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Brother MFC-9330CDW

Brother MFC-9330CDW

MPNs: 35905224, BRO-MFC-9330CDW and LED-PRB-MFC-9330CDW
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Brother printer cartridges

Brilliant!!!Paid $42.50 with ebay for 4 cartridges and 1 cartridge costs nearly $100 in officeworks!! Works brilliantly, colour excellent, easy to fit, no problems at all and so far reliable

Purchased in July 2019 for $42.50.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ink Cartridge Longevity
Printing Speed

3+ yrs later and still going OK

Purchased in Jan 2016.
Total page count is about 4,500, so we do about 1,500 per year.
It does use more toner than expected, but you just have to avoid printing unnecessary crap.
Quality is good for documents and reports, but it's not a photo printer.
I have had to change one of the rear fuser rollers so far, which is surprising with the low page count we have. Otherwise just toner replacement.
A bonus is that the printer works well with linux - I use OPenSuse Leap, but it also support Ubuntu linux.

highish toner cost
unexpected rear fuser roller replacement. (2 stars for reliability)

Purchased in January 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ink Cartridge Longevity
Printing Speed

Not happy, you need to replace Toner as well as the drum kits that hold the toner cartridges - Expensive

Printed nicely for a while but when the toners needed to be replaced, I found out I needed to replace the drum kits that held the toners as well. This added hundreds $ to the cost of new toners.

They don't tell you about this when you buy Brother printers.

I'm not going to replace anything, just throw it out.

Purchased in June 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ink Cartridge Longevity
Printing Speed

Very Reliable

Purchased this printer 4 months ago. Easy to install and operate. A very solid workhorse with very clear and readable copies. The inital cartridge only allows for about 700 copies, but as I only use it at home that is no problem for me as my demands are limited. No problems with jamming to date

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very average MFC, short life and very expensive toners, basic user interface

Having generally heard good things about Brother laser printers, and having used Canon, Epson and HP for years, we had hope for this Brother machine.
Unfortunately it really missed the mark, has less capability, more expensive to run and lower quality than our last inkjet MFC.

Whilst the print quality isn’t bad, it isn’t the best either. It’s only really good for documents.
It does have good features generally speaking, but the user interface lacks innovation and easiest usability. The software and apps are outdated and limiting, and the interface on the machine isn’t always the simplest or nicest. It doesn’t have duplex scan despite having an automatic document feeder, which even cheaper inkjet MFC’s have.

What shocked me the most is that the toners ran out after 2 months with 870 pages, well short of the 2500 advertised. This is despite only printing general documents without photos. It’s then that I realised to replace the 4 Brother ink toners would cost over $450, which is MORE than what the machine even costs! Maybe I should just throw the machine out and start over each time the ink runs out.

They need to lift their game, with a number of better alternatives in the market. I doubt I’ll keep this machine longer than a year and go back to the brands I can trust.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Prefect printer, great copies

Bought it a year ago from june 2018 from gumtree for $280, wasn't going to pay $495 at the time. It worked well up until 6 mths ago when it started to print out bits of the fuser, i found a guy in gumtree that does repairs on fuser rollers for $80 came back fixed wasn't going to pay brother to fix it for $285. I buy toner from tonerstop and it been working perfectly after that.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Only got 2 and 1/2 yrs out of the machine

Not happy with this machine,I only got 30 mths use out of it and it has died (just after buying a whole set of new toners too). The touch screen has gone blank and is showing piano keys of all things.Prior to its total death it was not scanning to my laptop and the printer was getting flaky .

