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Carefree Original

Carefree Original

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I will not be buying these again after having tried a few packets now. They were used for daily freshness, however inside the lining the 'padding' breaks up. I will stick with 'barely there' by Carefree. 'Barely There' costs a bit more but does the job it is intended for.

Breaks up.


I think they work really well the price was great reasonable for most people I use them for discharge in between my periods I have tried lots of different products and this work the best for me it also sokes up a lot so I would recommend them for you
The color


This product is worth its five stars I gave it. I find the price of these liners reasonable and their smaller and way more comfortable then wearing a normal sized pad on those lighter days. I choose this liner over the carefree breathable ones for that extra feeling of protection. I have used this product for a long while and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a quality liner with a great absorbency.
These liners are perfect for your light days during your period and are amazingly absorbent for their size. Their quite inexpensive considering their quality.
nothing. I can't find fault with this product.


I don't mind the cost if the product is good and saves me time. Carefree Panty Liners are halfway there.
The product itself is good. Flexible, integrous, fresh.
The thing I hate is unwrapping the thing. I can't wear my glasses in the bathroom and it can take from 10-30 seconds to find the opening of the wrapper. I'm going back to the other brand until this is solved. I don't need the agro getting dressed in the morning.

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