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Arnott's Cheds

Arnott's Cheds

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FedupSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

CHEDS no cheese taste


Purchased pack 3 weeks ago and had very little to no flavour, bought a 2nd pack couple of days ago that were the same.
Arnotts gave scripted response that it was batch issue but that doesnt wash as from different stores weeks apart.
Dont buy any Arnotts anymore.

Purchased in October 2019.


BecPSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Burnt, flavourless, inconsistent


Sometimes when I buy them they are great, other times they are overcooked and flavourless. I don't get it. Will not risk buying again. Arnotts are really slipping on quality.

Purchased at Woolworths for $4.00.

Sue Squire

Sue SquireCoolah

  • 2 reviews

Love my cheds but sick of buying biscuits that are broken


Every time I buy Cheds now they have been drastically broken not happy to serve these to friends and family as you end up with lots of crumbled biscuits such a shame as I love the flavour

Purchased in October 2019 at Coles for $4.00.

Mandi S

Mandi SSydney, NSW

What happened to the cheese coating


I have been eating these for 35 years. Just bought a packet and there is no more cheese coating on the top. A very small sprinkle and next to no flavour. I’m crushed

Purchased in September 2019 at Coles.

Lucas F.

Lucas F.Launceston, TAS

  • Verified purchase

Would eat for Breakfast Lunch and Tea


Cheds are one of the best things to happen. They are the only reason I shop at Woolworths anymore. The biscuit is subtle, tastefully balanced and salted to perfection. Not to mention the wonderful crunch and texture. All these reviews are clearly written by people that don't enjoy Cheds, if they are so obsessed with fake overdone cheese flavours they would be better off eating Doritos. I've occasionally come across batches that seem a little more cooked than others but it does not come at the cost of taste or texture. Arnotts I would like to sponsor and promote Cheds in my band and at concerts, please contact me if you are interested. Your product has genuinely made my life so wonderful. Forever thankful.

Purchased in September 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.00.

X-ray johno

X-ray johnoSydney, NSW

Cheds rule


cheds are the best! i dont know what people are on about, they are still the best! horray for cheds, my packet is not burnt and sure is cheesy as. i wish i bought three packets

Purchased in August 2019 for $3.00.

Pat Murphy

Pat MurphyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Tasteless, what have you done to my favourite cheesy biscuit??? Terrible!!!!!


They are now tasteless, no cheese flavour, have eaten them for years , won’t buy them again . They have been a family favourite for nearly 40 years and the packet tonight is just bland . I thought it was just me but my wife said the same..... tasteless

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles.


EllaLaunceston, TAS

  • 2 reviews

They are burnt


I have already complained to arnott’s about cheese crackers months ago. They are burnt with a bitter taste to them. I dont know what happened to the cheese. Must of sprinkled it from a height. Arnott’s get the recipe right!!!!!!

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $4.00.

Nasty Tasting Cheds


Cheds bought over recent months have been very disappointing to the extent that we will not again buy. Biscuits look as though they have been overcooked and have a nasty taste. Initially thought perhaps just a bad batch but no.

Purchased in June 2019 for $3.00.


LEWIESouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Tasteless Cheds


Bought I packet. No cheese flavour. I thought I would give them another chance as I normally love them. Different supermarket same bland cheese less taste. That’s it. No more

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.50.

Why change what works


Why tamper with a great product??? The great cheesy flavour is lost. Was a regular purchaser. Will not buy this product again.

Cheds we would love you to come on board as a sponsor


Two Rocks Boardriders would love cheds to come on board as a sponsor of our club All the Boys Love cheds and they're a staple after a heavy surf session. Cheers look forward to your prompt reply



  • 12 reviews

Nearly as good!


I feel that Arnott's Cheds are nearly as good as the old Arnott's Cheddar Shapes- they come in a 250gr pack and can be bought on special sometimes for $1.99.



  • 2 reviews
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Cheds are life


I love my Cheds, salty and crunchy goodness. Can't stomach a lot of solid food, but Cheds get me through when I'm having trouble eating. Absolute lifesaver!

Man Cheds 4 Lyfe


Man i love cheds, have had them every week for my whole childhood and beat out the other jatz lite things mum used to buy

Laurie B

Laurie BHealesville

  • 2 reviews

Vale Cheds


I grew up with Cheds and I would buy a packet about once week. They would be great on fishing and camping trips and were great for entertaining. I bought the new flavor and returned them to Coles thinking they were off only to find Arnott's had changed the recipe. Cheds not are not fit to feed to animals, Stuff you Arnott's I will NEVER buy any of your products again

Can't believe it


Can't believe Arnott's has done it again I loved the old Cheds bought a pack today and am distressed by the dramatic change for the worst. First shapes now Cheds Why change? why? We're you inundated with people begging you to change? Was there a campaign to change them I can't recall anything.

Agreed with everyone here


The new flavour of Cheds is unexpected and very disappointing. Just got back from overseas to find this. Sadly with Cheds I don't see the same energy brewing for the better quality previous version as with the Shapes saga. Shame.



Arnotts new Cheds recipe is terrible


The new Arnotts Cheds recipe is terrible. They're dense and stick to the roof of your moutht. Arnott's misleads their customers.



Cheds are just a larger version of cheddar shapes


What a disappointment when I bought a packet of Cheds today. I remember them as really cheesy and addictive, now they are just plain with a small amount of artificial cheese flavouring on top. Arnott's are just trying to save money by using the same recipe as Shapes, but you've lost me as a customer.

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Lucas F.

Lucas F.asked

Has the recipe really changed? I think they taste fantastic. I love them to the point of overkill... Thankyou for the amazing work you do. I'd also like to offer to sponsor Cheds through my band, if you are interested Arnotts please contact me.

1 answer

It all depends on what batch number you get. I have found some have lots of the cheesy flavor and not really brown. On the other hand there are some with hardly any cheese on them. And very dark in colour. Which tastes really bitter. Trust me l use to live on them. I will only buy one packet at a time look at the batch number and if they are really brown l wont buy anymore of that number. But l still look when l am in the shop and if the batch number has change ,l will buy it again and just go from there until the perfect ones are available. Just try different batch numbers and you will then see what l am talking about

Barb C

Barb Casked

Have Arnotts changed Cheds biscuits? The last lot I bought are higher baked, are not as flaky and don't have cheese on the top. Thanks, Barb

2 answers
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy

Hi Barb C, yes they have changed and for the worse - they are now over baked as you suggest and completely tasteless , what happened to the cheese ? Cheds have been a family favorite for ever but we will not buy them again. Cheers Pat M

Barb C
Barb C

Oh dear, that's sad .Barb



We have been enjoying Cheds for years but the last two packets we bought are horrible. The biscuits are so hard they scratch our mouths also so hard they don't break down the indentation down the middle but lastly where is the tasty cheese??????? Just a mere sprinkle of something salty. Hoping this is not a "new look" for Cheds. So very disappointed Arnotts.

1 answer

I started buying Arnott's Cheds after they changed the Arnott's Cheddar Shapes that I had been buying for many years and used to taste similar. So far I have found the Arnott's Cheds to be okay, so I hope they haven't changed their taste as well. If so I will stop buying them too. I don't usually break mine and they seem to have a nice cheesy taste ... so far!

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