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BioMagnetic Pure Cotton Magnetic Underlay

BioMagnetic Pure Cotton Magnetic Underlay

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Cannot do without it!

This is my third purchase of the Natural bioMagentic Underlay. I originally purchased this product over 12 years ago, and found it so effective in relieving aches and pains, that I bought a second one for my daughter. My cover of my original one started to get a bit worn, and after 12 years of faithful service, I decided to send it on its way and purchase a new one. In between getting rid of my old one and buying the new, I was without my underlay for a a few weeks, and I could not believe the difference without it! All those aches and pains that I never noticed while I was sleeping on it, all came back with a vengence! I couldn’t wait to receive my new one, and since I have had the underlay back on my bed, I am sleeping well again and waking up refreshed! I would definately recommend this product - especially if you are getting older (like me) - I will never be without one on my bed again - if I can help it!

On my second one!!!

I just ordered my second underlay as the first had worn through after 7-8 years of loyal service. The replacement cost about $200.00 and as I see it, that's about eight cents a night to sleep well and not need surgery....

OK, in the beginning I thought, "My osteoarthritis isn't too bad, so, although it's an expensive underlay if it doesn't work, it's not too bad for the quality".

I then slept comfortably for the next 7-8 years not really sure how much it was doing for me. About three months ago I took my old underlay off the bed and discarded it as it had worn through. Last week, I booked in with an orthopedic surgeon for hip replacements, as my condition has deteriorated sooooo much during the last three months. So, now I've remembered to replace my underlay, I'll be keen to see how well it works this time, but; I'm betting I'll be ringing to cancel the surgery!

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I have cancelled surgery... These things really work. I'm not sure why, but they do

Sound Sleep for a Workaholic

Sitting at a desk for a 12 hours a day is a sure way to accumulate your fair share of aches and pains. the BioMagnetic underlay is great for soothing those aches and pains. I have been using it for over 10 years now! I can definitely say that I have no regrets.
I also recently moved cities and for the first month and a had a lot of trouble sleeping on the new bed until I finally put the underlay back on.
A wonderful product. I haven't had any problems with the magnets moving.

Also I remember when I was younger my mother, who was in a horse accident when she was younger, sometimes would nt be able to get out of bed because her back pain was so bad. She has not had this problem ever sine she started using BioMagnetic.

tried it. not for me.

I had one that i couldnt sleep on after 3 months as it scrunched up and the magnets all stuck together. Made the bed too hot as well. Tried to return it but they said they couldnt replace it as i may have washed it. Waste of $300.

expensive, doesnt work, warranty is non existant


Absolutely awesome product!! Have had it on the bed for about 18 months now, and my husband, who has suffered joint and back pain for many years can now get up quickly without stiffness or pain. We use it in conjunction with a full latex mattress, and no regrets!! Only problem is now I've found a couple of magnets have doubled up, obviously come free of whatever was holding them in place. Will be calling the company soon to find out what we can do to fix or replace it.
Comfortable, you can't feel the magnets at all!! AND IT WORKS!!
After 18 months and several washes, a couple of magnets have moved. Not sure if I've been washing it wrong or whatever, but have noticed a couple of doubled up magnets near my knees. Doesn't affect the effectiveness of the underlay though!!


its good to beable to get up of a morning feeling great because you have had a restfull nights sleep instead of geting up with aches and pains every where , i have had joint pain all over my body and have suffered with it for many years ,but now the relief i have had with biomagnetic underlay and you get relief almost straight away .oh and the underlay is very comfortable to sleep on .
i like the fact you can put it on the bed and the magnets stay in one place and dont wrinkle under you
it does cost a bit but well worth it

Can anyone help me with an answer. I have purchased a cotton underlay and have now been told if you have any steel in your body( shoulder replacement ) that will not work the magnets go straight to the steel. MargaretHi, Margaret Our apologies for taking so long to respond to your question. Craig, the founder and creator of bioMagnetic underlays has a lot of steel in his body (shoulders, legs and hips), all as a result of high-speed crashes sustained during his many years of professional motorcycle racing. In fact, it's because of his own results from magnetic therapy that he decided to begin making them! Of course, he sleeps on his underlay every night and the magnets are definitely not attracted to any of the metal he has in his body. I hope this answers your question. Please don't hesitate to ask more. Kind regards

Questions & Answers

Do bio magnetic underlays work on waterbeds?
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Although I’ve not used one on a water bed, from a science point of view, there is no reason why not. I’ve recently swapped from an inner spring to a latex mattress, and it seems unaffected. A water bed will have simmilar magnetic properties as a latex mattress.

Where do I get this product and what is the cost?
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From bio magnetic in australia direct. The cost is irrelevant, they are such good things and only just more than a standard underlay. Great value but I don't have the current $ figure.Hi all the info should be on this site (http://www.thenaturalgroup.com.au/pages/the-natural-biomagentic-australias-no-1-selling-magnetic-underlay) and I think you can choose from Cotton or Australian wool. The prices should also be on that site.Thank you

Can you tell me if you have steel in your body ( shoulder replacement ) that the magnets will not work as they go straight to the steel? I have just purchased a cotton magnetic one and would like to fell safe using it Margaret
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Hi! No, no metal here. However, if what you have is titanium, you should be fine. But maybe double check with your doctor to be on the safe side.