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Zero Japan Traditional

Zero Japan Traditional

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Zero Tea Pots

Having owned a large 1800ml Tomato Red Zero for the past 7+ years, I will gladly pass on the secret of these excellently crafted products. Sadly though somewhere in that time frame I dropped it from a reasonable height, and although there was no appearance of immediate damage use of the pot was continued; sadly only just now large fracture lines about the handle have appeared; so I am awaiting the arrival of my new replacements: a blue Zero 800ml pot with a swinging metal handle, and a yellow Zero 500ml pot with the metal swinging handle; I must admit to being a little apprehensive about the handle being able to pour without holding the bottom for stability. Having said all of this, once you have zeroed in your loose leaf tea into a Zero pot, there is no going back; to quote the comedian Jimeoin, "best cup of tea ever!" Like the song by Colin Hay, "Beautiful World...My my my, It's a beautiful world; I like drinking Irish Tea; With a little bit of lap sang souchong; I like making my own Tea." Colin obviously has a Zero Tea Pot! Honestly though if your just a teabag person thinking nothing of preparing your tea in a Styrofoam cup by firstly putting in the milk, water and then flinging in a teabag that is left to stew then don't bother. But if your bordering on eccentricity on how you prepare your tea; insisting on fine china cups or mug, that must be preheated along with the teapot, before even considering to add 'only ever' loose tea; then you will certainly appreciate Zero Teapots. TwoCentsBob.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Excellent teapot - as convenient as teabags, but better taste

These handsome teapots come in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes (some of them are very small). Perhaps the white ones are a bad idea, given tea's propensity to stain. They feature a flat topped no-drip spout high up near the rim, and a rim-suspended filter basket under the lid. They are designed for a perfect brew, by preventing the last cup from stewing. They are excellent pourers, with no tea escaping from the lid area, no drips and easy tealeaf disposal. The lid can be easily detached from the pot for a full cleaning. The only weakness is mesh strainer baskets. Resist the urge to squeeze them to coax the old tea out, as once deformed, they never get back to their proper shape. Unfortunately, Zero is not there for you with the mesh basket replacements, but you can get some generic ones off Ebay. That's the only reason I gave four stars, not five. With these teapots, you'll never go back to teabags again as they improve the brew 100%. BTW, use large leaf tea - fine cuts clog up the mesh as you pour the water in.

Best Teapots i ever used

The first bee house zero teapot i got was a christmas gift several years ago and let me tell you, ever since that day i have fallen in love with these tea pots. They are easy to use and clean and the best part is they have a modern design and come in a range of sizes and colours. I have 3 of these now and i admire it everytime i see it. I feel like it encourages me to have tea more often which is not a bad thing at all! Pouring is also very neat and does not leak at all. Keeps your team warm for a long time too. Highly recommended
Comes in a variety of sizes, colours and designs, easy to use and easy to clean
Nothing to dislike


I don't like glass or stainless steel teapots. I have a Royal Albert teapot, but I use my Zero teapot in preference, because it is just more comfortable to use, easier to clean, is so cute to look at. Such beautiful glazes make these teapots something you will want to display on your bench tops or table rather than putting away in the cupboard. The 450ml is big enough for my husband and I to enjoy a cup and half each of beautiful tea in the morning, and just the right size if you just want to make tea for yourself. Throw away those tacky teabags, buy yourself some quality leaf tea.
Everything, the feel, the look, the superb finish. The quality is excellent, and it pours so easily, you don't feel you have to hang onto the lid when pouring, like most tea pots. It pours at the perfect angle.

The high quality of the glazing, the colour choices. The comfort factor, they are so easy to hold and pour. Beautiful smooth spouts. The quality control by Zero is excellent.

I have two 450ml Zero teapots, the green crackle and blue jeans. They are perfect for both herbal tea and regular tea. So easy to clean, the stainless steal infuser is also of excellent quality.

The only downside for me is that I am addicted to these teapots. I can see a collection coming up!

Questions & Answers

The lid of my 2-cup teapot doesn't clip on securely. What can I do to fix this?
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I have three zero tea pots, and various others. we always tend to choose the zeros. I do know what you mean about the lid, but we tend not to tip it up too much which isn't a problem. however if we don't clip it on really securely it will come off. Personally I would take it back to the retailer and explain the problem, if they don't help, write to Zero. They would not want unhappy users of their product!Since it is a question of connecting metal to ceramic, I think superglue or araldite would do the trick. I don't see any real need to detach the lid, as long as the site is clean when it is attached.I do believe that Zero Tea Pots have a bit of a penchant for the clip of the lid to slide up; as you are pouring the near boiling voluminous mass of liquid tea, that is pushing up against the underside of the lid, causing it to most inconveniently pop off as you pour, which is just plain annoying. So with your 'cold and empty' Zero Tea Pot! Pull up on the lid and slide your lid off, then just pinch the clip tighter and slide it back onto the pot. Failing this just use a tea towel to hold the lid down as you pour. Cheers..TwoCentsBob..

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