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Brother HL-3150CDN

Brother HL-3150CDN

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Recycling Brother printer and other brands printers ...

It has been an established fact that European manufacturers have to take back the goods they produce such as packaging; car parts; printers and computers and so on. Cartridge World takes back one empty cartridge if you purchase a new cartridge. Ink station does not want to know about empty cartridges and suggest that you return them to Planet Ark via Australia Post. That is passing the cost to others. I would have thought that expensive cartridges such as produced by Brother for colour and black and monochrome printers could be refilled by the manufacturer and thus reduce the cost of manufacturing. It seems that these organisations do NOT care about recycling and land fill and pass the problem of responsible disposal to the customer and local councils. Governments have to pass legislation that manufacturers take back the goods they produce, where possible, and make them recycle them at their cost. I bet that in no time Brother and others fall over themselves to take their goods back and refill the cartridges and REDUCE the retail price by at least 45%. I suggest that manufacturers place a return at their cost sticker on the packaging so that consumers just go to the Post Office and hand them in. Problem solved? Pass this on to others if you agree. Looking forward to some action as I have now 16 Brother laser printer cartridges sitting in my garage.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Wireless not working on This printer

I purchased this printer because it was a Laser Colour printer and that it is Wireless.

The WLAN option isn't even in the User Interface. So I'm not sure how the so called WIFI ready option is supposed to work,
but i wouldn't recommend buying one if you need it for wireless printing like i did.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

As good as a printer can get.

It’s often said that alongside vacuum cleaners, there’s no such thing as a good printer. While both these things have rung true for myself at various times, I can finally say I have a printer that prints what I need without any trouble. Granted, I only use it for black and white documents, but for that purpose alone it does just fine.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Started off ok, but print quality degrades

The printer was fine initially but over time (less than 4 years, total pages printed just over 2000) the print quality has degraded to the point where I am looking at replacing this printer. The quality issue may be in part due to using third party toner cartridges, but I use popular brand units from one of the big ink stores here. The main reason for using non-Brother toner cartridges is that OEM cartridges are just too expensive, like they are for most printer brands.

But I don't think that is a huge factor as my previous printer, a Kyocera, was fine on this same brand, so either the Brother printers are finicky about their toner, or the printer overall just degrades over time. The drum, belt and fuser units all have remaining lifetimes of more than 80%, so none of those should be a problem.

Overall, while the printer has worked as expected, the loss of print quality (faded colours and lots of vertical banding) has put me off Brother printers, might be back to Kyocera again...

Date PurchasedNov 2013

So far so good but not 5stars

Print quality is ok sometimes it's abit out of whack , I didn't know I was sold a black and white printer given we live in this technology driven world I would have though I would have gotten a colour printer considering the amount I spent over $250 also salesmen told me ink cartridge would be a lot cheaper then the normal printers that's why I opted for laser but ink cartridge cost me $74 last week ;-((( not happy jan !

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Simple and works

For me, I plug this printer in via USB, press print, and it works. Every time! It works with a Win 7 desktop, my Win 10 laptop and my partners Mac. We don't use the network features so I can't comment on that. For us it is a printer we turn on, plug in and within 20-30 seconds have a color document. It hasn't skipped a beat and what inspired my review is that it was only $120 for a 4 pack (third party) and they work perfectly.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Quality OK but too much hassle

This printer is way too much hassle to maintain - I wouldn't buy another one. I would estimate that every second time I print I have to take the cartridges out due to jammed paper or some other error. Tried different brands of paper but nothing works. My wife has given up using it because she can't be bothered having to troubleshoot every time. Also prone to marking the paper with spots or lines.

Brother build quality printer — expensive for home when using manufacturer brand toner

I purchased a Brother Colour Laser Printer [HL-3150CDN] as new at the reduced retail price of AU $150 about two years ago. It continues to operate as per the manufacturers instructions and produces fairly good copy on normal A4 paper for text and graphics especially when using the Brother banded toner supplied with the machine. As I find the brand toner cartridges too expensive for domestic use I have only used generic brand toner since the original toner ran out.

It is not advisable to use cheap A4 paper in this machine which I did for a while as I was given a ream of paper of dubious quality but this paper came out after the printing process with corrugations and creasing and showing signs of distortion by the heat used in the machine for the printing process.

The machine has operated trouble free in its own right but I was considering reverting to solely using the Brother Ink Jet Printer that is also installed as a printer on the home network mainly due to a reduced demand for copy since I no longer produce a newsletter for a not for profit community group and the expensive outlays for new toner etc.

The generic toner worked adequately when there was regular demand for printing but in the last 6 months the copy began to be very 'streaky' and lacked density of colour in all tones. The supplier said the poor quality of copy was because the cartridges were near empty and needed replacement.

