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Brother MFC-9140CDN

Brother MFC-9140CDN

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Very good when it's not playing up

I have had this printer for a number of years and overall am very happy with it. However, nearly three years into owning it the fuser unit malfunctioned, with 91% life remaining. This was an absolute pain to get fixed, with me having to take the large printer to an authorised repair service centre and leave it for several days, but it was fixed under warranty.

In the last year or two, it has constantly come up with errors saying "Drum", the fix for this is to run the wire back and forth over the cartridges. However, this is incredibly irritating, as it may take five or six attempts before it begins to print. The drum units still have plenty of life remaining in them, and I am not about to replace them this early in their life.

The cost of toner cartridges is expensive, with it costing me around $500 to replace them all at once, although this can be even more expensive if you go through Officeworks or similar. I am only using genuine toner cartridges as I have had problems in the past with compatible ones and it just isn't worth the money if it causes your print outs to be poor quality with smudging.

I am quite a high home printer user, up to 10,000 pages of printing now. If I was using inkjet, I would have spent much more money on printing, but the outlay on cartridges is high. I buy the high yield ones and the quality of printing is good. It can take some time to get going, but the features of this printer including automatic duplex and web printing is useful. I scan to Dropbox with ease.

Apart from some issues, it's a great printer. I do get very frustrated when the errors come up, but so far I have been able to deal with them.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

About 5 years brilliant service

Super happy after several tens of thousands of pages of printing - never had a problem but finally telling me it needs a new drum Many many changes of cartridges no other issue. Will buy the same or the replacement model as it has been faultless until it has now reached the end of its economic life

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Noisy and bulky but high quality prints

I've had this for over four years and never had a problem. It's easy to set up and connect, is reliable, and prints are crystal clear. Pretty cost effective too as you can use generic cartridges which are much cheaper, unlike some brands like Epson and HP which tweak the devices so you can only use original ones.
My only beef (small details really) is its incredible noisiness, long wake-to-print time and that it won't print if colour cartridges are out. And it's massive :)

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Average printer

I've had this printer since 2014 now. The features and operation of the printer are fine. I just ordered some replacement toner cartridges (x4 - one for each CMYK) off eBay for $50, so I guess that's ok. My main issue is the print quality and colour reproduction which I found to be very average. I've tried recalibrating it and using different presets, but hasn't seemed to make that much difference. I was getting better colour and quality from my old inkjet printer I replaced with this.
If you could give half-stars I would have given it 2.5.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Great replacement for my broken MFC-9120CN

In the beginning of December I needed to change a printer cartridge, and possibly I wasn't paying total attention (my wife says everything is my fault and she can't be wrong) and somehow tried extracting it before the drum had retracted properly. I've been doing these things for almost 30 years as part of my profession. The cartridge stuck fast, so I closed it as best as I could and covered it to prevent light entering. Then early January I was getting very frustrated not being able to print or scan (I don't use the fax facility). I loved the old one but when I considered what it might cost to repair, I bit the proverbial and ordered a new one from GetBrother.com.au. That was 10 January. It was delivered on 12 January, probably because I explained my withdrawal symptoms to the supplier. I unpacked, and set it up before nightfall and had it working that night.
I have used it every day since and it's a dream. With the old one double sided was manual, so sometimes if paper adhered somehow together in the out tray, the pages went out of sequence and another attempt had to be made with lots of wasted paper. Double siding is now fully automatic and delivers so quickly it seems impossible that it could perform so well. If I want to have a heavy card printed, there's a facility for straight through without having to curl to deliver back to the front, it's facilitated by simply opening a cover at the back, so the paper/card flies out of the back. Scanning was easy with the old one, but somehow the speed of this one is so much faster, it seems easier, so we're about to become paper-less, we will be scanning everything that we've held onto over the years, and that's quite some paper archive and then we'll become ultra efficient and scan every document arriving, onto disk. I've already started that process with our cars' service and purchase records, which will give the shredder something to do after I've enforced a backup process on a secondary hard drive.
If you are in the business of thinking about a new printer, do yourself a favour and get the Brother MFC-9140CDN. I don't believe you'll regret it.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Printer great - product support even better

