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Breville Multi Measure BSK200

Latest review: It works fine - read the instructions through because its got some great features that once you work them out you’ll start to use and appreciate them. The metric/ounces converter is so helpful with A

Soehnle Page

Latest review: Easy to use and keep clean. Small, so doesn't take up much room in my kitchen cupboard. Always accurate which is what I need as I love baking. I have never had a bad experience with this brand Always

Tanita KD- 810 / KD- 811

Latest review: I have been battling on with the old style scale forever. Then I noticed the contestants on Masterchef seemingly adding ingredients to a bowl willy nilly. I then realised they were using digital

Avanti Art Deco Add & Weight

Latest review: Love the style and the looks of the whole device. The size of the machine is enough to weigh reasonable sized packages and foods. will stick with this brand for a while A great kitchen scale it has a

A & D HL-WP Series

Latest review: I love this portable scale that I purchased a few years ago now. It's always accurate and I can easily wash it under the tap when it gets egg/flour etc on it. It doesn't take too much room in my

Propert Slimline Glass Digital

Latest review: Was given these scales as a much needed gift having gotten in to bread making & baking a lot more. They are fantastic, easy to clean, easy to deal with when your hands are covered in dough! Only

Tupperware Bake 2 Basics Kitchen Scales

Latest review: easy to use when cooking and baking, light weight and easy to set, don't have to worry about batteries and things like that going in the middle of a baking sessions. Nice looking and also really

Tanita KD-177 Digital

Latest review: I have owned this set of scales for at least 4 years, and overall I am satisfied with the product. It can take up to 2kg of weight. It has a large display screen and is easy to clean. It has a tare

Typhoon Vision

Latest review: They are accurate, reliable and easy to use. It is easy to navigate between units and cover imperial and metric. The original batteries have so far lasted over a year and I use them

Tanita KD-160WH / KD-160BK

Latest review: This scale measures in 2g increments, which is fine for the home cook. I do find the auto turn off can be a bit of a pain, as when I'm adding ingredients it turns itself off, which negates the add

Kenwood Digital DS700

Latest review: a nice little set of scales with a great look ,works well, eats up the batteries but so do most of them, pretty good value for money very stylish accurate use batteries quite

Breville Little Genius BSK500

Latest review: I bought this scale as it has a very quick response time when pouring items that I'm weighing - there's still a lag but much less than other kitchen scales I've owned. However after a year I

Joseph Joseph Shell

Latest review: The biggest problem is the small bowl size, it is just not big enough to measure out more than 300-350 g of flour at a time.They are hard to pick up, a bit light weight, cheap plastic feeling and

Salter 71035SSDR

Latest review: Was good when first bought, but only lasted a couple months... literally. Tare function refused to work, and scale registered 1g or 2g when turned on. Tried to reset & change battery, but of no

Soehnle Cuisina

Latest review: Very easy to use. tare or reset function keeps weight registered for long enough to gather other ingredients. But, after about 12 months of use, the weight measured is off by 20- 25%. (tested with

Beurer KS27

Latest review: Worst scales ever! I turn the unit off to save the battery. Still batteries only last 3-4 days - yes DAYS! Absolutely

Accura Aquarius

Latest review: Worst kitchen scales I have ever owned. Will not change units, will not set into a unit ie ozs, pds grams or kilos. Have never worked properly. Sorry they did once when the battery was going

Salter Aquatronic Kitchen Scales 3013 SSSVDR

Latest review: Inaccurate and after warranty chews through cell batteries every week to two weeks. Not worth the price. You are better off spending $15 at Kmart. Big disappointment for the

Ripe Reflection Glass Kitchen Scale

Latest review: The scales look pretty but otherwise poorly designed and cheaply made. Of particular annoyance are the touch buttons that are very finicky and the scales not entirely flat so rock slightly each time

Salter 71004

Latest review: We got this as a wedding present and I'm very disappointed. I have found it to be incredibly inaccurate. I have weighed a number of items multiple times and have found the weight differs each time.

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