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Customer servjce

Email to be refunded and account cancelled after not cancelling free trial after realising I couldn’t use it on my tv and Andreas had the request complete in minutes

Extremely happy

Love me some Stan!

Had a few sign in problems.Problem was fixed in under an hour through email. Clear instructions and so happy to speak to a person not a generated message !! Quick response and honest enthusiasm was awesome. Thank you so much Deirdre from Stan, you were awesome!

Stan support sucks

We have been trying to find out why we am being billed for an account that is associated with a visa card. So far I have been emailed by seven different support people. There is NO phone contact number.
I can't manage the account as it doesn't exist. One account was cancelled in 2016, which they admitted, and the other in 2018, yet I am still being billed.
Don't go near this company as their support for subscribers is worse than pathetic!!

RUBBISH - Charged incorrectly

I signed up for a 10 day Stan trial on the 7th day I cancelled as I didn't have a need for it.

It wasn't until yesterday I noticed I have been incorrectly charged 3 times! I tried to log in to my account to fix this issue/cancel/get a refund which I couldn't do as they "didn't recognise my email address" so I couldn't even use the account if I wanted too!

I reached out to customer service right away my account was cancelled (which I already did months ago) and was told I couldn't get a refund.

This isn't good enough - my account hasn't even been accessible and I already cancelled!!

Great staff, really helpful

Problem resolved in under an hour through email. Clear instructions and so happy to speak to a person not a generated message !! Quick response was awesome. Thank you very much Daniel from Stan

Help! It worked

Loving Stan, great shows, the Disney movies are a really winner at the moment. Had a little problem with getting an email to change my password. So contacted Stan and had an immediate reply from Liam who sent me the reset password. Worked first time . Thx Liam. Just have one request do you think you will ever be able to get the X-Files series? I'd definitely binge watch . Thx again.

I enjoy watching Stan

Stan is one of the stations I mostly watch... I enjoy the movies on there... Can always find something enjoyable... Hope it stays on for me now and doesn't disappear on me again... Kind regards... Annette...

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Haha thanks ALEXTRANDRA for your prompt and professional help with my problem. Several of your colleagues have to share the credit with you as well. My problem was solved professionally and promptly all with a smile I’m sure

too early to tell but so far so good,

seems to be lacking in Ausie movies. only found one so far. Be nice to have some more Ausie movies considering we are in Australia otherwise nice selection of all round movies etc.

Issue resolved

Ken and Michael were great in helping me with my technical problem. They were prompt, very clear with their instructions and had lots of patience. Great customer service - I was very impressed!

Outstanding customer service!

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Stan as many of the movies I watch are on Netflix. However, Where Netflix falls, Stan steps up! The customer service was fast, clear, concise and provided solutions for my issue within 15 mins of submission! Oh how I wish pretty much all banks and phone companies were the same... Huge thanks and shout out to Liam and one for Andreas too who rsuggested writing this and reminding me that we should definitely applaud good service. :) It doesn't happen often enough.


I feel they are a complete scam. I went on a trial period and they charged me even though I canceled on the 30th day. The content is limited but good I got it cause I thought it offered more things I like than Netflix. Worst mistake. It's a scam. The customer service is not at all understanding. And most of the time the app doesn't work. I respect Netflix more they are much more professional.

Excellent support - Technical issue resolved, Panasonic FZ950

Had an issue with endless buffering on my new Panasonic TV, using the app. It turned out to be an issue with the TV which had to powered off at the mains to fix. Simple fix but it was surprisingly difficult to diagnose. All through the process, the Stan support team worked hard with me to resolve. Their advice was logical, easy to understand, and their replies were always very prompt. Thanks to Deidre, Daniel, Liam, Ken and Patrick for your assistance and outstanding service. I wish all my customer services experiences could be this good.

Resume box won't go away.

Thank you to Andrea and John. We finally got Stan back to normal. your response was timely and in plain english for novice like my self to understand.
Thank you Chris and John Wheal

2 Issues (It seems)

1. The subtitle setting does not work
Especially on the portable devices. I am using apple, phone and tablet.
I set up to show subtitle in English, but when I start watching next show, the Subtitle is off even the setting shows on.
I have to turn it off and turn it back on to bring the subtitle back.

I use Stan to watch shows to learn English, so for some TV/Movie the Subtitle is critical to me.
doing the turn off/ turn on is annoying.
I guess in Australia there are a lot of people like me want to be able to learn English while entertaining.

2. The watching history does not sync between devices.
The last stop point cannot be saved and show the same on different devices.
(Even the watched shows.)
If it can be saved with my profile, it may help.

I gave 4 stars as Stan keeps getting better and better.


Fantastic collection of films especially if you are a Marvel fan - Also fantastic customer service

I received great customer service from the team here in Australia, by Alex, Kyle and Patrick who were very quick to respond to my queries and all delivered super responses. It is not often you get great service from an online team but these guys are great. Recommend Stan to all my friends and family and i will continue to do so.

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Hi Danny, thank you so much for reaching out with this, we think this is the best! We are committed to keep this level of service for our fantastic customers and we hope you will be one for a long time to come :)

Excelsior quick customer service

Fast customer service response, nice experience and accurate tech support. App running well , plenty of series and movies, just need more blockbusters . Tech support fantastic and faster than was expected

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We absolutely love to hear of our customer's good experiences so thank you so much for sharing!

Review of app, not content

I think I reviewed this app before, but out of frustration, I'll do it again. This app is useless and plagued with errors. Firstly, Stan's servers are sloooow. It takes probably 5 times as long to download an hour long title compared to Netflix. I've had multiple errors (different devices and operating systems, so not device specific) when trying to view a downloaded title. My latest frustration was after planning and downloading stuff to watch on an international flight, it failed giving me A18 and A20 error codes. The online help is also useless (looking at it afterwards as obviously couldn't whike I was in the air)

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That doesn't sound right at all! So our Support Team can look into this further, can you get in touch with them via bit.ly/StanHelp


Prompt and effective response to support question- less than 10 minutes. Thank you to Patrick for answering my query as well as offering alternative solutions if unsuccessful with the initial solution.

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Hi Nola, thank you so much for this feedback! We are so happy to hear of this experience and we can assure you that we have passed this feedback on to Patrick.

Prompt resolution

Very prompt at fixing and resolving technical issues with viewing via streaming to the tv. Very satisfied with Micheal, Patrick, and all the tech support team who helped resolved this issue.

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We absolutely love to hear of our customer's good experiences with our Support Team so thank you so much for sharing!

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Questions & Answers

I have signed up to Stan but can't sign in when I go to my daughters house when babysitting. She has a new Hisense TV with Stan app already installed. It keeps giving a L3 code.
4 answers
Sorry jan I don't know how to help you... I was in quite a bit of trouble myself and can't remember how I finally got it going ..Stan will help you just as they helped me...Regards.....Annette...Hi Jan, had the same thing happen to me , so got in touch with STAN help [contact us] and you can speak to an operator or go via email etc. they will sort the issue out for you. regards Lex.Can't find anywhere to speak to someone. I have sent 3 messages via their website in the last 3 hours and nothing in reply.

Getting A30 and A19 o beauty & Beast don't understand it was playing 5 mins ago
1 answer
Hey Jessica, if you are still experiencing issues, please get in touch with our Support Team via bit.ly/StanHelp

I've been having A19 errors the last few days. I've cleared my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled but it keeps happening This is on my Sony TV but not for all shows so it makes zero sense. Everything works fine on my phone.
1 answer
So our Support Team can look into this issue you are experiencing further can you get in touch with them through bit.ly/StanHelp or by emailing them at support@stan.com.au

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