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ING Orange Everyday

Latest review: Before you can transfer your over $1000 straight to the Maximiser Account to earn top interest but now for more than a year now they have made people wait 2 to 3 days to get the top interest where by

ING Savings Maximiser

Latest review: Yep, they were good - but with this 5 transaction rule - and no notification that I wasnt meeting it - I have not been getting the interest since Feb - then ING send a customer email saying saying

ANZ Access Advantage

Latest review: We have been long term customers of the ANZ, both personally and with our business, but when we found it necessary to refinance, it was a flat out 'No'. Even the broker we engaged to speak on our

RaboDirect High Interest

Latest review: I was almost put off joining Rabobank from the complaints on here but I went for it anyway. I had no problems whatsoever. I suggest reading the T&Cs first so there are no surprises! (e.g. Yes - they

Citibank Plus

Latest review: I was told 5 to 7 days to receive my card, today is working day 8 and besides receiving an initial email from Citibank saying they were processing my Citibank Plus account, no other communication has

Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard

Latest review: I worked out, this was better for me than paying for credit. Commonwealth website makes it easy to check transactions any time. Payments can be set for specific dates. It’s simple to use and ensure y

Commonwealth Bank NetBank Saver

Latest review: Over a period of 9 months Commbank have Continually changed my Interest Rate without notifying me as per the terms set out in there product disclosure! Ive Been loyal to this bank for 38 years But

UBank USaver

Latest review: Stupid internet banking system nearly everytime has error show up with oracle error message, could not even change contact email. Call centre could not do anything and wait for 30minutes at

NAB Classic Banking

Latest review: Blocked my transaction and then phoned me to verify the transaction. Asked me reasonable ID questions. Good well done. But then the “wheels came off”: a smaller subsequent transaction to the same ext

HSBC Online Savings

Latest review: After nearly Ten years with this bank! This is what I get. It's funny when I had over $250,000.00 in my account, I would sometime take out 10K no questions asked. The service was great. I removed a

ANZ Progress Saver

Latest review: When you eventually have to take money out you lose the interest for that month (if you leave the funds in the account), so say with $100,000 in the account you earn 0.1% interest for that

UBank Online Term Deposit

Latest review: I have used Ubank for many years, both personally and in my SMSF.. On renewal I noticed the rate for my SMSF is 2.7 compared to 2..85 for a personal term deposit.. ING rate is higher, so I guess I

Westpac Debit MasterCard

Latest review: I wouldn't recommend getting this card otherwise you will get tempted to spend money Online from your Westpac Choice Account so I would recommend getting a HandyCard so you can't shop

St.George Complete Freedom

Latest review: Sales girl tricked me into opening complete freedom ac by depositing $2000 and keeping for 3 months in order to get a bonus $50. But after that, monthly fee $5 kicked in for failing to put in $250. @

ANZ Online Saver

Latest review: I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the worst interest on this account so I would recommend opening an eSaver account with Westpac so you can save quicker and

Commonwealth Transaction Accounts

Latest review: This account is ok but if you don't get the deposits of $2000 it a little disappointing we get charged for being loyal to the

ING Personal Term Deposit

Latest review: If you do not look after your existing customer with a good saving maximiser rate, we have to say bye bye!!! There are more competitive online rate in the

Australia Post Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid

Latest review: My previous AP Load & Go prepaid Visa Card reached its expiry date so had to replace it. Go to the local post office and AP now only do MasterCard (not visa) no problems right - WRONG. Clunky way to

ME Bank Term Deposit

Latest review: Have a couple term deposits with them. Have an emergency situation so need to break one of the term deposits early (it's due to finish in october). You have to wait 31 days to get the money. I

NAB iSaver

Latest review: Describing a bank account that starts at 2.11 per cent and "smoothly transitions" to 0.11 per cent a few months later as "high interest" is deceptive and disappointing. I'd like to save with NAB but

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