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Well how about that

I bought a Cel-Fi Telstra fitted to a 2016 Falcon and my phone is a Samsung Note 8.
I had a major project that required a lot of discussion. I was in Toowoomba and was travelling to Caboolture for a function. I departed Toowoomba tracking north through Highfields to Hampton, turned right across the range to Esk turned left and tracked to just north of Toogoolowah then right on the back road around Somerset to Kilcoy then over the hills down to Caboolture.
I held one conversation the entire way and did not drop out once.
Holy snapping duck poop Batperson.....
These things are just bloody brilliant. Sort of like the good old days when you could attach an external antenna to your Nokia but you don't have to plug it in.

Purchased in March 2019 for $995.00.

We Can Now Use Our Mobiles at Home

We live on a farm in rural WA and never had mobile signal in the house. I rang a rural communications business and the owner came out. He was able to get signal with his antenna so we bought the antennas and Cel-Fis from him. We installed a Blackhawk antenna on the roof of our house, then connected to the Cel-Fi booster and internal antenna. We have had this working for about 4 months and are very happy as we get full signal. A couple of times we have lost signal but that was due to a loose cable connection between the Cel-Fi and the internal antenna. We have also put one in the ute and now get signal in previously black spots. The units aren't cheap but they are legal (cheaper illegal ones cut out signal for everyone else) and we are in Telstra only mobile range. We still have our landline but have had 3 faults in the last year, longest taking 4 weeks to repair. So having mobile now, at least we have communication if landlines not working. Only down side is the ranges aren't very wide, about 30 metres for the house and 10 metres for the ute. So not a replacement for getting signal range straight from the tower but we won't hold our breath for one being put up near us anytime soon.

Purchased in February 2019.

Expensive and Limited

Just checked with Cell-fi NZ and each unit is locked to one network provider so no good for visitors etc who are on a different network. Very expensive ( around NZ$1,300) with this limitation. Much cheaper to go with 2 degrees who have Wi-Fi calling at no extra cost.

Fluctuating signal

I have had a Cel-Fi for around two years and after the first week I contacted the distributer at Port Macquarie asking about the fluctuating signal. They said to keep using the unit and see what happens. I was not happy as it cost allot to install. I can have 5 bars on the unit one minute and after 10 minutes of usage I can have nothing. The units have not moved. If I unplug the unit from power, I get 5 bars again. I can reset the unit multiple times a day. Sometime I can get several hours of usage before losing the signal. I doubt I have any warranty now. Stuck with it.

Excellent signal Cowan Creek area.

I installed the Cel-Fi Marine Pack unit on our 53 foot trawler. The antenna is about 6 metres above the water. I leave the unit set to “auto” and we are consistently getting 2 bars or more with Telstra. We tried it in bays where without the unit reception is almost nonexistent and we could make calls from all of them. As I write this we have 3 bars in Houseboat Bay. In Smith’s Creek and at Cottage Point (both usually terrible) we had good reception and made calls. Internet is much better, in fact I was able to run the Foxtel app on my phone as we cruised into the end of Smith’s Creek. My Wife and I are very happy with this unit.

Great little unit

Okay first of all I would not recommend going out and buying one of these repeater units until you have done some checks as to just how much signal you have in the area you want to use the unit.
In this review I am referring to the Stationary Cel-Fi Go repeater working on Telstra 3G This is the only unit I have any experience with. After searching around our property with my mobile, (Samsung S5) I found that I could just about get one bar of signal up on the roof of our house and I managed to make a phone call to our landline. This was handy as it was a convenient place to mount an antenna on a pole. After a little research I decided to purchase a Blackhawk yagi antenna which came with a ten metre length of coax cable with the appropriate connectors on each end. A male N plug for the antenna and a male sma for connection to the repeater unit.
Once all the equipment was installed my wife downloaded the Wave app on to her tablet. Using two way radios, me on the roof and my wife watching the info on her tablet we adjusted the antenna till we found the best direction for the strongest signal. We now have full bars in our house and the repeater unit is giving us service up to 100 metres in places away from our house where the unit is installed.
The unit has changed our lives, we now have mobile phone and internet service.
If you can make a call where you are planning on mounting your antenna, it will probably work for you.

Works as advertised.

Installed a Cell-Fi Go Marine kit today at lake Eildon. Worked as advertised from 1 bar to 4 bars on IPhone X on 4G. Very Happy with the system along with the boats parked next to me who also now have cell service.

Life saver in remote areas

I have the mobile version fitted to my Landcruiser, truckers edge antenna on the roof with a folding mount and the cel-fi unit under my drivers seat. In areas where the signal strength wavers between nothing and one bar I am getting 3 to 4 bars on my iPhone. I go from virtually no ability to use the internet to browsing and uploading videos of my trip to the WA goldfields.
If there is no signal at all don’t expect miracles.. 10 x nothing is nothing, but if you have even a hint of a signal this unit rocks. All my travel companions gather round my cruiser at the camp site. :)

Brilliant this has changed everything!

