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Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks

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Made in China - such a shame


I gave this once as a teething snack to my baby after carefully reading the ingredients. Whilst they do have added sugar, the ingredients are otherwise ok with no unnecessary junk. HOWEVER after I got home I discovered on the BOTTOM of the box that the product is made in China. Quite sneaky and misleading too that it is listed on the bottom of the box, with other import information for Australia and NZ written on the side of the box. The remainder of the box went straight into the bin. Too risky to give babies food imported from China in my opinion. Such a shame too.

Purchased in May 2019.



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Made in China


Under the box says made in China, but very misleading on the side of the box says imported from NZ. Disgusting will not give this to my child after all the poisoning and Hep A outbreaks from China. Come on Australia make them here it wouldn’t cost much to produce.

Mon K

Mon KWollongong

  • 15 reviews

My bubs loved them!


My daughter loved these from as little as 6 months old! She loved the flavors and the way it melted nicely in her mouth, she still loves them to this day and she is 20 months old! They are easily available in almost every supermarket & are definitely worth the money.



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Made In China - Never Again


I regret to say I think the Made in China should be on the front of the box. I bought these rusks thinking they were made in NZ or Australia ....Never again!!!
Correct me if I am wrong but some time ago they had some serious problems in China because some company put a dangerous ingredient in their baby milk formula.
Will I buy again....NO WAY!!!



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Cut my babies mouth!!


I tried the rice rusks for my baby that were labeled 8+ months and totally regret it! He seemed to enjoy the taste and they were kinda melting in his mouth until he spat some out and it was covered in blood from the roof of his mouth! Stay away from these for younger babies! I even sent an email to the company to let them know what happened and after two weeks I haven't received a response. Won't buy their products in future.

My baby loves these rice rusks


Baby mum mums are my go to snacks for my 11 month old. He loves the taste of them and I love the fact that they melt in the mouth so there's a reduced chance of choking. I also like the fact that they have no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavourings. They also come in very conveniently wrapped packets.



12.5% sugar to hook your baby. No thanks.


Going by the nutritional information, these contain 12.5% sugar (serving size 8g, contains 1g sugars = 12.5%).

I actually noticed that they taste pretty sweet. If some people don't notice then probably because we eat all that processed food with plenty of hidden sugar in it, shifting our base line for what is "normal". This is the exact reason I will not expose my baby to this at that young age. It's nice that it melts in mouth and all, but the high sugar content simply is a no go for me. Besides the made in China.

Read the label, it's not nutritious


I'm glad it's gluten free and without preservatives, but it has absolutely no nutrients in it. It's all carb. So, it's fun to munch on and will give your baby some energy because it's a carbohydrate, but no vitamins or nutrients in it. Growing babies need foods and snacks rich in nutrients for their developing immune systems.

Made in China... No Thanks


Naturally being australian i would like to buy australian, but it seems that its near impossible to... But being made in china is terrible... I say this as the infant formulae made in china (named San Lu) has been the cause of 300,000 victims including death as their quality controil was so lax, it conatined melamine... if you dont believe me google "sanlu milk scandal" and then tell me why its still a good idea to feed your baby products made in china...
the box was colourful
its made in china


aemmhyQLD, 4305

  • 7 reviews

My baby loves mum-mum!


My daughter loves snacking on mum-mum rusks which comes in three flavors (rice, veggie & banana).. She likes it better than the hard rusks and can't get enough..crunchy and light, and Not much sugar on it so its not too sweet. She always asks for more.."mum-mum". This is also handy when your out and about travel snack!
Great snack, nutritious


LamibydesignGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 11 reviews

Perfect Mum


My baby loves loves loves these. She is 12 months old and could eat them all day. We keep some in her nappy bad for when we are out and she needs a snack and they are gone in no time! I found them easy to give her when she is sitting on the carpet as they make minimal mess. I am a happy mum since buying baby mum mum.
Easy to eat, little mess.
My baby wants more!


