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Bundaberg Dark and Stormy 5%

Bundaberg Dark and Stormy 5%

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Refreshing on a hot tropical afternoon.

I am more a Bundy and Coke man. But I love Bundy Ginger beer and I love bundy Rum. Mixed together, they are a treat. Well worth trying. Best served in a chilled glass with ice. Also, try a twist of blood orange and a thin shaving of fresh ginger if available. It sets the drink off quite nicely.
Great refeshing flavour.
Cans definately subtract form the over all experience that this mix can offer. Try, stubbies or even buy bundy rum and bundy ginger beer and mix you own.

Umm 5 alive

I bought the new Bundaberg 5 that goes with that strange add with the creepy bar tender. As a lover of Rum it sounded really pure and I tell you it is crisp and fresh and goes really well in made into a Mojito with Lime and mint.
Pure and crisp
Expensive but well worth it

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