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Avanti Cafe Sleek

Avanti Cafe Sleek

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Tea to a tee!

I've got the same teapot and love it. From time to time it does the push out the spout as described in one of the other posts but I have found that a light clean around the underside of the lid (where the lid meets the pot) gives it room to breathe and fixes the problem. I use the sponge with the green scouring pad stuck on one side to do mine. These pots make a sensational cup of tea! :)
Sturdy, lookgs great.
Difficult to get a replacement infuser basket (after a hell of a lot of use) - anyone got a contact for these? :)

Love this teapot

We bought this teapot about 6 months ago as a replacement. We love it as it pours perfectly without drips, has a well styled handle and the tea infuser is solid and practical. Some may not like the fact that it is stainless steel therefore shows marks but it is the best teapot we have had in the last 40 years. Definitely recommend it.
Pouring spout, style

Don't buy this teapot.

When you pour the hot water into the pot and close the lid, the water comes out the spout. We now have to leave the lid off until it has cooled down a bit and the tea has steeped otherwise we get tea all over the bench. This teapot cost about $59 but we didn't return it because we thought we were doing something wrong.
I liked the look.
Bad style

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I have 2 of these teapots - 3 cup and 5 cup and i have been using it for at least 8 years. It doesnt spill like my other teapot which had a short spout. I didnt have the same issue as the previous poster. It keeps the tea warm and very easy to clean and virtually unbreakable.

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