Kat_TGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 19 reviews

Great snack, baby loves them


A friend once jokingly described these as being addictive to babies... she was totally right. They are great to keep in the nappy bag and pram for distraction at the shops, and can be used as a snack elsewhere too: my daughter also likes them with a bit of hummus or avocado on top.
Not too pricy, simple ingredients, individually wrapped packets are handy
Messy when crumbled, or adheres like clag when spat out

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I love the idea of avocado and hommus!



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Great snack for 6+ month olds


The rice rusks by Baby mum mum come in 3 flavors (that I know of) - plain, banana, vegetable. My favourite is the plain one. It is made out of super smooth rice flour and made into a crunch cruskit which melts in the mouth. My baby loves it as he has been teething and chews on them once a day. Great on the go, has a slightly sweet taste.
Easy, Light, Melts in the mouth
If not swallowed and dropped onto pram, slightly messy as it will harden (like all food!)


kazm76Southwest, VIC

  • 45 reviews

Great snack for baby


I have found these a great snack for baby. My baby didn't like rusks in the early days but found these very easy to eat. A good, easy, edible product for baby. The box does say 12 months plus but after friends said they tried their babies on it early and no problems, my baby started at 8 months and no issues
Great item for babies to snack on, easy to disolve
Once disolved, it sticks like glue



  • 9 reviews

Baby loves them!


My bub loved chewing regular hard rusks but I found it so wasteful when she would only get through 1/4 of it and it had to be thrown out. Baby has no trouble getting through a whole baby mum mum, she loves them! I started her on these at 8 months.
Great price, baby loves them
Only con is when they dissolve they go sticky and can be hard to get out of carpet etc


katenberryQLD, 4520

  • 61 reviews

My baby loves baby mum mum


My little 6 month old was struggling with the concept of solids...but loved baby mum mum. It teaches him the art of eating while being wholesome. He loved being able to hold it. Whenever he got a bit irritable...he loved to be distracted by the mum mums....
Wholesome , softens in mouth
Loves them too much i run out


lovinitVIC, 3136

  • 48 reviews



My son loves them and they are healthy. He had them from about 7 months onwards even thought the box says 12 months plus. He haven't tried the flavoured ones, just original but he LOVES them.
My son loves them. Just by waving a packet of these for him to see he will immediately stop whatever he is doing wait for me to give him one. They are easy for them to digest and disolve in their mouths
can get crushed easily in your bag



  • 14 reviews



My babies do love these and as they go really soft they are less of a choking hazard unlike the really hard rusks. The box does state 12 months plus but mine had them from 6 months. I never leave home without a pack of these in my bag, they are great when baby starts kicking off when your out and about, they come in a box individually wrapped but as they are quite soft they do break easily and often end up in little pieces
*Easy for babies to eat
*Must taste good because mine love them
*Break easily



  • 182 reviews



My friend told me about these and that her daughter loves them. The box says for 12 months plus but my daughter is 7 months and has no trouble with them. They seem to break down easily in their mouths. The only problem I have with them is that you cannot just throw them into a bag. You have to make sure they are somewhere they won't get squashed as they are quite fragile. Once they are broken into small pieces they are useless for babies.
Great size for small hands. My daughter loves them.
Break and crumble easily. Must be put into a hard container to keep them whole where as normal rusks are hard and easy to transport.

Questions & Answers

Malathi Slm

Malathi Slmasked

When I can start to gv nestum?

1 answer

Hi there, sorry for late reply.. Nestum can be given from around 6 months from what I know :-)

Malathi Slm

Malathi Slmasked

My baby just 4 months plus can I give this to her?

1 answer

Hi Malathi.

I would wait until your baby is older, that way they can digest the rusks properly..
The rusks themselves recommend not to give them to your baby until 12 months...



Do your rusks have suger in them? Including artificial suger

1 answer

Hi Vayda.. They do contain sugar so if you are wanting sugar free with your bub these may not be good for them.. Here is a link to their nutritional chart-


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