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Carefree Barely There

Latest review: This is a awesome l don't leave with out then always in my bag and a thin and invisible to the eye what a great product they are and

Wonder Long

Latest review: I've been using panty liners for years, and these are by far the best! They are long enough and wide enough to fit on my undies perfectly! super comfy too! Long, Wide and comfy Can only buy them at

Moxie Scanty Panty Liners - Ultra Thin

Latest review: I thought I had found the best secret liner, BUT after 6 attempts, I could not remove adhesive strip off liner only to have adhesive rip with it. Yes i did instructions by the letter and no success.

TOM Organic Everyday

Latest review: I'm wearing pantyliner everyday and this is the best liner i have ever use! It's stick to my undies well and i'm very comfortable wearing it, doesn't slip to my butt as

U by Kotex Breathable

Latest review: Bright colours attracted me to the product but on opening I found they were individually wrapped which adds another thing, no matter how small to landfills. Also got a terrible itch after using 1

Carefree Original

Latest review: I will not be buying these again after having tried a few packets now. They were used for daily freshness, however inside the lining the 'padding' breaks up. I will stick with 'barely there' by

U by Kotex Nude Liners

Latest review: It sticks to me as well and I get a really bad reaction to it, I’ve bought these before and I don’t think they used to be like that, never buying aga

Cottons Ultra-Thin Liners

Latest review: These are excellent for anyone with slight urinary incontinence and last the whole day. I love the fact that I have cotton next to my skin. I am not aware of them throughout the day and they prevent

Carefree Breathable

Latest review: This is better than carefree original. Carefree breathable used to be my preferred liner... that was many years ago. I have just discovered that Olivia pink liner from Aldi is better, same quality

U by Kotex Standard

Latest review: These liners don't really stay stuck where they should. They bunch up and twist around and by the end of the day they are just plain uncomfortable. They are not scented, but that's no big deal, I

Libra Standard Liners

Latest review: Absolutely useless as there is no adhesive. I will throw out the entire packet and never buy this brand again. There was nothing on the package to say they were

Pureste Panty and G-string Liners

Latest review: Not a great product for me because of the above problems, mainly because the cotton started falling apart into little stringy bits, which I didnt like at all. I wouldnt buy these again because they