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Arnott's Cruskits

Arnott's Cruskits

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What has happened to Corn Cruskits?

Not only are they smaller...but more compressed, resulting in chalky texture and bland flavour. Very disappointed as this is an item we bought weekly.....will seek out an alternative now. What is the reason for the change?

Purchased in April 2019.

Not Happy !!!

When I purchased arnotts rye cruskits today, I was really disappointed to find that they are considerably smaller and the texture and taste seem to not be up to their usual standard. I have tried to be loyal to brands I like but I will be checking out the Coles alternative which is not my usual practice...

Purchased in February 2019 at Blacktown .

No More Cruskits for me !!

These latest Cruskits are bloody awful. I first noticed the Rye ones I used to like are paler in colour. Then I saw that they weren't as wide as before. Looks like I'll be looking to buy an alternative once these are gone. Sooner the better as far as I'm concerned !! Well Done again Arnotts !!

What have you done Mr Arnott

Like so many comments before me I’m very disappointed. There are a lot of comments about the size (smaller yet still same weight on packaging). As a long time eater of this product I have to inform you that although yes the biscuits are smaller they are slightly heavier than the original hence the same weight per box.
What use to be light and have a distinctive flavour is now hard, crunchy with little or no flavour.
Well I’m sorry Mr Arnott but like many other people here you have lost my support.
Shame Shame Shame

Would buy bulk

I LIVE on corn cruskits. I wish they came in larger boxes. I buy 2-3 boxes per week. They hold A LOT of toppings. My favourite right now being hummus, vegan feta, sauerkraut, tomato, red onion and smoked paprika. Other crisp breads and crackers do not compare!!

Smaller and less in box

I buy them weekly but the have changed they are smaller and break a lot easier than before and less in the box also. Very disappointing. Do they think we are stupid and won’t notice?

Within use by date and stale

I purchase 2 boxes of these every week. My last purchase, both boxes were used by late October 2018 (not a long shelf date really but within the date timeframe). Both boxes were sealed properly, and box packets were stale. I called my local woolies supermarket to inform the manager of this. I was told that these boxes would be pulled from the shelf and to come in and grab another box. Aweek later I went back to my local store, and the same boxes with same use by date were there. I did not worry about swapping my stale ones for more stale ones. I did however speak to a stock filler who quickly took the boxes off the shelf. I really don't think this is good enough. The manager should have acted on my call and why are they selling a popular line of gricery item so close to the use by date? I'm not very happy.

Love it!

I love eating this every time best snack ever... A must try for anyone who loves eating and it also is very light.

Arnott's cruskits? No, thank you.

I have been eating Arnott's Cruskits for years now. I usually purchase "Cruskits rice" for my breakfast. First I noticed that the size began changing. Then, I noticed that the box began having less biscuits, although the package still says that it weights 125g. It used to have 21 biscuits. Sometime ago I started counting 20. Today I opened the last one I bought from Woolworths Indooroopilly with 19. Individually, I know it is not much, but two biscuits lost in each box should have an impact in the total weight. However, the box still says that they bring the same amount. You are not selling what you are saying on your box. The price hasn't changed but the product gets smaller. This is a blatant rip off!

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Now, they do not even have 19. Today, I opened one containing 18 biscuits! I can understand slight variation of a couple of biscuits due to raw ingredients bulk density. However, 5 biscuits less per package is really unusual. I wouldn't call it a "slight variation".

Cruskits rice variety

My favourite is the original but now I have the rice variety. I prefer the original size though as these feel harder, smaller and not as light as they used to be. They are ok but not as good as they used to be

What happened?

These are not the Cruskits of old. Completely different! Tasteless and so small. What happened? All our Aussie things are being changed. Time to fight back!

Very Disappointed with the Change

I have been eating Arnott's Cruskits for years now and the change in size was obvious and disheartening. I took a photo of a larger one bought previously against the new and will be letting Arnott's know of my disappointment. They are still the same price by the way though we are now getting a different and inferior product. Another example of putting money, dare I say greed before customer satisfaction. Also the taste and texture has changed. Not a good move Arnott's!!

ashes to ashes and dust to dust

So Arnotts have done it yet again. The latest packaging for Cruskits looks the same and the weight is supposedly the same, but check the size of the biscuit....its even smaller than before. Still 21 in a box but the size is a smidgen smaller, very clever on their part. Once upon a time you could place a square of processed cheese on a cruskit and it would take 1 and 1/2 slices to cover it. Now, one slice does the job. Oh and whatever you do DONT open the carton from the wrong end, there is a warning "open other end". Stupid people Arnotts, and I have name this review ashes to ashes dust to dust cos thats what Cruskits are, DUST.

Cruskits no more.

I have just had my last Cruskit after 15 years and countless boxes. I didn't mind the fact that they were getting smaller but the new ones taste like crap.

weight on the box hasn't changed

I've been buying original cruskits for more than 10 years and have kept an eye on the net weight on the box - it has always been (and still is) 125g. I'm not sure how they can reduce the size (or number) of the crispbread without reducing the net weight ??

New taste disgusting, smaller now same price

New cruskits are really gross. They have clearly changed the recipe and not even bothered to advertise that on the box! Plus they are obviously smaller than the originals and they are charging the same price! Bad move on Arnotts

If it ain't broke don't fix it

Why change something that consumers obviously enjoy? Smaller. Less taste. Definitely a different recipe. Not a fan any more. First Shapes. Now cruskits. Who is in charge of deciding these things? They are just awful now and smaller, meaning increased price by stealth.

Eat the box instead..

The new Cruskits are just awful. They are smaller, chunkier and almost tasteless. Do yourself a favour - throw them away and eat the box. You'll enjoy it more. No more Cruskits for me.

They're getting even smaller

I wrote a review of this product over twelve months ago mentioning that the biscuits are getting smaller whilst the price is staying the same. Well the other day my wife and I opened a new packet of Arnotts Cruskit biscuits only to find that twelve months later they are smaller again. The price hasn't changed and the product gets smaller. What a rip off

New Cruskits AWFULL and reduced to 20 per pack from 23!!!!

Rubbish new recipe and a price gouge by reducing the contents from 23 down to 20... Horrible tacky stick to the roof of the mouth recipe! The other flavours were OK for a while but only because they were old stock. Now they're ALL bad! Won't be buying again. Shame on you Arnott's...

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Do cruskits contain wheat?
No answers

I am trying to find out wether arrnots jatz biscuits are salicylate intolerance friendly so I need to know specificly what oil/s are in the ingredients rather than just "vegetable oil". It seems very tricky to find out something that ought to be printed on the box. Can anyone help?
1 answer
I have no idea unfortunately. Maybe you could try contacting Arnott's. They have a free call number: 1800 24 24 92. Again, sorry I couldn't really help you. I do agree that they should list exactly which oils they put in their products. All the best.

How many of the above reviews have had feedback from you?
2 answers
Don't understand your question. Feedback from who & in what respect?Hi, I'm not sure I understand your question, but perhaps you think you are emailing this question to Arnott's? Either way my review is based only on my personal opinion of the product and I have not heard back from Arnott's, but I don't really want to either. If you have a direct question for Arnott's you'll probably get a reply from them if you contact them directly through their website.

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