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Appalling bias commentary!

Having watched Leeds v Aston villa this evening, I'm left feeling nothing but appalled by the commentators biased views. As a retired professional footballer, I fully understand what constitutes a foul and how fouls are "earned" in today's game. The commentators continually biased views against Leeds showed a real lack of understanding of the game "doubtful he's ever played" and must have left Leeds fans bemused. Surely the commentators supposed to have an objective view of the game?
Overall the game was a fantastic advert for championship football, that deserved a far more professional and dignified commentator than the one served up this evening.

They are thieves

I would advise to stay away from them. They use deceiving tactics to get you into a contract that cannot be refunded even though the content isn’t what advertised. Streaming speed and quality aren’t worth the price anyway. All in all a very unethical company.


I signed up for their 2 week trial and 4 days before the 2nd weeks was up my account was charged $1100 Aust ..by " a Singapore based company..I didn't recognize it..but on reading the small print. It was a special offer to subscribe until 7018!! Yes 5000 years...My bank got the money back..no complaints about getting the 2 championship playoff games..just the result!!

Professional Scammers

Quality is nothing to rave about. They renewed my plan without my approval and failed to even notify me of my favourite program being canceled. And they refuse to refund even after multiple phone calls, emails.

I'm sure they think they can run a business by scamming customers. My advise to cancel your subscription just in case they renew it without you knowing. You can always go back and renew after one year if you still want their crappy services. Why buy yourselves into troubles with these guys?

Manipulative Scammers

Aside from being a complete garbage service, takes 30 seconds to open channels on +40mb WIFI connection.
They charged my card for another plan that I did NOT approve of and they didn't email me before charging my card for auto renewal to see If I approve or not, their terms and conditions is full "no refund/you'll not be refunded" that's not how you succeed in a business, all they care about is how to steal that dollar from you and they don't give a crap about users.
You don't need to pay for their trash, there're many ways to watch sports for FREE.


The app was ok but nothing to write home about. My main issue was with trying to unsubscribe. Very very easy to sign up, but the minute i want to cancel the service they make it very very difficult.

The "my account" part of their app does not have an option to manage your subscription. Their website does not have a login to my account. Itd basically impossible to unsubscribe. Had to email them and threaten to make an unauthorised charge complaint to the bank.

Seriously these people are losing the Champions League to Optus next year anyway so I doubt anyone is going to subscribe. If you are thinking so regardless, think again.

Terrible experience - and it lasted all of one hour

I love watching European football so thought I'd try Bein Sports Connect - what a waste of time! Got subscribed easily which was the best part of the process. After that it was all downhill - I decided to watch a catchup UCL game via my mobile on chromecast. As well as having to watch an inordinate amount of ads I had to go through the worst streaming experience of my life, buffering all the time, sometimes only 10 seconds after the previous buffer. I thought I'd then try it through my laptop and still had the same buffering problem whether I was watching directly or through chromecast.

Bein Sports - please use some of your billions of dollars to hire some decent developers who can actually do a good job. I've had Netflix and other streaming services for a couple of years now and we rarely have buffering problems when using chromecast - it's just not good enough.

Absolute rubbish

Multiple problems. Little or no help from customer service.
They will contact you back. But just suggest you send another e mail to off shore site, no help there, and generally no response.

Terrible website / service, attitude and rip off (Scammers) - AVOID at all costs

I signed up to monthly streaming sports for the Champions League. Bein updated their website shortly after and reduced 7 matches available down to 3 matches only so you have a slim hope of watching your own favourite team - that is if the service actually works and you can get someone that in customer service that shows any dedication to helping you fix the issues rather than the customer doing all the work. After many weeks of zero service and help, they keep billing you by the way. Then when you actually do cancel a few months later they admitted that my bank account had been scammed by them and further monies taken out of the account under a suspicious name (but it was them). I had to threaten a claim via the bank to get this sorted. If I could rate these bunch of incompetent, useless, money grabbing idiot’s a minus score I would and a 1 score makes them look better than they actually are. So in overall summary, because of them I lost countless hours trying to watch matches their limited service made me miss, I paid this terrible service for a number of months for sweet FA whilst having the hassle of emailing every other day due to their rubbish website upgrade (nothing wrong with the old one, it worked at least) and also paid for a vastly reduced limited number of matches to watch and never my team. On top of that they allowed my bank to be secretly scammed and reluctantly and slowly refunded me when I threatened them. No gesture of goodwill ever offered when requested and their overall attitude, service and product stinks!! AVOID at all costs and hopefully this crappy company will finally go to the wall which will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

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