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Blackmores Bio C

Blackmores Bio C

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I'll Keep It Simple

Since beginning to take two of these tablets every day for the past five years, I have never experienced a bout of flu nor even so much as a cold. Only a couple of bouts of sniffles in that time. Before that, I got the flu every year as a matter of course. When winter approaches I increase to three tablets a day.

Purchased in January 2014 at Coles.

Excellent Product. Best Vitamin C on the market.

I'm basically a quiet guy and some times avoid loud conversations and laughter (sort of depressed) especially in the mornings. Using BIO C 1000g, it has helped me become more active and alert. I look, and feel more active and alert and I am able to take part in a super charged discussion.
I've been using Ascorbic Acid 500g for 6 years and just a year ago started using BIO C 1000g. It basically boosts my self esteem.
i have no side effects so far.

Purchased in June 2019 for $13.00.

Effective Within One day

itchiness will be gone

Allergy attacked on me lasts two months. itchiness and redness on my skin totally gone after I swallow this tablets. one tablet per day really helps. highly recommended. so far the price is quite cheap due to the promotion onGuardian drug store 2bottlesx150tablets + 1bottle×30tablets costs RM120.00. will consume till the end of the year!

Purchased in February 2019 at Drugscreen for $40.00.

Effective Within A week

Quite good

I started taking these vitamins and Q10 a few weeks ago after the sales people suggested it to me. I heard Vitamin C and Q10 work really well together, so I take them with normal water. So far no side effects affect on me.

Poision....makes me sick

I brought this to fix my immune system what ever extra ingredients they put in makes me sick each time I have one I usually love blackmores I wasted 28.00 want my money back

Looked up side effects of one herb it says you can get nausea yep ....and ive got stomach cramps very disappointed as im supised to have 5,000 mg for my ppyroles so be aware people ....

Tastes awful!

I can't speak to the effect of this vitamin C product as I have only been using it for a week, however, the taste of the Blackmores chewable vitamin C is horrible. It tastes very artificial and lingers long after you've chewed the last piece.
A colleague has recommended another brand and I will be trying those next time.

Prefect product!

I bought it because it is a chewable vitamin c, I like the chewable one butter than others. The blackmores chewable vitamin c tasted neither too sour nor sweet, and it is very useful for dental ulcer.

Amazing product

I started taking these vitamins a few years ago after my friend suggested it to me. I kept getting severe tonsillitis and the antibiotics had no affect on me anymore. I highly recommend this product. I don't get sick anymore. An amazing product I can't live without.

Have been taking this product for near on a year now and no coughs or colds

I started taking this product about twelve months ago, and since then have not had a single cough, cold or major ailment. I actually feel a I have a lot more energy and vigour and my hair and nails are also looking better (no split ends or broken nails) If anyone wants to start using a vitamin supplement, to help them to maintain optimum health, then I recommend that they start taking this product. The only downside to this product, is that the price varies from retailer to retailer, so if you are budget conscious, then I advise you to shop around.

Disastrous hair colour - how to fix it

I bought a so-called washout hair colour from Priceline. Girl told me it would wash out in eight washes. Nope. Disaster.

How to fix it? Can't be done in one treatment, nor two or ten!

However, it can be done gradually.

Use Blackmore's vitamin c powder which is a yellowish powder, shampoo and bicarbonate of SODA. So, the formula is: 2 or 3 tablespoons of shampoo (NOT Head and Shoulders - far too harsh), 3 teaspoons of Blackmore's Bio C and 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of SODA. Wet your hair with warm water and towel dry. Mix ingredients - they will froth. Comb this mix through your hair - quickly - catching drops and reapplying to your hair. Do this for 5 minutes, and then use 2 shower caps for about 20 minutes to cover hair and frothy mix.

Wash off in WARM water till water runs clear. Shampoo and condition in warm water.

It took many trials for me to find Blackmore's powder was the best.

