accepted alot of places. Can be used online and over the phone.
Unlimited ANZ atm uses and transactions for only $6. SO good, helps minimise bank fees. Is accepted everywhere. Great colour choices, Has account no and bsb written on back of card- handy! You have a pin number and can also sign.
You have to select credit card when withdrawing cash and some atms dont have an option for that so you cab only get cash out at certain atms. Account no and bsb is written on the back of the card, so if you lost it the person who finds it has your bank details and name....


Quick postage, application with no credit checks. Able to use own savings when buying items over the internet. Great when using Paypal or to transfer money overseas. Also able to combine the account with any other ANZ product.
Able to choose colour of card.
The monthly fee of $6.00 is just ridiculous compared to the other banks which have monthly fees as little as $3.


I have the pink card. Love the colour.I make myself go and use the ATM teller. As so i won,t get charge anymore fees.Low monthly fee at ($6).I have never had a visa Debit card before its easy to use.Everyone should get one I,m getting Husband one soon.
I can bye items on the internet. And i have no worries. With hackers getting into my account.I can anywhere with my visa debit card.My daughter uses her for her business.So she got me hook on the card.
The updating the balance is very slow. With internet banking and teller banking.


Again, I fully support the VISA Debit concept. It needs to be exercised and utilised more heavily for consumers as a replacement to credit cards. This way your cashflow is controlled. Excellent Idea!
This is an excellent form of controlling your cashflow. I used to have several credit cards in the past, which accumulate debt! They are dangerous if you do not control your spending. I was unable to obtain a credit card in the future due to credit hassles and therefore was not able to purchase items online or book accomodation when needed. Couldn't do it. I then discovered the VISA Debit cards. I think the Visa Debit card is one of the most effective concepts out in today's contemporary lifestyle and should be used as a replacement to credit cards. This can help curb the escalating consumer debt hitting Australia and around the globe today.
Agree with other review. The updating of the balance is very slow. You basically have to work it out in your head your genuine balance. The bank receipts will never tell you what you ACTUALLY have in your bank account. Cannot use VISA Debit on CashTellers, Ready Tellers as they only have the Savings or Cheque Accounts for withdrawal not CREDIT. This is a bummer. Have to go to proper Bank ATM or ANZ ATM to withdraw cash as they have the CREDIT A/C option.

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