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Extremely disappointed

Bought the MFC9330CDW largely because of good previous experiences with Brother equipment. While the 9330 initially worked well, with reasonable quality colour prints, after the guarantee period had expired, it started to often shut down again immediately after start-up, and soon became completely unusable. Brother announced that the machine needed a new 'mother' board, which would cost most of the price of a new machine, and was therefore uneconomical to repair. The loss is quite significant, totalling both the initial purchase price PLUS the cost of the very expensive replacement cartridges required after the original tiny ones run out! This is a bitter result for me, as I believe that equipment should NOT be designed to be trashed at first hiccup. Brother have lost me completely, and I will NEVER again purchase another Brother product of any type.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Ok Printer but only lasts 12 months before the fuser erodes crinkling your paper

I have always had brother printers and have loved them. I got 12 months out of my first one then it started crinkling up the paper which is caused by the fuser eroding away. As i had a heap of spare toner I purchased another unit (the first one was just out of warranty) and what do you know, the second unit has the same fault 12 months later. Clearly a manufacture fault with the printers but what can you do...

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love my new Printer

Had it a few weeks now and I am still excited when I use it! Great copies, fully automatic printing both sides. There have been no jams. Best of all it will scan multiple pages automatically into one document, yes I had my last scanner for a long time. It cost less for a Laser colour multifunction printer than it did for my last B&W laser printer, bonus! Ink is still expensive though.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


This printer has lasted a little over a year, out of warranty and boy what a pain to use. The printer drinks the ink, I may get 1,000 pages out of an OEM cartridge. I have since started using other brands, but now getting "Clean corona wire" every 20 or so pages (no exaggeration) and the jamming is horrible. I am using a better brand of paper and it does not matter. Do not buy this printer, you will be sorry you wasted your money.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Fixed My Broken Brother MFC-9330cdw printers wrinkled/embossed printouts Cheaply.

My Brother MFC-9330cdw colour printer started putting these embossed bumps in all the printouts and then started wrinkling the entire paper. I rang Brother and they wanted $280 to come out and fit a new fuser unit to the back of it to fix it which I thought was not worth it as i only paid $395.00 for the printer. I had only just replaced all 4 toner cartridges so the printer was full of ink but broken. Looking on Ebay for a cheap fuser unit I found a company selling this new fuser roller which brother won't sell by itself and I followed their step by step Youtube video on putting it into the machine and it fixed my printer for under $100.00. Apparently the cheap toners i purchased online from Inksation.com.au caused the problem. I'll never make that mistake again but was I so happy I got out of that sticky situation cheap.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/142738512813

Disgracefull colour quality

Both colour scans and printing have extremely poor colour quality. Pink comes out as orange; blue comes out as aqua blue and cream-white as brown-yellow. Printing pictures of people makes it look like they have jaundice. Brother service center tell me my printer is operating as per specification. Great!!!! For me to take it in for servicing and pick it up again will cost (as lost wages) more than the cost of a new printer. My suggestio: Do not buy this printer.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Excellent Printer

Have had this printer for approximately 12 months and very satisfied with this product so far. Printing quality is good and very easy to use/set up. Laser's do use a lot of ink, so would not recommend a laser printer if you have kids at school who need to print a lot (inkjet would be better). The only problem we have had with it so far, is it sometimes prints some gobblegook code on it's own randomly. Otherwise very happy.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

worst printer ever

The printer toner useage is super high. And when its low the powder just splash everywhere become so messy. The service tell me just change the toner. Nothing much they can do and it's just due to toner low. Dont ever buy this you will sure to regret. First time comeacross this type of printer and this type of service man....

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Lasted 18 months

I was initially very happy with this printer, until the toner ran out.
Replacements are very expensive & don't last as long as I expected.
We started having problems within 16 months, the toner leaked, paper jams & then the paper was being embossed.
On closer inspection the rear roller was disintegrating.
Fortunately I had purchased Officeworks Replacement Warranty & rang the helpline. I was advised to return it to my nearest store.
When I arrived, I was told that they have had several of these machines returned with the same problem. The model we had, had been discontinued & the newer model was more expensive.
We were offered a gift voucher for the amount we had paid. As we had several hundred dollars of new Brother toner that we had recently purchased, we felt we had no option but to buy the more expensive machine.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Very slow connection

