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Avanti 069

Avanti 069

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my overall thoughts are this is a great product for some one who is looking to shred fat or just get your fitnes up a bit.i probably wouldnt recomend it to people who are super fit and looking for a high speed machine to run on. for the money i love this product.♠
the avanti is simple to use very basic great treadmill for home use. its very reliable.the programs are good and easy to understand. it gives you the same intense work out you would get on a big expensive tresdmill at the gym. i really like the incline being motorised.fantastic machine for walking,can go up to 12 kms so plenty fast enough for any one.i realy like the lcd display its soo clear and easy to read. it has two drink bottle holders and plenty of space for phones,ipods and what ever else you need.
for running on this machine im not too sure how it will handle the continuous pounding being a smaller machine.also itis quite small so you would need to be careful you dont come off the sides when you become tired.the speed only goes to 12 kms so as far as a running machine its not the quickest around.i like the fact that the incline is motorised but it would be nice to have a dislay or some way of knowing what percent you have it set.it says it has 15 incline settings but i dont know what they are.for advanced gym goers the programs are very basic e.g you cant custom any thing ,and when you use a program you go from walking to sprinting so you cant use it if you want to do interval training walking.it also would be good to be able to put you weght,height,age and other details in the machine.the pulse is very slow to work, i try not to use the handles but when i wanted to see my pulse it took to long to tell me.

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