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Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereal

Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereal

Wheat, Rice, Oats with Prune, etc...
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Tegan S.

Tegan S.South East Queensland, QLD

Perfect for my little one


Purchased in November 2018 at Woolworths for $4.00.



  • 4 reviews

Twins loved this


Easy to use my twins loved this kept them full would use there milk to make it great first food cheap to buy great variety of flavors love this product

Purchased in November 2016 for $2.00.



  • 6 reviews

Very bad


I bought a couple of boxes, baby hated it so I tried it and it gave me bad stomach cramps. First of all it doesn’t smell great, the fruit chips are sharp, then goes all brown after a few minutes.I gave it all to the chickens. Why don’t we have good baby cereal in Australia??? I need to keep on importing from England or Greece like Gerber etc.

Made my baby sick both times he had it.


I gave my baby this cereal for the first time when he was 8 months old. He ate half of it and then carried on as usual. However, later he woke from his nap in a pool of vomit! He vomited 5 more times after this... he couldn't keep any food or breastmilk down. 2 weeks later I tried to mix a little bit of it with his Weet-Bix to see if he would have a reaction as I wasn't 100% sure that it was the cereal which had caused his first illness. It was however; he vomited again! His reaction was a lot milder as he had a lot less but he barely ate any of his lunch and then spewed it back up. I then breastfed him and he spat half of it back up. Wouldnt recommend!

Nikola Ilic

Nikola IlicMelbourne

  • 8 reviews

Perfect for my little girl


My little one is allergic to rice and oats so we use the wheat variation and it works wonders. She loves it, keeps her full enough for a lengthy first nap and also helps prevent constipation. We sometimes mix a bit of fruit in there and that also works well.

Disgusting product


Hi don't give ur baby bqz its not safe when I give my baby First time he vomit....full day milk &lots of crying full day &night

After than I personally test it & I also feel headache &vomiting..... Just think if Elder feel like this than

How can we use for baby???



  • 15 reviews

Excellent product


My baby daughter suffers from constipation and this is honestly one of the only infant cereals out there that eases her discomfort, we've tried everything and a few of the natural remedies did the opposite and gave her the runs. We mix it into her normal baby food each day and works a treat!

Khalida Wise

Khalida WisePerth

  • 8 reviews

Excellent product


I just start this product for my baby girl couple months ago. She loves to eat this in her breakfast. Its so easy to make and the taste is so so good. It didn’t affect her tummy and she enjoys every time i give her. I really appreciate this product and recommend this to other mums.



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Good but expensive


My son loves the taste but it was a bit expensive for what I was looking for. Would buy again, but not regularly. On a plus though, Nestle is a trusted brand which is reassuring so I suppose the price tag comes with the territory. 4/5 stars, would recommend to anyone who can afford.


MyeSydney, NSW

  • 27 reviews

Love the taste


My son and daughter both love oats with prunes. My daughter also loves the taste of wheat with pear. I do a combination of baby lead weaning and spoon feeding and these are very good in filling up my daughter's tummy when she does not like much a few of her finger foods. I sometimes add steamed green peas or any mashed veggies in rice cereals when she was 6+ months. The only downside is that the rice cereal can sometimes cause constipation and one pack does not last long. Good thing she normally has oats with prunes in the morning that regulates her bowel. I find the amount of water in the guide too much for the amount of cereals so I just adjust the amount of cereals to arrive at the texture that my baby likes.


megancape town

mix well with hot water


the reason why the cereal is forming lumps is because you add too little water if you add over enough water it will become smooth and you should not give it only a few stirs it needs to be mixed well in order for it not to become lumpy.i started giving cerelac to my lO at 3 months because he was always hungry and it seemed that he never got enough of the breastmilk i gave cerelac in the morning at nine following his marie biscuits at 1 and at seven for the latest i gave him his last two spoons of cerelac at first he did not like the cereal because it was so plain with no taste and i added a little bit of sugar and he is doing just to well



  • 2 reviews

Nostalgic taste and flavour


I have no doubts of brands that have been there for so long which means they are consistent in giving the best quality. And this is my experience with Cerelac. I grew up eating this baby food and feeding this to my baby this time around has been a nostalgic experience. My bub just loves them in apple and banana flavours and the rice version too. It's smooth moving from his mouth to stomach as I have never experienced him choking. So far so good and no allergies were triggered by feeding them with Cerelace several times. I would definitely go for lasting brands such as Cerelac for my bub.

Lumps forming


My daughter is 13months old. I started wheat cerelac since she was 7months,off late very unhappy with the quality of cerelac since lumps are forming everyday,n my baby doesn't like it anymore.i generally buy the mega pack coz she has it everyday.very unhappy with wheat cerelac!!
Just worried the lumps formation doesn't harm my baby's digestion.



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The recommended serving suggestion was not accurate and the cereal was very gluggy. I tried it with water and then formula but had the same result each time, ie. gluggy and baby didn't like it.
No allergens.
Very expensive and box is too big and the bag insider wasn't very full. My baby did not like the cereal at all, so I has to throw it out. It also did not mix very well and became gluggy.



  • 12 reviews



A good product my baby loves it,tastes better and you can move onto the Cerelac wheat cereal for 6 months and over. Nestle is a good brand.
Mixes well and is a bigger box than the other cereals available for baby. It tastes better and seems to have more vitamins in it.


rolandMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 19 reviews

Awesome baby food


I've been using Rice and Wheat Cerelac and am so happy with them as baby loves them both. I definitely recommend this product to others.


lilyntillymumIpswich, Queensland

  • 8 reviews

check ingredients if your little one has allergies


We bought this when commencing solids assuming that it was only rice and maybe some vitamins/minerals however it contained soy which our daughter is allergic to so had to discontinue use. It was however easy to mix and she liked the flavour but does seem to thin out if taking too long to feed.
mixes well and bubs enjoyed the taste
contained soy (bub is allergic)



  • 2 reviews

my baby loves it


Overseas there are more flavours than in AU.
My baby likes the banana and honey flavours but i can't find them in Australia.
Any idea where i can order them?
overall, my baby loves it with milk
the smell of the non australian cerelac is so nice, like a chocolate. But the one in AU has no smell !



  • 4 reviews

Probiotics goodness


We were given a sachet of this to try and now my baby has it every day and loves it (even though the taste seems pretty bland). I think it is the only one with probiotics in it which is good as he is now going to childcare after going back to work. It mixes in water with no problem.
Probiotics, bub loves it
Is more expensive but is in a bigger box

Love it


I purchased this cereal for my 7 month old because she wouldn't eat rice cereal. And from the first mouth full she loved it. She has this for breakfast every morning. I did notice it contains sugar but only about 3G per 100g of cereal which doesn't worry me as long as she's eating.
Tastier than rice cereal

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Sherine E.

Sherine E.asked

Is it ok to feed my toddler cerelac without water nor milk??

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Ogunshola A.

Ogunshola A.asked

Wheat based infant cereal with milk powder and mixed fruits turns black after preparation. What happened?

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Kusuma R.

Kusuma R.asked

How con use that tell me?

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