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Kitchenaid KEK1322

Bredemeijer Cosy Manto

Latest review: Great size, doesn’t drip, keeps tea hot for ages and is very attractive sitting on the bench. The down side is you can’t get spare parts in Australia. The lid smashed when I dropped it on a tiled fl

Avanti Nouveau

Latest review: Bought my mum one then got myself one because it looks smashing but far more importantly it doesn't leak when pouring and it brews tea well and retains the heat. Never written a review in my life but

Avanti Mondo

Latest review: I had the small teapot given to me as a gift quite a few years ago, it had a problem after a short time with leaking where the spout joined the bowl. I contacted the makers and they replaced it with

Eva Solo Tea Maker + Black 1 litre Neoprene

Latest review: Beautifully designed tea pot. Very easy to use. For tea without tannin, let your leaves loose. With tannin, let it brew, then push the plunger down. The flip top lid, allows for easy pouring and

Thermos Double Wall Insulated Teapot Thermocafe Stainless Steel

Latest review: I bought this teapot on scoopon for a really great price and we love love love it. I also bought a coffee plunger and travel mugs. They stay hot for so long. Easy to clean, put it in the dishwasher

EuroLine Stainless Steel Teapot

Latest review: I was given the small one (ie 1 cup) as a present and 8 years later it’s still going strong and still looks good as new. I use it 1/2 times a week. Great quality, the strainless steel is still very s

Avanti Cafe Sleek

Latest review: I've got the same teapot and love it. From time to time it does the push out the spout as described in one of the other posts but I have found that a light clean around the underside of the lid

Avanti Tea Perfection

Latest review: This is a lovely little teapot with the great infuser that you can lift up when you've got the right brew strength. I love using it however having bought two of them (one for work, one for home)