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Nu Shape

Latest review: Extremely professional, always fresh great tasting, great variety of food, better portion sizes than other similar companies and (as long as you don't snack on other foods at home that hasn't been

Nicorette QuickMist

Latest review: This feels like spraying acid in your mouth Jesus it stings. I can’t use it due to this. Wish I bought a single before dropping 60 bucks on 2. If your addicted to pain this might be worth a t

Band-Aid Plastic Strips

Latest review: Unlike the similar product in the range (Blister Block), this band-aid is surprisingly useless, particularly for its relative high price to other band-aids. The padded area is on the small side, it

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

Latest review: I read this book 12 years ago a friend gave it to me I was a non believer so I read it to prove her wrong but I was wrong I gave up smoking and have never smoked again 17 th August 2006 at 5 o’clock i

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser

Latest review: Worked really well the first 6 nights we ran it. Then after 6 nights it made a gurgling bubble sound and customer support don't answer or return my voice message.. I'm really not sure if it's safe to

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

Latest review: I have bought 4 in the last 5 years, one stopped being effective one lasted about 12 months and the others tripped the safety switch and became useless. Even if you exchange them you will be

Mozzigear Mosquito Click

Latest review: Works tried everything else this is worth the money. Totally recommend to all sensitive mossie bite reactors. won’t use any creams or spray again. Swelling went down within 4 h

QuitX Patches

Latest review: I did smoke about 30 a day. for 40 years. From day one using the QuitX patches, now 19 days later i dont feel like a smoke. The first week i didnt feel the need to smoke but went to grab for one,

Orgone Energy Generator Geoclense

Latest review: Once mobiles and internet became a common part of our lives, I noticed that I was feeling more tired and scattered. I started looking around for different ways to start reducing EMFs. Tried a few

Accu-Chek Strip-Free Mobile System

Latest review: Just received Accu-chek from diabetes care nurse. I've used about 1.5 cartridges and I'm getting about 15% - 20% test failure rate. Totally frustrated, and am going back to older Freestyle Optimo

Nicabate 24 Hour Patches

Latest review: I was using another brand & they were great but my chemist suggested Nicabate so I purchased a 28 pack. I'm really sorry I did, they are not as good as the other brand I was

TAAV Vaporaire

Latest review: I don't like this product. I crushed the cleaning tablets because they don't fit through the grill. I noticed mould on the base but because it's a sealed unit I can't get to the mould to clean it. I

Accu-Chek Performa Nano

Latest review: Battery life on mine is extremely bad (goes through batteries in about a week). I recently recieved a Medtronic 640G insulin pump and it came with a monitor, its a complete opposite to the

Nicabate Mint Gum

Latest review: Switched to Nicabate today. I can't open the damn stuff! When I finally got one open, after destroying about 5 of them using a chainsaw, hammer, drill, cold chisel, heel of my boot, I was pleasantly

Accu-Chek Performa

Latest review: I had the same experience just now I tested three times one after an other and every time there was different results. I bought this machine few days back it's like I burnt may

Omron HEM-7130

Latest review: the ease of use is very good no explanation needed buttons and screen perfect and batteries for self contained no messy wires, nice clean easy to read blood pressure

Omron HEM-7320

Latest review: I have the NZ version (7322). Been very impressed with the unit. I bought it after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and does a great job. Battery life is very impressive as use it every day and

Eucryl Smokers Tooth Powder

Latest review: Eucryle original tooth powder is exactly the same as the previous ' eucryle smokers tooth powder'. However the freshmint formula is not. It is designed for daily use whereas the original is 2 to 3


Latest review: I purchased one about ten years ago, as I was entering an Oto showroom and was highly recommended by another visitor who was a chef and had been suffering from elbow pain. Since a few years ago, the

Air Essential Lifeline

Latest review: Seems very accurate. Comes with everything included such as good instructions, an adjustable armband, a/c adapter, soft case and computer software. This is unlike many of its competitors. Caters for

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