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2.6 from 143 reviews

Ordered. Delivered. Love it !

Easy to navigate. Quick order process. Very reliable and they have more stock than any bottle shop - so it was cool to taste some new beers that Ive never tried before!

Alongside a great purchase of Ron Zacapa Rum and Hendricks Gin.

Will always be shopping at BoozeBud now as it comes straight to my door!

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Wrong beers, lost money, no reply

I ordered a 4 pack of the Pirate Life Mosiac IPA, they delivered a 6 pack of the Pirate Life Pilsner. This product is $8 cheaper. I emailed them about this on Wednesday, it is now Sunday. No reply.

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Amazing service, wide catalogue, and fun subscription service!

I'm not sure where all of these negative 1-star reviews are coming from - I've been using boozebud for 3 years and I've never had a bad experience with them. The only time I had an "issue" was when I ordered a 4-pack of a special-edition beer, but between the time I ordered it and my package being packed, the last 4-pack had been sold to someone else. I was contacted by Boozebud support the day following my order submission and I was explained the situation - They refunded me for that purchase, and then credited my account to apologise for not stocking that beer. A few weeks later I receive an email from them saying they received a new shipment of the beer and asked if I wanted a 4-pack set aside.
Amazing, top-quality service. Up there with Amazon level service.

Their catalogue of beers is phenomenal - So many I've never tried, or even heard of. I would personally like a wider selection of ginger beers, but that's a niche market.

Every year they offer Xmas advent calendars of beer. They're pricey, but they're a great selection of a wide variety of beers, from a wide gamut of companies. They're a great way to discover near beers, new breweries, and new styles of beer.

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Still now delivery

Ordered and paid for next day delivery between 1-6pm. Got a message at 530pm saying busy and will be delays. Have messaged 6 times since with no response, and no numbers to call. Now says it’s delivered when looking at the tracking but nothing here. Absolutely terrible/non existent customer service

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Great prices service & quick delivery

First time I've bought from them & although they didn't have the Orange Passionfruit Cruisers I wanted on their website they quickly got them in for me. $10 less a carton than I was paying in store with free fast shipping so I will be buying here again. 2nd order also quick shipping.

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Shipping is really fast.

Shipping was really fast for me. Order during the night and received next day. I am Sydney metro area. Packaging is really good. Cannot complain at all. Recommend 1st time buyers.

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Not bad

I bought something for myself over Christmas and my drinks came on time. Can't complain. Haven't ordered anything from them since, cus I usually get mine from Wool worths anyway.

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Easy good service and value for moy

I have had 3 orders delivered through boozebud on time responsive to orders can’t fault great value for money
Wouldn’t hesitate to order again
Highly recommend beer beer beer
Beer beer

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Everything was smooth

I ordered online for first time, it was smooth sailing, order was correct and I was happy with the service.

All alchohol was separated well and the prices were very reasonable.

I will likely order again.

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Good service, best prices, great selection

I can get rare/hard to find craft beer from Boozebud that I either can't find elsewhere or with the best prices I can find. Delivery can take a few days but I don't need the beer immediately so this doesn't bother me. In my opinion the prices make up for the wait. I've also purchased some nice whiskys from here with great prices (better than dan's)

Over the Christmas holidays I did experienced some issues with orders. Some things were missing and some things were delivered incorrectly. I reported the issue to their Customer service (through their website in my account, my orders) and received refunds for the incorrectly delivery items (meaning I got the incorrectly delivered items free) as well as refunds plus credit for the missing items. Can't argue with that - was able to get even more than I originally ordered as a result. So contrary to other reviews I would say their customer service is excellent. Mistakes were made but they have redeemed themselves in my eyes.

Since the holidays I haven't experienced any problems with orders so I assume there were just issues during the 'busy period'. They also frequently have specials (such as free delivery, 10% off, etc) that they send via email which makes their great prices even better.

Overall, it's the prices and the selection that keep me coming back.

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Prompt delivery but missing items

I ordered a selection of wines and selected next day delivery. Delivery was within the delivery window I selected, they stated that my items would be delivered in 2 seperate boxes. I got one large box instead with two of the most expensive wines missing. I bought three reds advertised as from 2014 but they delivered those from 2018. The only way to contact them is through emailing their customer service which doesn't even bother responding. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing...shocking stuff

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Hit and miss

The first order was short shipped. Was given a credit which was nice by Cust service. The second shipment arrived OK, although getting emailed about a discount deal while my order in transit is extremely disappointing.

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good service at a reasonable price - delivery was quick with no problems at all...

good beer would def recommend them to others as compared to uncle dan . go for it... awesome

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Joke ordering Peroni

First time trying to use boozebud. Tried to order a carton of Peroni. Simple order right? Wrong. Only had single stubbies available. What a joke. You only get one chance boozebud. Offer 15% discounts all you like, but if people can’t order a carton of very popular beer via your website, what use is your business

Great service

I live in the remote NT and the local prices just can't compare with Boozebud. Delivery times vary but this is expected and more to do with Australia Post i suspect. Occasional free delivery is a bonus. Keep up the good work!

Quick and Easy

Contrary to other reviews, I ordered on Wednesday afternoon and received my order Friday morning by Australia Post. Good price and service.

Great service and choice of products

Great service, good choice of products, prices good, as i cannot leave the house the delivery is great. Thank you! ANNE Bates

miss leading advertising

I have just bought 3 vouchers to buy beer, then you read the fine print.these vouchers suck the big one. Along with the none existent communication that you get with booze bud. I am not prepared to wait any longer than 90 seconds for the chat person to open up on the screen , this is where there direct you too when you want to contact them.

Give them a wide birth. service is not in there mantra

I am just going o put it down to a bad experience

Terrible Customer Service

As others have pointed out - they are good for small orders or when you are lucky to receive your order on time. The problems start when things go wrong and you have to interact with their terrible customer service.

I didnt have any problems with my first 2-3 orders and then I ordered multiple items during holidays .which were shipped separately. One of the parcels which had most no of items got delayed - and after chasing boozebud for days they came back and asked me to contact Auspost. When I contacted Auspost , they said I have to contact Boozebud as they are an account customer. After 20 days - they finally accepted that Auspost have lost the parcel and they will send the credit back to my account. The prices were jacked up again after holidays with no discount vouchers, so I asked for the refund back to my credit card. They surprisingly said yes, then transferred only 70% of the amount to my card without providing any reasoning. Still struggling to sort it out.

I would stay away from them - enough retailers on ebay providing better service.

Great deal

Hopped on a great holiday deal i found before NYE and was ordered on xmas eve and arrived on the 27th with no fuss at all. Very pleased with everything about it

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Questions & Answers

How long does delivery take for the Kingsford/Daceyville srea?
No answers

How do I track my order?
2 answers
When you complete your order through the web site, Boozebud sends you an email confirming all of your order details and within the email there is a "Track my Order" link. Open this link and it allows you to track you order.You can't until they give you tracking order. Which with this company they can't give as they don't dispatch until weeks later. Yes they will blame aunt post but that's a lie as they haven't even got it to Australia post. Did you get delivery? If so when as I am waiting on mine nearly two weeks with no tracking no as haven't been dispatched.

I received a $30 discount for my first order. But only after I had paid and couldn’t get back in. How do I contact? How do I get my $30? If I don’t get it I’m going straight back to Dan Murphy’s. Not happy at the moment.
No answers

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