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Fix Your Annoying Glitches

I love Stan but for me to enjoy it I need to be able to watch my shows/movies without it skipping episodes, constantly crashing in between episodes again and again and randomly going slow mo. This happens every night. Please fix this small but very annoying problems.

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If you are experiencing any issues while streaming Stan our Support Team can definitely look into this for you. Get in touch with them via bit.ly/StanHelp

Tech help fantastic

I tried to join up on line to Stan today and had huge problems trying to set up the account and for whatever reason I just couldn't even set up the account to get started. I was in contact with Ken from Tech Support and within 20 minutes after being coached through by Ken I am now up and running and ready to start watching the programs. Well done Ken and Stan for your support department.

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Hi Tony, thank you so much for this feedback! We are so happy to hear of this experience and we can assure you that we have passed this feedback on to Ken :)

Love stan

Stan is so much better than Netflix. Even before Stan got Disney which I love it still was better than Netflix. Stan has a better selection of shows and movies to choose from. But now Stan has Disney it's just so much better. I don't seem to every get bored with their content either.

Bad customer service

Somehow they were double charging me. the second charge was for $12 dollars. I found this odd since they don't have any offers for this amount.

They then proceeded to ask the same question over and over pretending I hadn't replied.

Luckily PayPal saw them as fraudulent and reversed the money.

App issues + difficult customer service

I had stan for most of last year and had several problems with the app, the main one being resetting my entire smart tv halfway through an episode. After about a week of troubleshooting with the stan website, I contacted stan and they advised me my internet connection is forcing my tv hardware to shut down. As this is an issue isolated to the stan app and I found it unlikely my internet was the cause, I felt like the representative just wanted to blame me as a customer for having issues with the service. So I decided to end my agreement and take my streaming business elsewhere.

Cut to this year I decided to give stan another shot as I was offered 3 months free, only the offer very lightly stated in a fine print it was for new customers only and upon redeeming it I received a welcome message on the account screen stating enjoy your 3 months free and an end date of May the 5th. However, instead of the 3 months as a returning customer, my plan was upgraded to the "premium" plan that I still have to pay 14$ for, The only benefit is that it offers 4k and my internet connection isn't strong enough to keep up with, making the plan unsuitable. As I felt this was misleading and unfair to current customers I reached out to stan to see if a solution could be found. After a day of back and forth emails from several people I asked for proof of the terms and conditions and the representative sent me a blank image accompanied by some text stating that the blank image proves I understood the terms. I was then given the option to terminate my account and a once of refund for one month, as the stan agents found it more preferable to get rid of a customer who was angry than provide a viable solution. I felt heavily insulted by this and this is unfortunate and disappointing as I really wanted stan to succeed.

Best customer service in Australia

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I couldn't get a video to load, tried to trouble shoot and failed, so I hit "contact Stan", griped and expected an answer next week (this was Saturday night)

But! Literally before I got back to the couch I had an email pop up on my phone with a solution from Ken at Stan. I tried it, it fixed it and I was stunned.

Guys, can we make it a law that ken and his colleagues need to work at every support centre? Especially Telco ones :)

Couldn't be more impressed. It was a Saturday night for God's sake! Fabulous! :D

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Hi Kathryn, thank you so much for reaching out with this, we think this is the best! We are committed to keep this level of service for our fantastic customers and we hope you will be one for a long time to come :)

Miracast device not compatible with STAN

Got error code A20 when tried connecting my android phone through Miracast device to TV. After a few emails STAN technicians said Miracast not supported. Was not happy with this so complained. Andreas promptly offered refund. Encouraged by their gesture I will try Chromecast. Hopefully be connected to TV soon.

Connection issue using Apple TV to watch STAN

I use an Apple TV to watch STAN. It stopped connecting to STAN. This was promptly sorted out by Ken on the help desk. Thanks to Ken for the prompt service.

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Hi Chris, thank you so much for this. We are sorry to hear you recently experienced some issues with Stan but we are delighted to hear our amazing support team was able to resolve this for you so efficiently!


My problem was resolved via email with the assistance of Ken & Daniel...thank you. Can get back to watching the selection on Stan. Hanging out for Billions later this month. Thanks again guys.

Absolutely terrible

They increase monthly fees without informing you.
The customer service is atrocious.
The content is good, but no where near Netflix.
Once you put your credit card details in, there's no way to remove them.
I definitely wouldn't waste my money. Netflix is a much, much better option.

Old email and forgotten password

Thanks to Ken and Michael who promptly assisted me when I needed to reset my password but found the email address originally registered was one I no longer used. Thanks again

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Thank you so much for reaching out with this feedback! We are so happy to hear your recent experiences with our lovely Customer Service Team were so helpful and seamless.This is exactly the kind of service we aim for and we are glad to hear it's what you received.

