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CeeVoo Antenna

CeeVoo Antenna

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Totally useless. Couldn't get one station

Got lots of "snow" but no picture. Trying to return but haven't been able to get a live person, only canned music. Not worth the bother. Will seek out advise from neighbors as to what they are using. Live in rural
area. Satellite is only way in this area.

Purchased in May 2019 for $39.95.

Beware CeeVoo/ClearView is rubbish

Wanted to try the advertised satellite receiver (which I have paid for but not received) was then directed to purchase antenna, no option to say NO and was charged for both. The antenna received was a ClearView HDTV antenna cheap crap! No paperwork was received so do not know how to contact them how do these people get away with this?

Purchased in April 2019 for $111.34.

It doesn’t work it’s scum

Save your money don’t buy it it’s scum I bought one it doesn’t even bring one channel the product is very similar from two dollar shop I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to buy this product learn from someone who already make this mistake

HD antenna does not work for me and not able to reach company

On March 22 2019 I purchased the CeeVoo HD antenna and the CeeVoo amplifier was included which I did not want. I sent an email asking for the amplifier to be removed and they said they would remove it from the order which they failed to do. I got the HD antenna and the amplifier it does not work for me so I tried to contact the company to initiate a return and was not able to get anyone to answer me after being on hold for at least 10 minutes several times. Today I got a recording the person I was trying to call was unavailable at this time. Does anyone else have any other way to get in touch with this company please answer this review. The only number I have is on the package listed as returns 415-639-8389. There is an email address on the package that is listed as support now I will try to contact it.


I purchased a CeeVoo antenna, HOWEVER the system then took me to second page to buy a signal amplifier - BUT THERE WAS NO OPTION TO SAY NO - I'VE BEEN CHARGED!!!

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Well I live in Australia and according to ceevoo it works and I can pick up a 100+ channels,, what a laugh, it doesn't bloody work, moved it all around the lounge and nothing and to top it off its not even a ceevoo its a clearveiw which I did not order, what a scam.....don't buy one...
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I pay for my Cee voo antenna I did not receive the product you guy or real or or scam?
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my name christine i did receved my order my adresse 10 boultbee ave apartement 315 toronto on m4j 1a6. please i need a answers?
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