Terrible Side Effects For People With A Weak Nervous System

I don't know what do they put inside this drug but just after 2 pills both me and my wife started to have a major headaches, and problems falling asleep. That is now lasting for a week and not sure when it will ease. People with a weak nervous system and sleep problems should avoid this drug!!

Hoping it does work

I have a lingering cold and cough for the past 5 weeks as I refuse to take anti biotics. There must be reason why GP recommends Blackmores brand, so now I'm on Bio C 1000. Paid $22 for a 150 tab, only time will tell if it does work at reducing the severity of a cold symptoms.

Incorrect labeling

I know it states no artificial sweeteners on the vitamin C chewables - but I can taste it!! Its been lingering in my mouth for over an hour now.

Not happy!


Every winter I boost my kids vitamin intake, and Blackmore's has made a delicious natural vit C tablet my kids enjoy taking, they don't seem to get colds, so I assume its working. I have to store them well out of reach though, as my seven year old son can't be convinced they aren't lollies and wants to eat more of them!
Stocked in most stores, great tasting, well priced, good quality product. My kids love to eat them!
My kids love to eat them! (They look and smell attractive, easily mistaken for lollies by little ones).

Overrated and Over Priced Product

Blackmores has some good products, but the Vitamin C, has the same contents as other branded Vitamin C products, this is overpriced, and quantity is small for its price, as your only paying for the Brand name...Has no different affects as others in cold & flu, skin health or immunity, or for any other use, wouldn't waste my money on this product, or for other Blackmores.

Expensive, Low Quantity Per Bottle.


My whole family takes Vitamin C, after my mum was told that it would help her skin repair itself quicker after she had some face treatments. She kept on using it for the other benefits (helping to prevent and reduce cold/ flu symptoms)afterwards and got the rest of the family into it too. I'm not really sure if it gives the benefit that it says it does.
It taste nice. I like how it is chewable.
It is a bit expensive I guess. Hmm perhaps it taste a little too good I have found myself taking it more often than recommended sometimes.


great way to take your daily dose and this is especially good for kids and those who like me hate swallowing large tablets
it is convenient to be able to take a fairly large dose of vit c in a pleasant tasting chewable format. i like the glass bottle and the fact that it is dark enough to protect its content from the light
i wish they didn't have to use synthetic colours and flavours. i also hate the caps that blackmoires use on their tablets and capsules and would much prefer some sort of screw top that reseals better


Overall I would have to say these are the best chewable Vitamin C tablets I have tried. They don't give a bitter aftertaste in your mouth and don't leave you with a belly ache after taking them. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a natural alternative to the artificially sweetened variety of chewable Vitamin C supplements.
Tastes delicious - almost like a lolly (!) I keep a jar beside my computer and have one at least once a day. Not too acidic like other supplements can be. No artificial sweeteners are added.
Perhaps as one other reviewer has said, that they are "addictive" - but that could also be a good thing ... right?


My kids actually liked to take them which is very hard to believe as they hate to take tablets I think they liked the taste the best. Especially my youngest child she would ask is it time to take the chew chew now.
My kids actually liked to take them
A little bit expensive


I love eating Vitamin C, I must admit that I dont particularly notice any benefits of taking Vitamin C. I have seen many studies that say its just a placebo and some that say its the best thing since sliced bread.
tastes good

Questions & Answers

The added ingredients make me sick whats in them poision wasted 28.00 I must be alergic to them and looked up sode effects of one and it say can csuse nausea very disappointed want my money back
2 answers
I would ask at the chemist as I don’t know.The chemist most probably won’t accept it back. Best option is to contacted Blackmores via email or call and they will either refund and authorise the chemist to reimburse you. You could always try half by breaking it.

If taken vitamin c 1000 tablets would that cause your legs to swell?
3 answers
i don't think so, unless you are taking so much it's toxic?I think if your legs are swelling you should see a doctor - pronto!Thanks for your reply. Am trying to find out why my Dads legs are swollen all of the sudden. He has added a couple of new medication in the last few months. The vitamin C is one of them. Will get him to visit his GP but at the same time searching each new medication for an answer. Thank you Liz.


Blackmores Bio C
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