But I decided to put the cartridges apart and found out the problem was toner caking on the metal guide the assists in coating the rubber roller that transfers the toner to the drum form printing [ at least that's how I think it works] There was plenty of toner left in all pigments but the cartridges had been in service for 18 months and the caking may have occurred due to lack of use of the machine.

I have since purchased another generic brand of toner and so far so good.

Works Well, But you need to use generic toner

Bought this printer to for the production of small sized (a5/a4) chartlets in both colour and black and white
For $197 it was pretty much the cheapest colour laser printer on the market, however the genuine brother toner
is around $110 per cartridge (takes 3 colours and a black). You can get a 5 pack of tonne (2 black and 1 of each colour) from ebay for around $80.

Printer comes from the factory with half filled tonner cartridges which lasted surprisingly long for the amount of printing that i was doing.

Be aware though that it is actually cheaper to buy a second one of these and take the parts out of it (e.g waste tonner cartridge and drums etc).

It prints fast and is reasonably efficient in both colour and black and white.

I was happy enough with the printer that when i had finished the job, i bought the HL-3170CDW (same printer with wireless functionality) for my home.

Affordable, but that's about it

it has a misleading packaging saying wireless - it turned out the manual does not match what feature the printer has. it has no wlan option. it was on special so i considered myself lucky for a beginner. good printing result as it is my first color laser printer, takes little more time for the feeling to sink in. when the cartridge runs out, i will throw away this machine

A real pain to use.

Prints well, but goes to sleep and won't wake on demand. Have to turn off then re-start. A real pain to use.
Support from Brother is pretty useless.
Programming for setting options is dismal and the screen is hard to see. Poorly lit.

Good quality prints, but a money pit to operate.

This laser printer mainly caught my attention as it was very affordable for a duplex laser colour printer. It doesn't have any fancy other features; no USB or memory card slots, only a single display and limited buttons. It also is a fairly slow speed on duplex mode, producing 4 double sided sheets a minute.

My motivation for buying a printer was as an alternative to utilizing a professional printing service. Based on the estimated page yields of the cartridges, I expected to get my printing done with only replacing the toner cartridges once. Combined with buying all my paper, the cost was supposed to come in about half of getting OfficeWorks to print it for me.

However Brother's published page yields are ridiculously off. It was supposed to be up to 1,400pages for colour and 2,500 for B&W.

Instead I got 500 pages of B&W text, and only about 80 pages of colour.

If only Brother toner is used, it would have ended up costing me the same as paying OfficeWorks to print it. I switched to generic toner, and that brought the cost down abit so I was slightly ahead, but Brother clearly plans to sell the printers cheap, then gouge on toner.

In summary: Avoid this printer. It prints excellent quality, but the cost makes this a terrible option.

Good quality printing
Easy to setup
Cheap to buy the printer itself.

Very poor yield from the toner cartridges
Slower print rate than expected
Curls all paper, even paper for colour laser printing
Hard to use control panel on unit
Good quality printing, Easy to setup, Cheap to buy the printer itself.
Very poor yield from the toner cartridges, Slower print rate than expected, Curls all paper, even paper for colour laser printingm, Hard to use control panel on unit

Questions & Answers

Can this printer scan?
1 answer
No it is not a scanner. I have a separate scanner. Ink yet printers usually have a copy and scan function. Thank you for asking.

Hi The printer message says out of ink. Its only the colour ink which is out. But I only want to use it as a black and white is that possible
1 answer
Thank you for the question MXT. You cannot change to another colour in other colour slots because it has a little coded points for that colour on it. I have tried but it does not work. It may be cheaper to buy a monochrome printer instead of wasting money on expensive colour cartridges. Sometimes a special for $48.00 at printer shops is available.

Hi, who can help? I got printer HL 3150 CDN, that is lazer colour printer, it is more than 2 year old now. Problem is error light goes up, message: need clean toner waste. I clean it as follow instruction manual on the net. But after install it back, it has same problems. Please who can help? Many thanks Linh
2 answers
The waste toner box is designed to be a consumable item on these printers that when full is meant to be replaced with a new item. But having said that I managed to empty the used toner out of one - a rather messy process - but for it to work even after emptying all the waste toner it is necessary to reset a mechanically operated sensor inside the waste toner box otherwise the printer will still think the box is full. Also prior to taking the above action I replaced the original box on another occasion with a new unit and the printer refused to operate. The original warning message to replace the box was still on the display on the printer and I couldn't see anything in the operation manual to show how to cancel the message so I resorted to turning off the power supply at the wall outlet and left it off overnight and rebooted the printer - this seemed to work.Many thanks for your answer, better buy a new waste toner box. Linh


Brother HL-3150CDN
Price (RRP)$199
Printer TypeLaser
Wi-Fi CompatibleNo
Cloud PrintingNo
Print from PhoneYes

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