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Left disappointed and out of pocket for bulk billed services

So, my doctor referred me for a blood test and ECG at Australian Clinical Labs. The form was endorsed 'Please bulk bill'. When I had the test, no one told me there would be a fee to pay. Later, I received an invoice for $40. I wrote to Australian Clinical Labs for an explanation. They did not write back to me. I then got a final notice and threat to refer the debt to a collection agency. Don't get caught, there are providers who will bulk bill for these services, without additional hidden costs. Never, ever going back!!

Value for Money

Bad Costumer Service

The lady who getting sample on 63 Murdoch Road in Thornlie branch is terrible in terms of cs.shes always in grumpy mode every time i went there.Seems like she dont like her job.

Swan Hill branch adj. Coles.

Sat in Priority seat, as a fasting diabetic, as per the notice on the wall. Challenged twice by staff because I was sat in those seats, having to divulge I was a fasting diabetic in front of a full waiting room. After 30 mins left, tired of waiting.
So, staff clearly more interested in which seat you sit in rather than taking blood, no confidentiality, very slow service. Not really fit for purpose. Avoid.

Value for Money

Shouldn’t have to wait

I went to clinical labs in Newcomb 3219 today just to ask a question in regards to the blood tests I need done. I waited 10 mins to be seen, the lady that came to the front desk told me to take a number. I wasn’t going to take a number and wait an hour just to have a question answered! The desk should be manned at all times! Don’t be cheap and hire enough staff! Told the lady that I just wanted to ask a question, she didn’t look too happy but answered my question!

Regular blood tests help keep me alive and this was my first time using this collection centre.

Staff at Castlemaine collection centre are top notch, friendly and painless extraction of blood with simple stress free drop off of samples. I'd never been here before and have now had 3 visits, have no problem recommending them.

Awful company didn't give a diagnostic test result and wouldn't refund the $75 dollars I spent to get it done.

Wouldn't talk to me over the phone told me to speak to my doctor.. Wouldn't explain why the result was not obtained and wouldn't help me regarding my billing issue. Paid for a test that gave me no result.

Lied about Medicare coverage

Before I had the procedure I specifically asked if it was covered by Medicare and was told yes, on the day of the procedure before leaving again I asked if this was covered and told yes. Five months later I received a bill for $90 and threatened over the phone if I don't pay it I will be transferred to bad debt, her words not mine I assume she meant debt collection.

easy as in gawler south australia

No wait,those girls make it so comfortable, the waiting room is a place of pleasant conversation,blood tests keep me alive and kickin, so to share total understanding what needs to be done with ease. Right next to my gp ,so clin labs i urge you to keep this jewel in the crown ,up and about

Norfolk Centre, Bendigo - The best!

Norfolk Centre which is situated in an OBYNs & GYNAE clinic in Bayne Street, Bendigo are fantastic! Lovely nurses and the reception staff at the Centre are so friendly. The waiting room is very quiet and inviting and there is never a long wait. The problem is ACL in their wisdom, have closed the pathology on Tuesdays and Fridays, stating staff shortage. Then every week on the day there is to be a service; without fail, there is again, never any pathology service available due to staff shortages. Really? Lucan Street (which is within walking distance from Norfolk ) are terrible, with rude and lazy staff. Not a very nice place to go. You need to book a GTT with any clinic and therefore are not able to get in on the day you have booked and taken a day off work for. Come on ACL. Your service is disgusting.

Lucan Street Bendigo have wonderful staff

Have been having my blood taken here for some time now. Staff always friendly and professional. I have terrible veins and other pathology services have failed to impress me. Been to other clinic labs and have not been at all happy with the service. It is definitely worth the extra drive for me to go the Lucan Street Clinic lab.

Inexperienced and unprofessional

The nurse at North Strathfield didn’t ask whether I’m left or right handed and proceeded in preparing to draw blood from my right arm until I corrected her. She ended up puncturing my vein leaving me with a huge bruise and very sore arm for the rest of the week. Lucky it wasn’t done on my right arm.


Lady taking blood test at Port Adelaide westcare (SA) tried to promote her side business of skin needling. While taking blood test she asked if I had any skin treatments to my face. Thinking she was complementing me on my skin, she continued and asked what I used on my skin. I thought she was about to complement my skin. Then she asked me if I'd ever had skin needling. And she proceeded to explain what it is. Taking some of your blood and spinning it to separate then injecting plasma back under the skin as a beauty treatment. As a nurse myself I realise how unprofessional it is to sell to patients. I will never go back there. You should never use patients as a way to try and make money.

Value for Money

Poor system for sample drop off.

Just had to drop off a sample. Paper work complete. No one at the reception desk. Took a number and then realized I was #8 in a full waiting room. Took the opportunity when a staff member briefly returned to the desk to grab her attention. She did not seem pleased but politely took the sample. Surely when ever a staff member is about to process a client they can ask if anyone is just dropping off a sample. Took 30 seconds to be processed. Potentially could have been waiting for an hour.