I had trouble setting up the scanner. After trying all the things in the manuals (which are actually pretty crap), I contacted support, who suggested a reload of drivers. That didn't work, so they teed up a time and came on line, with my permission, at the appointed time, and fixed it in 10 minutes flat. They were on the phone as well, and tidied up my printer settings perfectly. It was a great service. The issue had been a redundant Dell folder by the way.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


Use this printer at home for every day work and school projects for the kids, works fine, but does leave black spots on my print outs not sure why?!! Over all it is an OK PRINTER would recommend for home but not for a company. The re-fills are quite cheap when bought online

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Leaves dents and ink marks on page

Most expensive printer I have ever bought. Goes through expensive ink quickly, leaves a permanent ink mark on 3 spots of the page and now leaves a dented column down the left side of the page. Don't use it that often, going back to a Cannon as this one is a major con!

Embossing fault annoying

I have had my 9140CDN now since late may 2014, so just under 2 years. I run a small business and print letters and invoices. I have LOVED the printer up until now. Now the paper is embossed heavily down the left hand side (as you look at it) and I have tried the 'fix' on the Brother Troubleshooting page. I am really annoyed that now I am going to have to buy a new printer as I bought it from Dick Smiths and they are going out of business. Please fix this issue Brother.
Lesley Thomson

Problem similar to Hanks of embossed mark on paper - how to fix

Updated Nov 2016: After about 18 months with this printer and light use, we are getting an embossed mark on the paper when we print out. I searched the internet and found the official Brother remedy which did not work; I then did more searching and found people's comments that it meant a damaged fuser roller whose surface has a fault. and that its cause is apparently from using non-Brother ink cartridges. It is a Brother design feature that impacts not only our MFC-9140 but also MFC-9330 and MFC-9340 printers
(Do an internet search on: fix it fast brother fuser problem)
We only use this printer for domestic use so I tried to run with the problem but over 9 months since my original review it got worse and worse with use and the printer was basically unusable. So I decided to try to fix it and here is how I did it.
Only if you are experienced at pulling mechanical things apart, then you can repair it like I did. I bought a new $80 AU fuser roller part from the firm you will find via the above search and installed it using Terry from Fix It Fast's 4 instructional videos on You Tube
Otherwise the options are either junk the printer or ask your local computer repair firm if they want to do the fix. This will probably add another $100 to the cost.
If you decide to do the repair, the first thing to do before buying the fuser roller part is to actually take out the fuser unit (via some hard-to-find instructions on the Internet) and check the scale of damage. Terry's video in part 2 or part 3 tells you when replacing the fuser roller part is a waste of time; your option is then to buy an entire new fuser unit at a cost of around $190 AU and install it.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

BrotherMFC printer repairs

Hi, I bought this machine in June 2014. Still having problems with inward fax receipt on a Telstra duet line. Other than everything has worked until March 2015 when I needed to replace the fuser assembly unit. This fault created 'embossing' on side of the paper. It was replaced under warranty. Now, 8 months later, the same thing is happening!! The repair clinic said it is a known issue with Brother and the poor quality parts they use. I am currently discussing direct with Brother to again repair under a 'warranty'. Replacement unit plus labour is the same cost as a brand new one. The printer repair clinic suggested a Fuji Xero 305df. Although some recent reviews of that aren't real flash. Will see you posted on progress with Brother.

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Update: Brother have agreed to replace the faulty unit under warranty as a goodwill gesture. Yippee! Hope this unit last longer than the last one.

