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Arnott's Salada

Arnott's Salada

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So salty the ocean is better than the Originals

Also a Salada lover since younger days, but why now is so much salt used? The surface of the cracker is smothered in it. Too much salt to ruin any topping. I thought previously it was a bad batch but yuck. A mouth full of sea water cannot compete. What are Arnotts doing to the food? Not buying these Originals ever again. In the bin went the entire box of Originals.
BOX #25/02/2019 T8239/15:59

salada ?

These salada biscuits are not what they use to be. The best thing about the new biscuit is their wrap, eat that instead.

Best thing in the world

What can I say. These are the best crackers to ever exist. A pack a day keeps the doctors away❤️ It’s saddening that they are $3 tho

So long SALADA days

I’m a salada lover since primary school. I hadn’t realised the new recipe until I bought a couple of boxes (oh my !!!). I have to agree with the other responses. Why can’t we have our old saladas again. Bring back our beloved bikkies.

Very disappointed

Cant believe that arnotts could possibly think that they improved saladas. Have gone from being a ten out of ten to a two, will be looking for an alternative. Very disappointing.

What happened to Saladas?

I have eaten, and loved Saladas for almost five decades. Opened a pack today and noticed they were thinner and flatter than I recall, and the taste is different. They're now like their poor cousins - the Nabisco Premium. Have you learned nothing from the Shapes debacle? You've lost me Arnotts.

An old favourite ruined by its own producer!

Recently the reliable Salada has changed to be a thin & tasteless biscuit without the crunch and crispness of the original product. Looks and tastes now like a Nabisco Premium cracker which was always inferior. Not purchasing again.

Ghastly now. Why the change in recipe?

I USED to love salada Biscuits? Since recipe change, they are tasteless, salty, break easily, and LEAVE a horrible after taste. Won’t be buying them again.

going stale too quickly

i have been eating salada's for years, but over the past year or so noticed that when i go to eat my prepared salada for lunch the biscuit has become to soft, it tastes horrible, cant enjoy it at all.

So long saladas!

We thought the recent boxes of saladas were stale! Who does the taste testing? As loyal salada snackers over many years we will now no longer be buying the product. We have tolerated the ongoing receipe changes; but no more!

Disappointing Salada

I've eaten Salada all my life, just about. My father worked for Brockhoff's and later Arnott's and we always had a packet of Salada in the cupboard. For lunch or a snack, or for visitors with cheese and other toppings. But now, they are not the same. Cheap ingredients, the different humidity in the Sydney factory and the different oven, and substituted so-called healthy ingredients, but in fact, tasteless and not as healthy. What happened to your chemist and quality control up there in Sydney? They are flat, pale, hardly aerated, and boring. Used to be a Salada biscuit could settle an upset stomach. The recipe was refined by someone who had been a POW during WW2 and had learnt his Chemistry, as well as how to get both nutrition, flavour and good taste from basic ingredients. Please oh please bring back the original recipe, the real (not margarine) ingredients, and bring them back to being manufactured in Melbourne. Where did the original oven go? Would be wonderful to get it back and bake the crackers the way they were meant to be made. "Clap hands, here comes the Brockhoff baker, clap hands, here comes the biscuit man ..."

Tastes awful

I have been buying Salada for years but recently found the product has deteriorated. Struggled to finish the last pack. Kids also noticed different taste.

Where are our Saladas?

Opened a packet of Saladas yesterday and thought they looked different. Much thinner, won't break evenly, and all 'puffiness' gone. On eating these pale imitations I realised there is very little taste in them either. Very disappointed.

These aren’t real salada biscuits!

It’s misleading to call them “Salada Originals”! These flavourless, flat objects are far from the original.

They used to be slightly more leavened (puffier), and you could dunk them in your coffee quickly before they fell apart. These bricks are nearly indestructible... they no longer take the flavour of the coffee, nor soften in the least. Brickettes rather than biscuits, but flat, oh so flat.

I think the best option is to stick with my memories and avoid tainting them with this knock-off.

What a let down.

I don't think they get it.

Profits to sacrifice products. Just like shapes, why change a popular product,if not only to increase your profits. New and improved marketing is very hard to swallow just like the new and improved biscuits. I'm not sure how you can make a simple biscuit taste like cardboard, but you've succeeded, and looks like we will be parting ways after long relationship.

Different flavour

Quite a few are complaining about the change in flavour of Saladas. This happened when the yanks bought Arnotts and started using cheap ingredients. The main culprit was the switch from quality butter to cheap oil. They ruined most of the popular Arnotts products and the rest they just made smaller.

Smaller and taste DROP

Woe is me. I've purchased Saladas religiously over the years. Today, I noticed the box was smaller. When I unwrapped them I was shocked to see they are now smaller in size, in thickness and also in taste. What are they doing? Time to look for a new crispbread I am thinking. Boo Arnotts.

Less biscuits and less taste

I purchased two packets of Salada biscuits today and noticed that the boxes rattled. The reason.. about 15mm of spare space in the box. The reason, less biscuits in each plastic packet. This change results in 4 biscuits less per 250g box. There has also been a change in the taste. At least they could have been honest and just put the price up a little. This deception is not on. Goodbye Saladas, no more!!

I'm Deeply Saddened

I've read a heap of reviews about the changes made to our Salada Biscuits and I couldn't agree more..Cannot believe what they have dear old Ozzy icon good of our child hood days.. go to food after sickness.. picnic food.. and buttered and Vegemite heaven.. I even take a couple of packets whenever I travel over seas. But sadly no more!! Simply could not believe this 'trash in s packet' marked as Original recipe! You've removed the fat content, reduced the salt.. you've stolen our joy!!

This is your type of snack

These crispy crackers give the flavour of explosion. A salty treat that will give pazaze. They are a new experience your mouth Is dying to taste. Please give huge thumbs up and good comments to kept these delicious snacks going

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Questions & Answers

It says 2 biscuits is one serve but is that 2 when perforated or is that 2 x the full cracker please
2 answers
What a cracker of a question. Never looked at servings that way before. Im only a consumer, ask arnotts.Thought I did

How much bread is in one salada?
1 answer
Sorry I have no idea. A salad is a type of cracker, not bread. You could read the ingredients label for dietary information.

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