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Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Apple iMac 21.5 inch

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Cath R.

Cath R.Sydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Worst of all


I've bee using Mac for almost 20 years and recently bought this latest iMac but was huge disappointment. Compare to the one I had, bought back in 2012, this was way better computer. Worst compatibility with other software, especially Adobe. when start using any of Adobe, dramatically slows down. Unbearable. and new Finder feature, looks cool but way too slow to do anything. just really bad and absolutely slow computer.

smart customer

smart customerAU

  • 7 reviews

Apple iMac 21.5 SSD is too slow when starting


I bought a brand new iMac 2017 a few months ago and it's 1TB SSD. I regret buying SSD instead of Fusion hard drive as it's too slow.. It takes more than 1 mins to start a computer when it's new and I have got 10GB of data saved in my iMac and it takes 2mins to start the computer. Other than slow hard drive, I am pretty happy with the 4K display retina screen.



  • 9 reviews

Pretty much useless for design environment


i7 i5 doesn't matter, was expecting to get faster performance on latest iMac than 2012 iMac I was using but all I got was disappointment. Can't handle Adobe software, any of their apps way too slow to start up, photoshop is the worse.



  • 8 reviews
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Great computer, stylish but expensive


My wife bought this for her studies in 2017. I am a huge computer fan and have always thjought these were overpriced. Having used it, its great for web browsing, photo and light video editing. Mac operates differently to PC so there was adjustment to how things work and how you click certain things.
I would say for the money you can get a PC considerably cheaper, but not as stylish.


RainbowsHobart, TAS

  • 14 reviews

Beats all other models!


Everyone kept telling me to get an Apple iMac desk top computer they kept telling me the pros and the more I thought about it and researched, the more I wanted it, so when I saved enough money I bought one and I haven't looked back. I am really happy, it helps me with everything, no more worries about pathetic Windows and their useless hangups and updates, no worries about anything, its got everything you need and more, I am more than happy with it, thumbs up for me!

Louise Cropley

Louise Cropley

  • 5 reviews

Amazing computers!


Having already used an iMac for many years, when we needed another one for our home office, it was a no brainer! These computers are so simple and easy to use. Though i’m disappointed with how they have phased out the disc drive. All round though, a solid investment!



  • 5 reviews

I Hope It Can Use Microsoft


I bought my imac two years ago and I use it to watch youtube and other video. The screen image is very high definition. But hard for my to do my work at home using this device.


PamMGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 11 reviews

Stay away from any iMac


I bought the 21.5" LED backlit iMac 2 years ago & ever since I had this piece of junk is given me nothing but trouble. It's slow & you need to update every freaking part that Apple sends. If u don't, then it slows down even more! It comes with a blue tooth mouse & keyboard which u have to feed AA batteries every fortnight if you are using the damn thing everyday. So my advise is, please stay away from any Apple products. BTW it's not virus tolerant anymore. I know someone who worked in Apple Care & their systems down at least once a week which implies that hackers & viruses DO get into their systems & servers. Be careful all u Apple lovers out there.


vivpatRichmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 16 reviews

Five year blues



KanyeBelconnen 2615, ACT

  • 41 reviews

Awesome computer still running like new


its a bit pricy but a great investment guys having my iMac over 3 years now looks like new running like new. great speed, multiple programs open up fast.
I have used Windows computers over the years they are getting bad and bad every day. I could never go back to Windows. The ease of use is amazing.

A+++ for APPLE!!!



  • 18 reviews

Excellent computer that lasts!!


I am a big fan on Mac computers, they just seem to last longer, are safer against virus' and easier to use once you get the hang of them. The downside would be repair costs and finding a really good technician. I know the parts are expensive and sometime hard to find. This iMac has lasted me 5 years to date without a problem. The only thing needed after all these years would be a new hard drive (SSD) to boost this unit from 500Gb to 1TB. Wireless keyboard and mouse are fantastic and reliable. The back up system is called Time Machine and works a treat and is easy to use and retrieve. I would highly recommend this iMac over any PC anyway.

Leaking lines through screen.


I also have had a problem with my screen. I have not had it for very long and it has developed some leaking lines through the screen. Also something else is happening on the screen and I can't view pictures or video, not sure if it has something to do with a failing graphics card. Very disappointing!



  • 50 reviews



Love our IMacs!
Being a Windows only girl forever, I wasn't sure I'd warm to the iMac. I knew the kids would adapt, but at 40 I'm a creature of habit (plus all of my programs like MYOB and Embrilliance run perfectly in Windows)


donny70Sydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews
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The stand has failed - needs a recall


The stand failed. There was a big cracking sound and now the monitor won't stay up. This seemingly has happened to heaps and heaps of t his model but it will take 3 weeks to get fixed.

I told the repair guys I needed it back but they said they are waiting for parts from Apple - there is a shortage because there have been so many failures.

There should be a recall on these machines Because nobody can wait 3 weeks for repair. We have work to do!!!

do not buy hp

do not buy hp

  • 8 reviews

very good


This iMac is great absolutely no complaints at all - stills looks good after years of use flawless & can handle even the power hungry professional graphic software with ease. Get one if you are looking .. seriously.

Coffee addict

Coffee addictWheatbelt, WA

  • 10 reviews

Fast, Reliable and User Friendly Desktop Computer


Never had any problems with this computer. This is my first Mac and I must say I will not go back to a Windows operating system, Ever! Everything flows smoothly, works properly and has not slowed after 2 years of daily usage of 6+ hours. Love Love Love it! If I had have known it was going to be as user friendly and reliable when I first purchased this desktop, I wouldn't have bothered with the Apple Care Plan, as I have never used it. There is no going back once you own a Mac!! Also owning a iPhone and an iPad means that all your files are accessible from any device. Perfect.

iMacs Forever


I have used Windows computers for over thirty years. I hesitantly purchased a Mac not really knowing what to expect except the comments like 'They are user friendly'. I could not be happier! Yes, it took a few weeks to navigate the differences between Mac and Windows but it was all worthwhile. I could never go back to Windows. The ease of use is amazing, and there is never a problem with bugs or glitches. There are so many good things to say about Macs that I could fill a pages.

CONVERTED won't go back to Microsoft


If l knew years ago how much better Apple is compared to Microsoft l would have switched years ago.
After years of a slow computer, Antivirus problems and problems getting on the net, l click on my new Mac and get on the net straight away, didn't think it was possible. I can get on the net easy now and it does not take all day to do a small task. Have converted and won't go back to microsoft only ever had problems with their product. It was easy to learn Apple and l don't get stressed out when l get on my computer now. Thanks APPLE


HollyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 55 reviews

Best computer I've ever owned, hands down.


I am in love with my iMac! It hasn't failed me yet - no viruses (not one), always fast, and Apple's service is superb. I used to use Windows computers, but now I will never own anything other than a Mac. The operating system is so much easier to use than windows, not to mention faster. I plan on keeping my iMac for a LONG time.


SirRootesNorth Western Region, NSW

  • 6 reviews



I have an iMac 21.5" 2.7GHz i5, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD.
This is the first ever Apple computer I have ever owned and to say the least I will never be buying a Windows PC ever again! I bought this machine back in the middle of 2011 and it has never missed a beat. I also own a Windows laptop (daughter needs it for school) and every time I use it I feel like chucking it in the river! The iOS on the iMac is SO simple to use, compared to Windows. The simplicity and the allround look and feel of this machine is just awesome! And the multi-touch mouse is also a great feature.
If you are looking into buying a new computer, do yourself a favor and get an iMac.
I'm a big Apple fan now! :o)

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