Fantastic Laser Multifunction Centre

I have always dreamed of owning a laser printer - but the price was too high in the past. This is just amazing. I must admit, I use the scanner function way more often as I rarely need to print, but when I do print, I like it to be of high quality. Brilliant prints. Scanning is just a breeze - I love the ADF that works so well without jamming. The software provided is also top notch (finally a good replacement for the Microsoft Office 2003 scanning software that Microsoft decided to discontinue in their newer software). I absolutely love this printer - and for AUD 349 (was on special) I don't think you can get anything better. Scanning is very fast and so is the printing. Certainly beats the inkjet printers I've used before where the ink dries out after about six months! Interestingly, when I went to buy it, the salesman was trying to sway me towards getting an inkjet - so glad I stuck to getting the MFC Laser. Brother is an excellent brand too - I remember we had a Brother dot-matrix in the 1980s that lasted for ever!

Update 07/10/2015: Just to say that this machine is still absolutely awesome - I haven't had to change the ink yet (and it is over 15 months since I bought it) - and works perfectly. Scanning is a breeze and never jams. Best printer/multifunction I have ever purchased
Everything - but specially scanning function. Fast, clear and quiet printing and scanning.

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Still working very well with no issues. No regrets whatsoever.

excellent printer

This is just what I needed. It prints good enough. Scans very well and got fax too. I have it connected to my router thus it works as a WiFi printer for us. Drivers are good too. I needed a less intrusive driver software which would let me control what I want to do. Only downfall is when u scan & send ur documents directly to Google drive (using the drive plugin), it will produce very low quality PDF. No issues at all. The document feeder works beautifully.

Had it a month now

This is what I've found in relation to my home office.

1. It will not function properly on a dual line for auto answering of faxes/phone. My son has a home office and the same printer and he has the same problem.

2. You cannot set the print function to mono and 2 sided print. It will do one or the other not both.

Both these issues have been very frustrating but apart from that overall it's not too bad.

Excellent Value Printer

I purchased this printer late January 2014. I had an older HP 2605DN and an inkjet multifunction that it replaced. I went with a laser that could scan copy and print for use in my home office. I needed a printer capable of handling things like printing a small run of fliers or a hundred copies of items like quotation pro formas at a time.

It performed beautifully from the time I unpacked it and set it up. As per the other reviews it is difficult to unpack with just one person (although I managed by myself) ideally is a two person job and there is a bit of setting up required in ensuring that all of the packaging is removed before use. I have set it up as a network printer connected via ethernet cable to my wireless router. Everything prints wireless from the laptop and mobile devices in the house without a problem.

The print quality is reasonable in both colour and black. As the other reviews suggest, its not the machine to print the highest quality photos on. They come out grainy and often darker than they should. I have found manual feeding the printer with envelopes and thin card a little temperamental but aside from that no jams or other real issues.

Faxing works well, and the scanning capability is fast and efficient and probably my favourite feature of the the machine. The ADF works well - time will tell how long the rollers and pick up remain as good as they are but when scanning or copying more than a couple page document - it does it fast and easily. The software once installed (which did take a bit of time) is easy to use and probably the best printer software I have used. So if you are looking for a multi function laser printer for a home or small home office - with light regular use at a reasonable price, this one will do.

Recently started embossing pages, the repair was going to cost more than a new printer so in the end not thrilled with the high cost of parts ie a new fuser, or the useful life of the machine.
Good all round performer. Easy to use and set up.
Really needs two able bodied people to safely unpack it.

Exceeded my expectations

I had specific requirements when looking for a laser printer. For me, it needed to:
- print colour,
- print duplex (automatically print on both sides of the paper),
- have a built in scanner,
- work reliably,
- not take too long to warm up.
- be reasonably priced.
The Brother MFC-9140CDN met all these requirements.

The printer weighs nearly 20 kilos, and the carton in which it arrives is large and bulky. Two strong people will be required to carry it. It is also helpful to have two people to remove it from its packaging, which is extensive.

Once in place, the instructions about how to get everything going were clear and easy to follow.
There are lots of pieces of tape holding things together for transit that have to be removed before you use the machine. The toner cartridges have to be opened and inserted into the printer as per the instructions.
Installing the software on the Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers was easy, albeit a little time consuming.

I have no experience using it with a USB connection or as a wireless printer, but there were no problems using it on our wired ethernet network. All the network settings were applied by the printer automatically during the installation.

