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Arnott's Cheds

Arnott's Cheds

2.2 from 30 reviews

Tasteless Cheds

Bought I packet. No cheese flavour. I thought I would give them another chance as I normally love them. Different supermarket same bland cheese less taste. That’s it. No more

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.50.

Why change what works

Why tamper with a great product??? The great cheesy flavour is lost. Was a regular purchaser. Will not buy this product again.

Cheds we would love you to come on board as a sponsor

Two Rocks Boardriders would love cheds to come on board as a sponsor of our club All the Boys Love cheds and they're a staple after a heavy surf session. Cheers look forward to your prompt reply

Nearly as good!

I feel that Arnott's Cheds are nearly as good as the old Arnott's Cheddar Shapes- they come in a 250gr pack and can be bought on special sometimes for $1.99.

Cheds are life

I love my Cheds, salty and crunchy goodness. Can't stomach a lot of solid food, but Cheds get me through when I'm having trouble eating. Absolute lifesaver!

Man Cheds 4 Lyfe

Man i love cheds, have had them every week for my whole childhood and beat out the other jatz lite things mum used to buy

Vale Cheds

I grew up with Cheds and I would buy a packet about once week. They would be great on fishing and camping trips and were great for entertaining. I bought the new flavor and returned them to Coles thinking they were off only to find Arnott's had changed the recipe. Cheds not are not fit to feed to animals, Stuff you Arnott's I will NEVER buy any of your products again

Can't believe it

Can't believe Arnott's has done it again I loved the old Cheds bought a pack today and am distressed by the dramatic change for the worst. First shapes now Cheds Why change? why? We're you inundated with people begging you to change? Was there a campaign to change them I can't recall anything.

Agreed with everyone here

The new flavour of Cheds is unexpected and very disappointing. Just got back from overseas to find this. Sadly with Cheds I don't see the same energy brewing for the better quality previous version as with the Shapes saga. Shame.

Arnotts new Cheds recipe is terrible

The new Arnotts Cheds recipe is terrible. They're dense and stick to the roof of your moutht. Arnott's misleads their customers.

Cheds are just a larger version of cheddar shapes

What a disappointment when I bought a packet of Cheds today. I remember them as really cheesy and addictive, now they are just plain with a small amount of artificial cheese flavouring on top. Arnott's are just trying to save money by using the same recipe as Shapes, but you've lost me as a customer.

Arnott's down the tube

It's such a shame to see my favourite biscuits go down the drain, it's got to the stage no name generic biscuits taste better and better value for money. It got to the stage I won't touch an Arnott's product. Management should be replaced.

Ched's are now awful.

What have you done to the Ched's recipe. They are awful now. No taste Where is the cheesy taste they used to have. Bring back the proper recipe.

Awful what have you done now!

Arnott's please replace your management as it is obvious you have no idea what your doing. You changed the shapes and they are revolting, I purchased the cheds and they truly are just as bad.

I will be avoiding ALL Arnott's products in the future. An absolute disgrace!!

What's been done to our Cheds?

Been a big fan of cheds for years. I lived in the USA for nearly 8 and used to take a suitcase full back with me as my husband and friends loved them. We are back in Australia and were excited we could get cheds anytime now, but they are not the same. What's happened to the delicious cheesy flavour? I wish Arnotts would stop changing recipes for biscuits that have been best sellers for a long time. Won't be taking any back on our visit to the US. Would hate to disappoint our friends.


We have purchased Arnotts Cheds for the last 30 years, i have found the news recipe is sub standard and not worth of the name. This has been an on going problem with savoury Arnotts products. As you promote the product as a cheese based biscuit i am of the opinion there is more cheese flavour in a Sao. We will not be purchasing and more of this line unless you reverse you recipe back to the original recipe and have a serious look at your marketing team to address the needs of you loyal Australian customers I have rated chess as 1 as there is not a option to rate 0

Why don't Cheds taste the same

I have been enjoying Cheds with cheese and tomato for lunch 3 or 4 times a week for the past decade. Unfortunately I will have to find a substitute because Cheds no longer are the delicious, cheesy, crunchy (but not hard) biscuit I have enjoyed. I will not be buying them again unless they revert to their original recipe. Come to think of it, many biscuits in the Arnotts range are now ver disappointing.

What's happened to Cheds

I last had Cheds in 2012,but just recently I purchased a packet from Coles but to my dismay they were nowhere as enjoyable as in 2012.

Poor man's cheddar shapes

The only way I can get the "some what" taste is thru the chedds
Bring back cheddar cheese shapes! !

A sad demise for a great biscuit

The new Ched is not a shadow on the old one. Gone is the texture, gone is the flavour. It will leave a gaping hole in my grocery basket but I will not be buying any more.

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We have been enjoying Cheds for years but the last two packets we bought are horrible. The biscuits are so hard they scratch our mouths also so hard they don't break down the indentation down the middle but lastly where is the tasty cheese??????? Just a mere sprinkle of something salty. Hoping this is not a "new look" for Cheds. So very disappointed Arnotts.
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I started buying Arnott's Cheds after they changed the Arnott's Cheddar Shapes that I had been buying for many years and used to taste similar. So far I have found the Arnott's Cheds to be okay, so I hope they haven't changed their taste as well. If so I will stop buying them too. I don't usually break mine and they seem to have a nice cheesy taste ... so far!

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