Looking nice, full color, but really frustrates me when I wanted to print asap. Not good for working environment. really slow to connect from computer. Also it automatically set to print as two sided. and this really annoys me. I don't have good experience with Brother printer. If I had choice, I wouldn't go with Brother anymore.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Consumption of the ink is more---shocking

I have used HP printers and I am a big fan of HP printers, but to give a try bought brother printer. Below are the pros and cons

- Installation very easy
- software features are very good enough
- prints fast and nice quality

- Smell issue during the first try which is really bad burning smell which was later resolved automatically as used
- Paper curling is a big issue and its worrying as compared to others
- Consumption of the black inks is way more as compared to inkjet printers which is absolutely opposite of what I read online, laser printers should be more economic
- It seems like we have to keep many black cartridges as spare as 600 pages used up 100% of my black toner and its not like I am printing graphics, its just power point slides that I am printing which is red in color and few write up underneath.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

worst printer i have ever owned. B

nothing but trouble since I purchased it First one had to be replaced by the shop because of a rare fault with one of the toner drums.

Leaves ink dots on the page, and is expensive to run because each toner cartridge costs about $200, paper jams ALL THE TIME. Won't recognise the different settings and will reset itself. I once spent 3 hours trying to print a document on normal office paper.
I use it for documents as well as printing heavier card and have never, ever had so much trouble with a printer before, despite following instructions and maintain the printer as best as possible.

It's huge and heavy, ungainly, and not reliable. The colour print quality is very poor. it was selected by a friend of mine who raved about it but have no idea why.

has a good scanner and photocopier if a little slow. but the drums always left marks on the paper despite cleaning and cleaning the wires. wish I had never bought it.

Only good point is ease of installation. That's it. Won't be buying another

Worest Brother printer I have ever bought.

color print quality is disgusting to start with, toner prices are sooo expensive.
It was going fine for about a year and everything was smooth.
after a year and half of light usage, I can NOT print double sided prints anymore, it will keep jamming no matter what I do. To have it repaired I have to literally pay the price of a new printer.
It takes 50 secs to scan a document!!! yes on a low resolution half filled black and white document! I tried to update the firmware and still the problem is there!!!

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Questions & Answers

I am not getting the Double Sided Scan Option from Control Centre 2. Any help?
1 answer
I couldn't find it either. I was guessing maybe you had to upgrade to Control Center 4, but I don't see a way of doing that either

cant scan to email.. when i try to scan to email, the unit tells me to check connection.. everything is set up as per instructions provided. where is the problem..??
1 answer
I'd like an answer to this also as I can't find any additional setup options.

I have just changed the Cyan toner in my MFC and there is an error message that the Cyan toner needs changing. Could it be a dud toner? Also, could I have got the toner cartridge containers mixed up with another colour (I also changed the Magenta cartridge as well).
2 answers
You can reset the unrecognized toner through the user panel. Press the fax symbol to light up the dial pad.which is otherwise blacked out. Locate the asterix (*) symbol mark it with a bit of liquid paper.(you are doing this because you need to push the asterix button with it turned off). Press the the red x to take the menu back to the main screen. Open the top cover as if you are going to change the toner. Confirm the screen says (cover open) if not press the red x. The screen must say (cover open) you may have to open and close the cover several times to get it to say this. Hold your finger on the asterix button (it is blacked out and you cant see it this is why we marked it) for 5 seconds. The screen will change and say reset toner. scroll up and down to C (cyan) and press reset... Close the cover and use your fooled printer as normal.I had to change one of the rear fuser follers in our printer at around 4000 page count. If others had similar issues, what page count were you at?


Brother MFC-9330CDW
Price (RRP)$499
Printer TypeLaser
Wi-Fi CompatibleYes
Cloud PrintingNo
Multifunction FeaturesCopier, Scanner and Fax
Print from PhoneYes
Release dateAug 2013

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 0012502634805, 4977766718189, 4977766718196 and 4977766718790
  • MPN: 35905224, BRO-MFC-9330CDW and LED-PRB-MFC-9330CDW

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