We were up and running within half an hour of bringing the printer into the house.

The printer is now about a month old. It doesn't get heavy use, but it is used a bit every day.
So far there have been no problems, and no paper jams. Only the manual-feeding tray (for thick paper, envelopes or other custom-sized paper) is a little fussy.
Print quality for text and graphics is excellent in colour or black and white.
print quality for photos is relatively poor, but that is usually the case for laser printers, and since we did not buy the printer for the printing of photos, this was not an issue for us.
If you want to use a laser printer to print photos, then you will need something with a much higher resolution, which will no doubt be a much higher price.

Power consumption in standby is less than 1 watt. And printing time from out of standby is less than 30 seconds.
Based on the cost of replacement toner cartridges and the number of pages one can expect to print from each toner cartridge (which can only be a rough estimate) the approximate cost of printing seems to be about 4 or 5 cents per black and white print and about 25 cents per colour print.

So far, there is nothing bad to say about this printer. I hope that reliability continues as the printer becomes older.
Easy to set up, short warm-up time from standby (less than 30 secs), low power consumption in standby, reliable, good quality print for text and graphics.
Heavy (nearly 20 kilos, needs 2 people to lift it), although good quality print for text and graphics, manual feed tray is a little fussy.

Just an update - 5 months later, the printer is still going well. No reliability problems. Still liking this printer a lot.Now a year later, still going well. I did print some labels, and some of the adhesive got stuck in the mechanism, causing little black dots to print. But I followed the online instructions on how to clean the roller on the offending toner cartridge, and it's now back to printing correctly again. Still enjoying the printer. Still reliable a year later.Just noticed that another reviewer wrote that it can not print mono and 2 sided, but I have often printed mono 2 sided, so I believe that reviewer was mistaken.

Great printer

I have never owned a laser printer before, but decided to go this way when our old inkjet died. It's quite a large machine for just a home printer, but it fits nicely sitting on top of our filing cabinet. The options for a laser printer that does colour as well were very limited, but we are very pleased we bought this model. Everything has printed beautifully, its not too noisy and it was really simple to set up and register.

The only con is that it does NOT come with a USB cable to connect it to the computer. Why, I do not know. We went back to the store and the sales assistant explained that some of these printers don't come with the cable. Nowhere on the box or even in the start up manual does it say you need to purchase it separately, so that was a bit annoying. The cable was about $15.
Efficient, easy to set up.
Doesn't come with a USB cable, you need to purchase it separately.

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Update: printer is still going strong. I've only had to replace the ink once so far which is surprising, but good! Still very happy we got this one.

Questions & Answers

I have had the printer for 4 years and it has worked wonderfully well. I am about to change internet provider and would like to know what I need to do to get the printer working on the new modem and wi fi network.
2 answers
I think it will change itself. We did nothing and it just worked !That sounds great. Will cross fingers as I move Ethernet Cable. Thnx for reply

Hello sir, can anyone tell me how to enlarge the picture when I'd card should place scanner. When do I get toner refill powder for brother mfc 9140 cdn. How do I take Xerox from brother mfc 9140 cdn.
2 answers
You can copy and hit enlarge and print it bigger You can scan it and copy paste to a document then enlarge it It will tell you when you need to replace the toner “ replace black toner “ will show on screen To xerox I guess you mean copy. Place original on screen and hit copyIn Australia I get new cartridges from the ink station

In the [PRODUCT DETAILS]'s [Wi-Fi Compatible], it has been denoted as [No]. Does it mean that this machines is not connectable to PC via [Wi-Fi] ?
No answers


Brother MFC-9140CDN
Price (RRP)$429
Printer TypeLaser
Wi-Fi CompatibleNo
Cloud PrintingNo
Multifunction FeaturesCopier, Scanner and Fax
Print from PhoneYes
Release dateSep 2013

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 4977766718097 and 4977766718783
  • MPN: BRO-MFC-9140CDN and LED-PRB-MFC-9140CDN

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