Buffering problem

Thank you
To Ken and Liam at Stan help centre of the quick reply to my issue which seems to be resolved. I reset my tv and modem which easily fix the issue we had.

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Hi there, thank you so much for this feedback! We are so happy to hear of this experience and we can assure you that we have passed this feedback on to Ken and Liam :)

Great customer service

I had a billing issue with my account. I email from me and Liam was able sort it out for me. Very happy with the service and result. Thank you Liam

A word of warning when you try to cancel.

A word of warning if you’re wanting to cancel your subscription. TAKE A SCREENSHOT. I cancelled my account and got a message telling me that my subscription would expire at the end of the billing period. I realised 2 days after my subscription lapses that I was still charged so I cancelled it again and got the same message that my subscription will expire at the end of the billing period. I contacted support and was told that I had only just cancelled it. I wrote back explaining the situation and was told that if I did cancel their web tracking service would have recorded a cancelation event. Now we all know that tech companies don’t ever have buggy applications don’t we. Perhaps I did make a mistake but I did see the exact same messages when I cancelled it the second time. I appealled to them that it had only been 2 days since the charge and their response was that they can see it was being used and therefore they cannot give a refund. My TV was logged in to Stan and my wife and son were not aware that they were using it, and it was early in the morning so they had not receive my message to delete the Stan app from our TV. They did offer a credit for the next month but a credit for something I don’t intend to use is worthless. I’m so much happier with the product and customer support from Netflix.

Not Happy

Subscribed to Stan only yesterday with compatable device but error code A20 keeps coming up. Followed instructions to remedy situation but still cannot view. I have tried to contact them to no avail and my subscription fee appears to be lost now.

If you are having any issues streaming with a compatible device, our Support Team can definitely look into this for you. Get in touch with them via bit.ly/StanHelpI tried to contact Stan a number of times to no avail. I have obviously wasted my $14 subscription for not watching anything on Stan so I closed my account down. I will check my account at the end of this month to see if they have taken another $14 out. No more Stan for me...

Problem Streaming movies

I experienced problems with Stan at the beginning of December last year. Some of the movies didn't want to stream. I contacted Stan and spoke to several of the Tech Team members to sort out the problem. Rhyn, Kyle, Harry, Daniel Patrick and Ken helped me. Finally, in February, I received an email from Harry saying Stan's Tech Team had made some changes on their side to solve the problem. To my delight, was the problem solved. The bottom line of the story is that they have done everything in their power to help! Stan gave me a month's credit because I couldn't stream my favorite movies. What a wonderful team they are. Thank you to everyone at Stan's Tech department. I hadn't been so impressed with such service for a long time! I personally can recommend Stan to everyone.

Subscription rip off

I accidentally activated a subscription through an old email address. I contacted them only a few mins later and they said they were unable to refund the money and that I had to keep the subscription for the month.
Complete Rip Off and extremely bad customer service


So annoying have to log out and factory reset the sony tv every 2 days then have to re enter the wi fi codes and log back into stan just to get the stupid app to work.

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If you are having issues streaming Stan, get in touch with our Support Team via bit.ly/StanHelp and they can look into this further

Waste of time

I signed up today with Stan, Login in and had a browse though the shows and movies on there and didn't see anything worth watching or anything I have not seen before.
Most of the movies and TV shows are old as the hills for an example the first thing that come up on the banner was "The Golden Girls"
I did try and watch supernatural just to see what episode they were up to but it could not load the video.
So uninstalled and canceled the membership.

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Sorry to hear that you experienced issues streaming Stan. If you DM us your Stan account email address we can have our Support Team look into this issue streaming you experienced

Issue fixed!!

I had an issue with Stan loading. I sent a request for help and straight away they emailed me back with a fix. So easy and I didn’t have to talk to anyone. Just easy to follow instructions.

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Thank you so much for reaching out with this feedback! We are so happy to hear your recent experiences with our lovely Customer Service Team were so helpful and seamless.This is exactly the kind of service we aim for and we are glad to hear it's what you received.

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hey fellas, stan isn't fetching my stream on any videos on my laptop but it loads on my phone. Any reason this could be happening?
No answers

How do i go back episodes in series or select a particular episode?
1 answer
Hey Phil, if you search for the show you can bring up the entire episode list and choose whatever episode you like. To find shows easily you may want to add them to your My List section

Why is it when i google what the best movies are to watch on Stan .... I search for them on Stan .....and they are not there? Not once, not twice, but often. All indicators point to the show or the movies being available on Stan - and its not. Stan is an inferior product and not worth having
1 answer
Hey Jasmine, can you get in touch with our Support Team here bit.ly/StanHelp in regards to not being able to find titles on Stan, so they can see why this may be the case.

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