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Breville Multi Measure BSK200

Breville Multi Measure BSK200

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TonyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Terrible battery usage - had to hack it to make it last longer.


Purchased for A$50.00.

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TheoSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Eats batteries then dies


Learnt lesson to remove batteries as it seems to suck them dry even when the unit is off. Died after very little use and seemed to misbehave every time i inserted the batteries. Bought new batteries again but, its dead Jim.

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Really like them, except for battery usage.


I've had no problem with accuracy or other problems mentioned in reviews. My only problem is same as everyone's and that is the extreme battery usage. I'm an electronics guy so I added a power switch and now it's fine. It uses up the battery by sitting in standby all the time. The battery cover is useless and falls off all the time too.

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Johnny Gilbert

Johnny GilbertGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Terrible battery life


These scales require 2x CR2032 batteries (the ones about the size of a 10 cent piece). They are a terrible choice of battery for anything larger than a watch as they have a poor shelf life. I only use the scales occasionally, but every time I've gone to use it the batteries are dead, so I have to go out and spend another $5 on 2 little batteries. They should have used AA or AAA batteries. Not worth the money.

Purchased at Noel Leeming Physical store.

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DRoseAdelaide, South Australia

  • 25 reviews

Eats up batteries


I have had these scales for 5-6 years and they were ok for a few years but then the batteries had to be replaced much more often, the tare became unreliable and almost never stayed at 0 when recalibrated. I knew the scales were useless when I'd get very different readings for same quantity!

Purchased at The Good Guys for A$70.00.

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fusion13South East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Great little unit


It works fine - read the instructions through because its got some great features that once you work them out you’ll start to use and appreciate them. The metric/ounces converter is so helpful with American or older recipes. Ditto the volume/weight converter.

Purchased in August 2019 at I bought it secondhand .

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John Bertacco

John BertaccoVictoria, 3942

Most disappointing


When turned on via Power button display shows 0 then 1 and then 2.001kg. Not possible to make a weighing.
The temperature display is accurate.
When pressing ZERO , DISPLAYS SHOWS 0 g followed by 2.000 kg and then 1943. These figures alternating.
Cannot be used. Originally it worked well, but suddenly developed the above irregularities.. Does consume battery power. Replacement often.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Unfortunate purchase - fluctuating


I'm not sure why Breville would put out a product that does not do the task designed for well..
these scales fluctuate from before you put anything on them. crazy

Date PurchasedMay 2017


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Great, accurate & reliable scale. Easy to clean.

Date PurchasedApr 2015
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Waste of money


There seems to be no way of recalibrating these scales. Mine current read 452g with a 100g weight on it. Beyond useless. Maybe I'll use it to serve sushi on instead

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Poor battery performance


The unit has poor battery performance. The batteries are flat after 7 months, with energizer brand, even if the unit has little or no use. Also appears to read about 15% high.

Date PurchasedDec 2011

KitySouth Australia

  • 4 reviews

Very disappointed


The scales take too long to start up, then the batteries don't last long and now the weighing just gets more and more inaccurate. I need scales so that my cooking portions are correct. Will need to buy another scales. Will throw the Breville scales out.



Complete waste of money


Do not waste your money. I was given these scales as a gift otherwise would be returning the scales to the shop. Batteries life chewed up fast and they are the expensive type.


RossMPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews

Chews up batteries - do not buy this item


Ditto for all previous comments made. Absolute joke and when you want to use it the batteries are flat. Do not buy. Wished I had read the reviews before purchase.

Do not waste your money


Used for about a week before the display stopped working. Tried replacing the batteries after reading how bad it burns through them and still no change. Waste of time and money.

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Peggy B

Peggy BCanberra

  • 3 reviews

Only just okay but no champion


I'll be replacing this scale soon. It's slow to start up—I can live with that. It chews through the batteries—I can live with that too. But way too often it doesn't weigh accurately—and I can't live with that. I'm a bread maker and weights are critical. I bought a scale to help me, not drive me crazy. This one is frustrating some of the time, but not always.

Inefficient design


This is a poor design. The batteries (the expensive lithium cell type) I found need replacing every couple of months, and I would only use it a couple of times in that period. In addition, the design of the battery compartment makes it really difficuilt to replace them, and I quickly threw out the slide cover as it kept on coming off every time I picked up the scales. Scales still work fine, but I'm throwing them out to buy another set which will save me money in the long term.



  • 7 reviews

Ditto all the other comments about battery life


Do not buy these scales unless you want to kill the planet with the amount of batteries you use. I don't use these scales often so was horrified at how quickly the batteries run out with minimal use. I now take the batteries out after each use.

I hate waste but even I've been tempted to replace them with better scales.

Any of the good qualities are overshadowed by the battery issues.



  • 5 reviews

Poor Battery life


Not a bad set of scales but cannot justify the expense of replacing the batteries every few months. Who makes a battery powered set of scales that consumes batteries when it is switched off for goodness sake? You could blame the fact it is made in China but for the statement on the back proudly stating that it was engineered in Australia. Got this for free with another appliance so can't complain about the price but really, is it that hard to get the battery life sorted?
Looks good
Inhales batteries.


michaelemeryPalmerston North, 4410, NZ

  • 8 reviews

Painful start-up and terrible battery life

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How to change scales from ozs to grams

No answers
David M.

David M.asked

hi what batteries does this model take thanks, Dave

1 answer

CR2032 lithium batteries. They are expensive but never buy cheap Chinese batteries as they stuff up the electronics and only last a week or two.

Donald S.

Donald S.asked

how to recalibrate !??

3 answers

It should recalibrate when you push the unit button to measure mls, ozs or grams. Push the zero button (tare function) to get the weight of an ingredient and push again to get the weight of each additional ingredient. When you remove the weighing dish & ingredient, the scales will return to zero.

Donald S.
Donald S.

add 500 gm butter says Err zero add extra 500 gm butter Err remove 500 gm butter reads 0 remove 2nd 500 gm butter reads Err ?? Donald


Change the batteries. My scales went haywire when batteries were dying.

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Price (RRP)69.95
Release dateJan 2011
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