Value for Money

It is very convenient to have the Clinical Labs in the building with our GP

Every time I have to use the Lab the Nurse is very friendly and professional
I don't have to wait long for any procedure.
I am a difficult patient because to get blood our of me is not easy, but never get any comlaints

Poor customer service

Had to wait 50 minutes for a blood test and last in line. (There were 3 of us in the waiting room)- 2 pathologists chatting in the reception area with no patients. One was on the phone to a client and was literally abusing the person on the other end. The young pathologist was very rude, and spoke with a horrible tone. 2 of us could hear the entire conversation.
I was so appalled at the lack of respect and will never go back to Drummond st CL again.

Unable to provide invoice for insurance claim

My grandfather had overseas visitor visa and had his pathological tests conducted by Australian Clinical Labs on Apr 23, 2019. We were asked to prepay for the tests and later claim it through insurance. All reports were collected on May 1, 2019, however invoice has not been provided till date. I had followed up with their accounts team who say that there are some tests still pending and invoice shall not be generated until then. Later, I visited the lab where tests were conducted and they confirmed that nothing is pending from our end. Pathologist at the centre contacted their accounts team and informed me that the case has been closed and invoice shall be mailed to my address. Following up with accounts team after 3 days, I still get to know that invoice is not generated yet.

Such a simple request, even after multiple follow-ups is not being looked into. I need to submit my claim with-in the provided threshold period as the overseas visitor health insurance has been cancelled after my grandfather left Australia on May 1, 2019

Terrible customer service from the results enquiry hotline.

I sent an email enquiry to clinical labs asking for a release form so I can obtain a copy of my own results. I then called their hotline and the customer service lady told me I could go to my nearest centre to obtain this release form, she was very polite and helpful.

After calling my nearest clinical labs collection centre they told me that they didn't understand what I was talking about, that they cannot give results and they do not know of any such release form. I sent another email enquiry and didn't hear back so I tried the hotline again. The lady on the phone was nice enough, but it was not pleasant to hear another woman in the background stating my name, saying "oh my god! Is that (my full name) again", "bloody hell she's sent me...emails".

The woman I was speaking to, after telling her that I called my nearest collection centre and that they didn't know of, or have any such form for releasing results and asking if I could get the release form emailed to me, she told me to see my doctor or ask my doctors clinic for a copy. I then told her that I would like to obtain a copy from Clinical labs as I can't get to my doctors any time soon, and how can I do this?? She told me to do the exact same thing again by going into the nearest collection centre. She was very obviously trying to direct me away from obtaining my results through them. No help at all.

I am a pathology collector at one of the major pathology/hospitals in Melbourne and I know that the patient has a right to obtain a copy of their results directly from the pathology, with sufficient proof of identity of course. Very poor service, I have done this before with Dorevitch and Melbourne path without any issues and with good, respectful customer service.

Terrible patient service

Had NIPT Harmony pregnancy test done on 12/4/19 at Clinical Labs in Knox Private Hospital. Rang my GP to see if my result received but no. Rang Clinical Labs 1300 line and was told my name not on their system. I was asked to ring Knox to check but Marlene who answered the phone said that she could not give any details about what happened to my blood sample. I made more than 10 phone calls to clinical labs and directed to various centres but no outcome at all. Totally disgusted and disappointed!!!! Do NOT go to Clinical Labs, it's given me too much stress.

So many mistakes... rude admin staff

Received 5 calls from clinical labs regarding a multitude of things, all while waiting for the results of a harmony test. Lots of doubling up of calls, each time more stressful as the results are very important for me and my husband due to some past problems. The lab then sent the results to the wrong doctor. When I called back they assured me they had now sent them to the correct doctor, again they weren’t received by my obstetrician. The third call back they say they have faxed them to the number I had to provide them (although my obstetrician says they fax them all the time). Still waiting for the results after 3 days of phone calls, each time I ring the staff are really rude. For a test as sensitive as this and for so many mistakes on their part you think they could at the very least be nice to me on the phone. Really stressful!

Waited for 1.15h for blood test

Arrived at 7.30 for blood test. Number 6. Waited for 1.15 for test. A lady came in and knocked on the surgery door. She didn't take a number and wait like the rest of us. The nurse (blood collector) didn't tell her to get a number and wait for her turn. He was speaking with her for 25 minutes with everyone in the waiting room listening to him give instructions of collecting her urine. By the time she walked out it was up to number 12 waiting. Not good enough that the lady was attenender to and we all had to wait with our number. The man said he couldn't be rude to her. I will never return to Nightcliff Darwin collection place.

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I received a tax invoice after an IGE blood test and I paid for it through bpay. I want to know when and how I receive the receipt?
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I have noticed you have took $150 out of my bank?? How and why?? I will be reporting this
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Good Luck getting your money back from them, they are very unprofessional!. Need I say more. Paid an account (twice and need a refund) two months ago and still waiting for a refund.

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