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Bendigo Everyday Account

Bendigo Everyday Account

4.0 from 2 reviews


The everyday ultimate account is simple to use, on par with any other cash account and has the added bonus of a well run banking institution.

The service is amazing. A friend of mine is a long term Bendigo Bank customer. Once his account was about to be overdwarn and the bank called to try and sort something out instead of charging an overdraw fee. Because of their phone call, he transferred some money over and avoided the fee. Try getting that from a big bank - not likely.

Since Bendigo is a smaller bank it can be annoying trying to find an ATM to use without the $2 transaction fee, but this is a small issue compared to the friendly, personal service. Plus it's not Bendigo charging the fee, it's the other bank charging you for using their ATM.
Easy to use and fantastic in house customer service
Slightly higher fees compared to big banks and some limitations on internet banking.


Have been with them for a while. really good to deal with. Will be with them forever! their visa debit is great :)
no fees on visa debit

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