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i want to have an account solely on saving a specific item can i have multiple savings accounts since i already have one? if not can i have a different type of account?
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yes, I have two progress saverscan i just apply online?

If I don’t make a deposit this month and withdraw some money from the savers account, what kind of interest will I be still getting? Thanks for your help.
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nothing for the whole month when you withdraw anything

Does it cost to transfer money from progress saver account to others?
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You lose the interest for that month. You should establish another progress saver account and transfer the remaining balance to this new account so you can earn interest on the remaining balance for the rest of the month. If you do not transfer to another progress saver you earn zero interest for the month

Can a progress saver account be joined with cheque account. If so i can you withdraw from progress saver without a card.
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Probably a silly question but anz says deposit a min of $10 a month and only 1 transactions is allowed before incurring charges... Does 1 transactions mean withdrawal and deposits? Or can I keep adding money throughout the month without charges?
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I got a periodic payment nonpayment fee of 6 bucks as I forgot to pay the minimum 10 dollar for December. Then I got another one for January when I had enough money in my another account to pay. How do I solve this out?
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Can I transfer money to another person progress saver account online?
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Yes, the account has a “pay anyone” facility, but remember you will lose the bonus interest for any month inwhich you make a withdrawlIf you want to keep getting interest but do transactions as well try the ANZ online saver accounts.

Why cant i see my progressive saver account in the new anz app?
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Sorry but I do not know that one. Maybe call into an ANZ Bank branch and they will help you. Thanks

hi! is it a good idea to open an ANZ online saver account (for the 3 months bonus interest) then after 3 months transfer the money to Progress saver?
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i want to transfer money from my anz progress saver but it keep saying account restricted. how can i make the transfer?
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Call the bank

I want to receive a payment through paypal, is it possible to link paypal to my progress saver account and incur no fees? (I will not make purchases through the account and paypal, I'll simply receive money through it?)
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Yes.. all deposits are fee free .. you only get charged for debits to the account. Progress Saver is still classed as a Savings Account except you get the bonus interest hence why they charge fees for excess debit transactions. Hope this helps.

Can I transfer money from my progress saver to another person account online?
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Hi Teresa .... Whilst I know you can transfer money through phone banking etc. to your own accounts [I have never tried to send to another person] you would probably need to confirm this with a branch maybe to verify ...... although in saying this, when you feed in the BSB and account number it doesn't recognise the persons name only the account numbers etc. so on that basis I would imagine that you can do that. The idea of the Progress Saver account is not to use it as an everyday account as after the first withdrawal you will encounter fees for each withdrawal. This account is purely aimed at Savings for "the rainy" day!!. Hope this helps a little. Cheers Di

How do I withdraw money from my progress saver?
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Hi .. You can withdraw by either phone banking transfer, ATM Card or in branch .... bearing in mind this account is meant to be a SAVINGS ACOUNT hence the charge on withdrawals after first one. Hope this helps.didnt helpYou can withdraw from any ATM or at the teller. Your first withdrawal from the month is free, anymore after that during the same month, will have a fee incurred.

Can money be transferred into a Progress Saver account from anybody’s account, for instance from a non ANZ bank account?
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Can you get a temporary overdraft on your anz progress saver account?
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Simple answer is NO ..... this is a savings account only.

Why can’t I transfer money from my access advantage account? I can only transfer from my savings account
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HI am i able to link my progress saver access card to Paypal?
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Hi James R ... There would be nothing to stop you linking the Progress Saver to the Paypal setup ......except .....NOT A GOOD IDEA. This account is solely for the idea of saving either for a particular purpose or savings in general. Every time you would use this account for Paypal purchases you are going to incur a fee for withdrawals. The same way one can have the Progress Saver account linked to their Access Card or other like Visa etc....... but the fee structure is there as a deterrent to stop people using it as an everyday account.and you do not then get whatever the bonus interest is. All accounts at the moment unfortunately do not get very much interest if anything at all, so what little one gets with the bonus interest is better than nothing ..... linking to Paypal will not give you this as you will be using it all the time for withdrawals on every debit that goes through the account. I would suggest an everyday type of account to link to Paypal ......then you will not incur fees of any sort.

How do i wothdraw cash from progress savings account from anz atm?
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Hi Kyeesha .... Firstly I have an ATM Access Card with my Progress Saver. I am not 100% sure in today's market but you used to be able to use it in an ATM [I have been out of the bank for some years now, but did have 30 years with ANZ] when I was working in the bank. You can definitely do PHONE banking with this account as I do it all the time. If it won't allow you to directly use an ATM just do phone banking to another account and then go to an ATM ..... really much the same if you need "hard cash". You can always go into any branch anywhere and check with the staff if the current rules allow you to directly draw from an ATM. Bottom line is that this account is solely meant for SAVINGS .... not to withdraw, hence why there are fees attached to withdrawals ..... remember that too. Hope this helps.Just use the ANZ goMoney app on your phone. You can transfer money from your PS to your Everyday acct in a few taps, then withdraw from there. From their site: " All ANZ Internet Banking transactions are free, additional ANZ Transactions charged as: Electronic Transactions $1.00 each and Staff Assisted Transactions $2.50 each. ANZ Transactions, Electronic Transactions and Staff Assisted Transactions are defined in the ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees and Charges booklet. Any withdrawals in a particular month, including those that are free of charge, will disqualify you from bonus interest for that month."

I can't make withdrawls online from my progress saver account. Only deposits. How do i fix this?
1 answer
I would suggest that you ring your branch or go into see them to see if there is a problem with correct codes or linkages on the account. . Seems like perhaps there is something not quite right as one can do withdrawals via phone banking etc. so cannot see why you cannot do the same with on line.

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