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BioMagnetic Deluxe Wool Magnetic Underlay

BioMagnetic Deluxe Wool Magnetic Underlay

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never again....

After a few weeks I was waking up with pains all over my body I felt like 100 years old...took the underlay off been a week I am back to feeling like I have rested and no more pains throughout my body...It may be wonderful for some and I am happy for you but for me never again ....

The best thing i've bought!

Got one of these for the bed due to years of injuries and aches and pains etc, didnt think too much of it as if anything it looked like a comfortable underlay for the bed.
I cant believe how good this has made me feel.
I'll confess im a sceptic of things at the best of times, there was no way in the world i actually thought that one of these magnetic beds would actually help but i can get out of bed everyday without the back pain, soreness etc that i havent experienced in years!
Thes things are truly great! I've done a bit of research into magnets now and it makes alot of sense but nothing beat experience, and my experience has been that these work!

No more Sciatica

I had sciatica for more than 5 years or thereabouts. I'm not one given to believing in quack cures, but this really did make a difference. Three days after putting the underlay on, no more sciatica. That was 4 years ago. They do say that the it may not work for everyone, but it did the trick for me.
It did what it said - relieved my sciatica
None that I can see

Magnetic underlay

I have had one for 30 yrs but was never able to use pillow insert as it made me feel dizzy. A month ago I was in tears with the pain in different joints that I've broken over my 80 years. So my son was asking everyone he knew of anything to help me. He came up with magnet ! So I thought I'll try my pillow case which I still had. I still don't like to mention it in case I jinx myself but I realised last Thursday that I hardly had any pain, it's still there but now I can cope with it, I told my Dr this morning & she was astounded to say the least & is going to look in to it. I'm not someone paid to say that either to me it's a miracle


hi i purchased a wool one 3 months ago after a friend who had quite severe migraines told me about the results she had achieved, i had muscle cramps at night and just wasnt sleeping well. i found the results fantastic it only took 2-3 nights to fix a problem that i had for months. now my whole family has one. they all decided to try it as it has a guyarantee anyway
comfortable and natural and it worked for me and my family

There is a God!

One day I asked God for something to take the pain away. The pain was caused by sitting too long infront of the computer and my neck was so tight that my Doctor referred me to a physiotherapy @ $128 per visit - which sure I could claim some back but still I had to pay about $75, which to pay this bill meant I had to spend more time in front of the computer. And the more time I spent in front of the computer the more I needed physio. Yes, physio did help but it was only for about two to three weeks and the pain would come back.

After almost 18 months of this, one night I saw the Bio Magnetic Underlay infomercial on T.V. out of sheer desperation I pick-up the phone and made ordered my queen size double Bio-Magnetic Underlay from a company in QLD called "The Natural".

With in two days my woolen underlay arrived - I loved it is so comfortable to sleep on, and I sleep like a baby now which before getting my Bio-Magnetic Underlay this would rarely happen. I would usually wake up two or three times a night.

Not only do I sleep well now, I also noticed that my need to visit the physio was becoming longer and longer between sessions. Now I don't even need to see the physio and I can only think that the only thing I did differently is sleep on the "Bio-Magnetic' Underlay.

Not only this but I'm a single mum and my little boy has asthma - so I ordered the cotton single bio magnetic underlay from the same company "The Natural" and six months later the Dr has taken him off his puffers.

I wish the whole world new about the Bio Magnetic underlays - because I'm not a gimmick type person and out of sheer desperation I tried this and has really improved my son and I's life.

No more physio for me, no more puffers for my son, less medical bills so I save alot of money and both my son and I sleep really well. Which is not unusual for my son he could sleep through anything, but for me I can not tell you how much better I feel for a good nights sleep, and this is just a bonus and not even the reason why I bought the product.

I can not recommend the "The Natural" bio-magnetic underlays they are like a miracle cure, one I wouldn't believe unless I had tried it myself.

All I can say is try it for a couple of hundred bucks really what have you got to loose.
It relieved my pain, saved me money on medical bills, helped me get a good nights sleep but most importantly helped my son and now he no longer needs his puffers - "The Natural" Bio Magnetic Underlays are the miracle cure I was wishing for - And thank god my wish was granted, I don't know where I would be if I still had to go to the physio.


I think it does work as the first night we had it my fingers and toes went quite tingly. I haven't woken up with a sore back since either, although I am not sure if that is due to the magnets or the fact that we started using it with a brand new mattress. I wouldn't have bought because of the price but the store threw it in for free when we bought our mattress.
Nice to lie on, does seem to work but not dramatically. Uses Austraian wool.
It is filled with polyester batting. I wish they had used some sort of natural product. I think it will go pretty flat after a few months.


My Wife and I can only wish that even some of the benefits that are claimed for this product would work on us.According to the adverts we must be in that small percentage of the population for whom this product does not live up to its claims.
Well made.Comfortable underlay.
As far as my Wife and I are concerned, after using this product for six years, it has no therapeutic benefit whatsoever.

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Did you try the "The Natural" Bio-Magnetic Underlay... http://www.thenaturalgroup.com.au/ (I just clicked on the site to copy you the URL of the company that sold the Underlay to me & noticed they have a 30% Discount offer. If your interested. Hope this works for you and your wife - pain is never fun to experience and this really to work for me and as I said before my son is no longer on his puffers for Asthma after just 6 months of sleeping on the Cotton Underlay. But personally I prefer the woolen one and my neck and back pain has gone - only after a very very long day (16 hours) in front of the computer does it start to play up again but after a few nights sleep it goes away and I no longer have to go and see the Physio.

Questions & Answers

Do the magnetic underpays cause you to perspire more than normal.
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Can you let me know the cost of the underlays - Single bed and double. What is the postal cost to Cairns? Many thanks Naomi Wilson
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Have had my underlay for about 10 years and love it. When should it be replaced?
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Hello Nellie - The magnets in your underlay will last a lifetime. Other components like the cotton or wool however will undergo normal ageing from wear and tear. I would suggest that if the materials look like they are nearing the end of their life - and you will be the best judge of that - it may be time to consider replacement. Hope that helps.