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Beurer MG70

Beurer MG70

MPN: 35904814
4.0 from 4 reviews

Great massage

I've had bad lower back pain and glutes for a long time this product helped more than chiro and paid massage. It's a vibration massage that will tickle and itch and for some hurt a little if the muscle has issues. This is a good thing as if you have no problem you won't feel anything from this at all. Both me and my partner used it and I found it 10x better than ball pressure massagers.

The vibrations on max setting are very good. The only complaint is the lack of different size attachments or any real useful attatchements it's better without them. But you can however angle it's flattish panel to get into areas like near the shoulder blades etc. Or small focus points by just tilting it and contacting the edge of the massager.

Be careful! Not good product for some!

Other reviews suggest that this is an excellent product but with some problems you need to be very careful and consider whether other products may suit you more. This massager is relatively heavy to hold and not particularly comfortable to hold.

My biggest problem with this product is that the massage is so aggressive. I have back problems and a very aggressive massage does not assist at all. A massage that gently relaxes muscles would help a great deal but this level of aggression is not helpful to me.

The settings on the massager do not have a substantial enough difference between the low settings and the high settings. From the perspective of my problems you have the choice of being very heavily pounded through to being uncomfortably beaten.

The aggressiveness of the massage is reflected in the fact that the recommendation is that you do not use it for more than 3 minutes in any one spot. My old massager (no longer on the market) allowed massage in one spot for up to 20 minutes. Slow and gentle may suit some people more particularly if you are older.

I suggest that people are very careful buying this product and try to get a try of the massage before you buy.

too aggressive, product information before you buy is poor, instructions with the product could be better and made easier to follow

Excellent product

I think everyone should have one of this massager. I bought it from harvey Norman, initially when I tried this one compare with one from homedics, i feel this one was too strong for my body, but I was too lazy to wait for the homedics one since I have to wait for another 2 weeks. I took it home, and used again, I loved it, it's very nice and strong massage. I plan to buy one for my mom too.
Detachable, strong, heat, comfortable handle, 3 yrs warranty

Handiest little gadget ever!

I suffer from tenosinovitis and my wrists and forearms are constantly sore. This massager is fantastic for relaxing my sore muscles and helping relieve the soreness and tension. I would highly recommend this massager. The heat setting is great and the attachments are handy. This massage unit is great for tired legs too - my calves have never felt better!
It's an effective massage unit - not an overpriced piece of junk.

Questions & Answers

Would this help for chronic Achilles tendonitis? Cheers
2 answers
I'm not sure it probably depends how long you've had it and what type of pain it is. maybe not as it's really more designed for muscle pain, tightness knots etc. Ask a chiro or physical therapistCheers thank you for that :-)

i am after hand held massager for my small dog who has has both knees reconstructed would like something suitable for her she was getting massaged by equissage machine but cant afford to keep paying for lady to come and do it is there anything you can recommend that ins't too expensive please?
2 answers
Hi Coby. I hope your little puppy dog is improving since you posted your thoughts on using this massager. Ive been trying to think of an answer about it . My first thought would be to ask your Vet as they know precisely about your puppies issue with her knees. My thoughts too was very gently exercise as a kind of game when she is lying on her back.....very gently though to keep the muscles in tact and for a good support. I guess you could remove the head off the handle which will then allow you to hand hold the massager AND to then put the dial at the top and the side to the very lowest vibration. Mind you, perhaps your dog might get a bit nervous. My bet honestly would to ring the Vets and ask them before you bought it. However if you bought it, I know this massager is 5 stars and excellent. There's a dial on the top where you can lower and raise the intensity. I have mine on high. I don't use the attachments but use the warmth of the infrared. I'm not familiar with a Equissage Machine...sorry. The Breuer Hand held Massager isn't too expensive to buy and good for you and hopefully your dog too. Best wishes Corby and your baby girl and I hope she really improves with her two new knees.There is another much cheaper model MG21 where the reviews claim that the masssage is too soft. This may be a better choice for you. Just noticed that your question was posted last year. Hope you got it sorted.

Is it supposed to be so loud? It rattles so much i cannot hear anything else. Is sounds like it is going to fall apart.
2 answers
Mine is loud as well when you use the most intense mode I guess its normal. If you feel its broken you should take it back to the shop to see if they can exchange for you another one or notThanks Christy. I did return it and received a replacement. It is still loud but does not rattle like it is going to fall apart. :)


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