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Vodka Cruiser
Latest review: I still miss Breezers but the Vodka Cruiser Sunny Orange Passionfruit is nearly as good. Tastes great & is very refreshing on a hot day. It can be hard to find but I found it at local Star

Johnnie Walker and Cola
Latest review: I used to drink the pre mixed cans all the time but they have changed them and now they just taste horrible. I used to rate them pretty highly but wouldn't drink it now if you gave it to

Smirnoff Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry / Blood Orange
Latest review: Discovered these Smirnoff Casks over Summer 2011. Love both the Blood Orange and Cranberry Juice mixers. Great on a Hot day, served in a tall chilled glass, Lots of ice and a wedge of fresh lime.

Pulse Green Vodka, Soda and Guarana
Latest review: Pulse green is a great drink to have once you're getting ready to go out after a hard days work and need that guarana to 'pick you up' and get you into 'party mode'. I only have one drink as it can

Jim Beam Long Black 7% Stubbies
Latest review: The drink: Long Black Beam Alcohol : 7 per cent Available: Dan Murphy’s and other good bottle shops From: Bottled in New Zealand and Australia, from the United States Price: $19.99 for a 4

Bundaberg Dark and Stormy 5%
Latest review: I am more a Bundy and Coke man. But I love Bundy Ginger beer and I love bundy Rum. Mixed together, they are a treat. Well worth trying. Best served in a chilled glass with ice. Also, try a twist of

Cruiser Ice
Latest review: Cruiser Ice beverages are great for summer. Very refreshing. Not as over priced as other vodka and citrus drinks. Great to take to BBQs and parties. You can always pick up this drink on special. A 4

Skyy Blue Lemon Lime and Bitters
Latest review: This is a great drink to take with you to a party or BBQ. Vodka surprisingly goes very well with the old favorite Lemon, lime and bitters. I recommend this drink to anybody who enjoys the traditional

Cruiser Mixed Berry Sugar Free
Latest review: Love this drink especially without the sugar nice on a hot day love it nice drink and i can have it especially as im a

Smirnoff Ice Double Black
Latest review: Favourite drink I love the taste I don't drink often but when I do this is the drink for

Midori Illusions
Latest review: I could drink these all night, and do. Been a favourite of mine for going on 10 years now. I'd write a longer review but my bar fridge is calling me, beckoning me to get another 275ml bottle of sweet

Johnnie Walker and Dry
Latest review: This form of Johnnie Walker is great if you don't mind drinking your scotch with Ginger ale. They go nice together and it is convenient if you need to take a drink somewhere like a BBQ. However I

Midori and Lemonade
Latest review: Overall it is great if you are going somewhere and you need to take your drinks with you. The drink itself it mixed perfectly. The midori and lemonade are perfect together and I have no issue about

Cruiser Black 7%
Latest review: I love these, they are a great drink to take to a party and are very refreshing, they aren't perfect, but as far as pre mixed drinks go they are still great! great flavours, fairly cheap when on

Midori Paradiso
Latest review: I love this variety of ready to drink midori. The Midori liqueur goes fantastic with the lychee liqueur to make a fantastic tasting summer drink. It is nice and refreshing. Does not taste like

UDL Vodka
Latest review: Why can't I buy low calorie UDLs? I used to drink UDLs all the time, but now I make my own drinks to take out - I mix vodka with low-calorie mixers such as diet softdrinks or light cranberry juice.

Red Bear Vodka
Latest review: The raspberry is the only I have tried since I couldn't afford my usual smirnoff dbl black cans. This needs a higher alcohol content tastes ok, like a ice block i had one and could easily slam this

Jim Beam and Cola
Latest review: The advantage of Jim Beam and cola in can form is you can buy it in a 6 pack or in a 24can slab and take it with you without having to stuff around with mixing them, but I prefer buying the spirits

Jack Daniels and Cola Cubes / Stubbies
Latest review: Like all other Ready to drink beverages, Jack Daniels and Cola stubbies are great if you need to take a drink somewhere like a party. As long as you're willing to spend the money. I have not seen a

Woodstock Bourbon and Cola
Latest review: We have been drinking Woodstock 6% and 8% for a very, very long time now (after a long term lover of your product was converted from Jim Beam). The last two days we have purchased both of these

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