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Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry

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BruceMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

One of the best beers on the market - with one big flaw


Carlton have a beer on the market that in my opinion, is one of the easiest drinking, cleanest tasting and finely flavoured beers that I have tasted.
They have infused their Carlton Dry with natural lime, which gives the beer a delicious flavour and a definite 'more-ish' character. I would drink it exclusively except for one problem. Carlton, presumably to boost their profits, have reduced the size of their stubbies to 330ml, down from the original 355ml and a lot less that the normal 375ml Carlton Dry. They still however, charge full price for the smaller stubbies. A shame really, as it could be one of their big sellers if there was value for money.

Josh F.

Josh F.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

If only this beer ran out of my kitchen tap instead of water.


Best thing about coming home from a hard days work is knowing Il be sinking down a few of these.
Carlton dry is the best beer in the world.
It's got a beautiful taste to it. It's pretty much the only drink my boys and I look for at a pub

Purchased in July 2019 at First Choice Liquor for $51.00.

Matt and Pete

Matt and PeteRichmond-Tweed, NSW

I don’t like their ring pull and that they are less volume.


I don’t like the ring pull and that they are less volume. I feel ripped off. I have a sore finger from ring pull and I’ve spilt beer dealing with this substandard ring pull. Stupid stupid idea the ring pull.

Purchased in May 2019 for $43.95.

I’m not a fan of the new tops after giving myself a nasty cut opening one .


Not a fan after giving myself a cutting myself after trying to open one and the size of the bottle has been reduced to only 330ml . It’s time to go back to twist top .

Purchased in May 2019.


MichaelGippsland, VIC

  • 2 reviews

Carlton Dry Re-Released


I was a regular consumer of Carlton Dry until CUB's misguided decision to change to ring pull tops and reduce the size of the bottles from 355ml to 330ml late last year. In January, CUB admitted they had made a mistake and would re-release Carlton Dry in twist tops, however no commitment was made to return to 355ml bottles, despite the major protests being based on capacity and price. The twist tops have now reappeared, however the 330ml bottles have remained. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing any - CUB, you just don't get it!

Purchased in April 2019 at BWS Physical store for $22.00.

Sly deception


I have enjoyed drinking Carlton stubbies for many years.But the changes in volume from 355ml to 330ml with the price remaining the same has sent me packing !!
Very sly Carlton you can shove it.

Purchased in January 2004.



I can live with the ring pull. But reducing the size is so petty. What did you guys save on this weeks production run? $3.50?? Hahn Super Dry looks alright. Thumbs down

Purchased in January 2019.



  • 7 reviews

Size and lid not happy


Changed lid is not good for those with large fingers, just can’t use them. Bottle size has gone from 355ml to 330ml for the same price.

Hate the ring pull


Have been drinking dry for a long time. Hate the new ring pull, i have even cut my self on it and the fact the size shrunk but the prices keep going up.



Carlton dry and with lime SizeReduction and Ring Pull


Terrible Ring Pull lid


I switched from Carlton Cold to Dry some years ago. I really enjoy the beer. My first experience with the ring pull lid, a substantial amount of my stubby ended up on my clothes. Hate the new lid. To he honest, hadn't noticed the reduced volume but that has now ticked me off as well. I will look around for a new beer unless changed ASAP.

Reduced size bottles and still same price. Not happy


Used to be a loyal carlton dry drinker. Love the taste. But the bottle sizes have been reduced to a small 330ml bottle while still keeping the price the same. Disgusting! Have switched to Tooheys Ted for that reason alone. Pull ya heads in CUB!

Ring pull and volume


Why, don’t get it. Best beer on the market but you have killed a beautiful crisp beer with your ridiculous ring pulls. Not to mention you sneakily reduced volume. Good by Carlton

Less volume, crappy ring pull. More value for money drinking cans


I’d prefer the twist top. Spewin they dropped the volume and still keep the same price. They can blame it on the government increasing it or what ever but a slab cost the same and you get around 6 cans extra in total from a slab to a box of stubbies. Feeling pretty ripped off. Why change something that works fine from the beginning.

Hate the ring pull.


I've been drinking carlton dry for a few years now. Its easy to drink and as i try not have gluten its perfect for me. Imagine my disgust when i first tried to pull off the 'easy to pull' top and at least half my beer spilled all over my top. Then again the next beer and the next.

Rip offs


Used to love opening a fresh carlton dry on a hot day but now it's cheap pull tops and 25ml less huge let down.

Long time customer now looking at Ted’s


Crap top! Crap bottle reduction! Crap plastic! Used to drink “Cold”, switched to “Dry” since it came out with Ted’s as back up, not happy CUB! Ted’s are tasting better, cheaper, no plastic and full sized!

Lost me a a loyal customer


Forgot the Carlton dry since the changes I have tried TEDs 340mls twist top $38.00 slab good substitute. Not going back.

Used to be perfect


Have been drinking Carlton dry since it hit the market, it was the perfect beer for me . But since you decided to reduce the quantity of beer under the guise of the new ring pull ( which is crap ) you have lost me as a loyal customer

Product Changes


Carlton will reinstate the twist top on the Dry bottle . Ask yourself and tell consumers why you changed something that works in the first place , Reduced volume , why ? Cost of product at outlets not reduced. Another example of the consumer being taken advantage of again . Want loyalty, change the caps and go back to original volume .

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carlton reps, you tried something that's not broke, jus what you broke it and I thin its to late to even try to recoup, the clip in sun days paper you try to explain, by saying you have to increase the price, what, 375 ml $2.50 joking. with saying that I have gone to another brewery. with 330ml bottles and ring pull, 100 carton a year for me and my mates. the question is what is in the future on carlton dry.

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What a joke I’m going back to swan draught & emu bitter



Is there a difference between the low carb lager and the normal Carlton dry?

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I brought a box of the new Carlton dry and sorry it's just not right how you have changed the brew the old silver bullets (2016 Carlton dry) was so much better a heap of mates are changing to super dry or great northern I get only 4 or 5 boxers a week but come on please change it back



How many carbs in this beer?

2 answers
Erina Seator
Erina Seator

1.9g per 100ml, one beer is 355ml ☺

Em Zed
Em Zed

All these people worrying about carbs in beer... forget it ... its a fad... look the calories... on average its 150 cals per beer... its NOT the carbs but the cals making you put on weight! - if thats why your asking ;p

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