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Arnott's Country Cheese

Arnott's Country Cheese

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What have you done yuck


What the actual flip have arnotts done to destroy a once scrumptious biscuit. Country cheese use to be one of my all time fav biscuits, id actually eat them like chips they where that good... BUT now the new Arnotts country dirt biscuit are so thin and bland that even the dog are walking away from them... Seriously why change a classic ps Dont you DARE touch cheds!!

Purchased in November 2020 at Coles.

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TommyIllawarra, NSW

  • 2 reviews

What happened


Have not had some for a while as I had sought of gone off biscuits but always loved Arnotts country cheese. What happened these are not the same there goes another brand I used to love but obviously changed owners or recipe why ruin a good thing.

Purchased in October 2020 at Coles.

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Best biscuits ever!!!


These are such delicious cheddar biscuits. I prefer to eat them plain so I can savour every flavour but they are also delicious with dips and cheese on top. If youre looking for a delicious Aussie savoury biscuits, make sure to try these :)

Purchased at Coles for A$4.00.

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Durras Diver

Durras DiverBatemans Bay

  • 6 reviews

Very Dissapointed


Why would you take a perfectly good biscuit and make it that thin it becomes nothing but a cheap piece of crumbly tasteless yellow crap now.
Bad move Arnott's.

Best food ever


Been eating these since I was a kid they are the best. Now my kids love them also. Very tasty on there own

Deb G

Deb GBrisbane

  • 4 reviews

Huge Fail! Sack who ever decided to change (ruin) this biscuit!!!


Wow what a Disappointment !!! whoever thought to change this cracker should be fired on the spot!! Much smaller in size with practically no cheese taste anymore just a sort of burnt crumbly cardboard flavour now. These used to be one of my three all time favourites now I just ate three and could hardly finish them. They are AWFUL!! It was so bad I got online to see if anyone else was as disappointed as me. I'll never buy them again and the chickens can have the rest of that packet! Idiots! to ruin something so good!

Thinner and Shorter


Am I imagining it or are Country Cheese thinner and smaller??? I have thought for a while they are thinner/weaker but last week bought a pack and I am positive they are shorter. Nooooo. Have bought them for years.... very disappointed

Rick R

Rick RSydney

  • 24 reviews



Most delicious addictive biscuit ever made.. I have been eating these all my life and they still taste as good as ever





6 months ago I would have given these biscuits a 5 star rating. Have Arnott's made these biscuits thinner? You cannot even take a bite without the biscuits crumbling everywhere or cracking if you attempt to put a topping on them. This was not the case previously. I have just opened another packet and they are already crumbled and cracked before I get to the wrapping. So Disappointing.

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These are my favourite biscuits in the world! They don't require anything to go with them. If you try to destroy the cheesy taste by adding dips then you're a fool!

Rob Macintosh

Rob Macintoshnewcastle

great value as an office supply!


wonderful cheesy goodness in the outer flavour crumb. perfect to lick off and then just put the biscuit back if you truly need a flavour hit to get you through the afternoon and just dont like fruit.

Norman ibbons

Norman ibbonsEast Maitland

Spoilt Christmas


I had a party of 16 for Christmas. I provided five 'Dips' of various flavours and your crackers for dipping. My friends ALL complained that these Country Cheese Crackers collapsed on trying to pick up the dip. This must some weakness in the structure as I have NEVER had this happen before and I am very fond of them. So I had guests not pleased with my first course and dips only 1/3 used with biscuit crumbs still in them!
A party let-down.
I tried two packets, and I expect a couple of biscuits at the ends of the pack to be damaged, but not most of them although looking OK to fall apart in ordinary use.


yavisQLD, 4030

  • 143 reviews

Cheese crackers


Questions & Answers

Kate N

Kate Nasked

Have you changed your country cheese biscuits? They don’t taste the same
Thank you

No answers


How many crackers are roughly in a packet?

1 answer
Rob Macintosh
Rob Macintosh

Hi Bridget,

Thanks for your question. Experience around the office here has revealed a standard 250g package contains approx. 53 crackers. Although since the Industrial Revolution, great strides have been achieved in manufacturing consistency, the mix is subject to changes in solids content and humidity at the time of mixing and packaging. Therefore, we have observed as few as 50 crackers in a box, and as many as 57. If you are a student of statistics, the tolerance may appear unacceptable. However, it should be noted that I'm a simple connoisseur, not an Arnott's employee and am only reporting what I've observed on my personal Country Cheese journey.

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