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can anyone tell me where in perth their depo is? i would like to call that depo to find out if my car is in perth yet, just because i was told that my car would be dropped off at the depo before being delivered to me
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Mate, your car like many of ours is prob missing!no it was confirmed to be going through quarantine at the moment and was meant to be delivered today. if someone could let me know where it is, i will ring them and find out. secondly i know it has been 14 weeks since it was picked up. i was told to take down my review that i gave them. I've been following this page for two/three weeks now. i have been to WA consumer rights about this. they even confirmed that it will be delivered today so...We’ve been told ours is coming tomorrow. But then again we have heard that for 10 Weeks now. Hope you get your car

Does anyone has a contact for productreview.com.au? So we can ask them to update the company name?
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all you can do is submit a enquiry via their contact form or on facebookAndre, the owners lodged a resolution to ASIC last week to dissolve AAA...they are probably moving onto their newer name ...MV Transportersthat would mean that anything related to AAA, like all our invoices (if you have one) would be invalid because they are changing names. also if they do what they did with Auto Transporters and move everything over then its technically illegal according to the ACCC and ATO from what i have read up on. im assuming they are doing it because they are worried about the repercussions from customers on here so they can hide from the bad reviews

Hey Mick! My car got picked up on the 14/03/2019 and is still 4000km away more than 2 months later. They even smashed my windscreen and didn’t care to tell me about it. Took me to organise someone to take pictures at their yard to locate my vehicle and find out about the damage. No keyboard troll here, all true and documented
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Funny how over 50 people are keyboard trolls and yet ONE person, who, we know who it is, speaks highly of this unbelievable company ...give us a break Mick! Your post is just too obvious dont you think? Andre and so many others have and are going through hell over all this!

I’d like to know how they sleep at night knowing they are blatantly ripping people off and ruining people’s lives! And how do they go to work each day knowing they are facing 100s of calls from the p***ed of people they are messing about and lying too !!!!!!! I’d also like them to reply and address these issues ! Or at least APOLOGISE Where’s their customer service now ! Quick to call you back to book the job and take your credit card details! Lying Criminals!!!!!
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Has anyone actually get the vechile delivered

Does anyone know their postal address? Or a full name of a manager/director/owner?
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No unfortunately not. It would be good to get a physical yard address as well.they apparently don't own a car yard, they just rent out old car yardsOwner Joe Scicluna

Did anyone take them to court or got at least their money back?
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They have been taken to court multiple times over various corruption issues, a long history.

Where is aaa transport deport in Brisbane?
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Please read the reviews before choosing to use aaa transportersLeon they do not have depot in Brisbane they are on the Gold Coast. Address is 1 Ashmore Drive Bundall. Hope this helps.Leah any chance u know their Sydney deport? Thanks

Change this company name. It is incorrect. The existing company name is AAA transporters.
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unfortunately I found out too late...me to.and now its changing to MV Transporters

I would also like to know why the name for this incompetent company hasnt yet been changed to their current name of AAA transporters ? People need to recognise this company straight away so that they can be boycott and not damage any ones personal belongings again.
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Their registered name is Auto Transporters but in their web page they advertise as AAAuto Transporters. They could just shorten it to "Scum" be a better name at least people will know what to expect.report it to ASIC and ATO

Auto Transporters have changed their name to AAAuto Transporters why has the product review page not changed to keep up with this doggy operation?
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and now its changed to MV Transporters

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