We only had one bar of 3G on our kitchen windowsill on a good day. We live in a old very large homestead with thick stone walls.
We now have full 4G power Throughout the house and for a good 50m or more around the outside. This brilliant system has changed everything.. We can now run our business without interruptions. Definelty worth doing.

Problems that still haven't been solved

We bought a unit for our home as we don't have strong enough signals on our phones to run our business and it doesn't work.

We have a Yagi directional antenna in a position where we get a reliable signal and facing the nearest tower but the window unit won't communicate with it. On top of that, the Window unit won't communicate with the booster unit either, no matter where in the house we put the booster.

I have tried the unit in Adelaide and it works fine, my mobile got a signal boost from three bars to five bars, but for some reason it will not work at Pt Gibbon.

I have tried to contact support many times though phone, email and helpdesk but:

- their phone line doesn't work/has been disconnected (QLD number)
- I am still waiting for a follow up email
- there has been no progress on the ticket in help desk

poor support service if I've ever seen it before......

Hi Cooper - I must apologise for the support issues you have been having. We had a system issue with ticketing that has affected a small % of tickets over the last 2 months (which we have just discovered). We are in the process of ringing our clients this week to follow up. I will escalate this in Support Department now to get your problem solved. If we cannot place your ticket, we will contact you via your Product Review profile.Hi Cooper, I understand you had a device locking issue (a requirement added by the carrier). We believe this has now been addressed but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Not bad but beware of nonsense

Our business has owned about 10 units consisting of different models of cell-fi signal boosters over the years. For us the cell-fi go (stationary kit) has actually been by far the most consistent and best performing. I did note however a review in this section saying that supplier (I think most of us know who they are) claimed the reason a unit wasn't working was because of 5Ghz interference.

We were given this excuse as a reason for one of the earlier models we owned not working properly. We disproved this by turning off every other piece of transmitting equipment we had on the entire site! It made not difference at all! So if you are given this nonsense excuse as a way for them to fob you off - don't take it lying down!

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Hi Rossyabroad - thanks for your feedback. One of the reasons PRO may not work in some instances is due to 5GHz link interference. When getting to the cause of problems for people this is one of the items we get them to check and turning off all transmitting equipment is what we recommend. But there are other causes and if this is not the cause of your problem then I suggest you get back into contact with the distributor to assist you to work on a solution. GO does not have any link therefore no chance of interference.

Cel Fi Go... Stands for paper weight!!!

I've had my celfi go piece of crap now for over 12 mths, its mounted in my truck that I do long haul around the country inn, I can tell you down to the white post beside the road on any HWY in the county when Signal comes in and when signal drops out, this thing was supposed to be the greatest thing sines slices bread, it's a useless piece of crap!!! I've spoken to support many times, I've sent the thing back to be checked, they say it's works fine, the thing does nothing at all. Save ya money folks, your better off using 2 cups joined with string!!!


Link drops out all the time. Support blame it on 5Ghz interference. We have no 5Ghz devices running. The unit falls over every time you try a speed test from your phone using HSDPA, total waste of time and money

Hi Telelynx - It sounds like you have a Cel-Fi PRO as there can be 5Ghz interference - this is one of the problems that can affect a small % of products. The unit should not fall down and I recommend you reconnect with Support department again.I have no more time to waste on it, unless you have a firmware upgrade, the support I've had to date has been at all helpful

Cell fi go a waste of money

The cellfi booster I bought for my car was a waste of money but I did send it back and I did get a refund.
If you want to get maxx reception you are better to buy a full built in truckfone and are cheaper.

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Hi Paul - Thanks for your feedback. It is unfortunate that the product did not work for you. It is not a cure for no mobile coverage - if there is no signal nothing will work - but it does work extremely well when installed correctly, extending signal where a cradle kit will not.

Excellent product and very happy.

We have had our first unit now for a couple of months. Where there is no signal the unit still searches and has still maintained Apple Music and Spotify. Switching the unit to 3G has enabled more signal boost than running in 4G as the unit will drop in and out while searching.
Very happy with the product and the signal boost we have gained from it.
We are now looking forward to the rest of our fleet getting the Cel Fi ago units installed.

Thanks for your feedback.You are more than welcome, I know that off the back of this review and off the back of having this unit in my work ute, I have helped sell 9 in car units and 3 home based units.

excellent product now i have service in house

we had no service inside given that iam 38km out of town i only got the odd text at window . i all so have a yagi antenna which give the window unit full 5 bars not bad at all . some reps will pull up in our farm yard and cant belive they have service and them sit in there car for 5 minutes catching up on missed calls. so it will end signal out of house . the coverage unit most of the time will sit between 5 and 6 they would be a good 18 meters a part. The only gripe is why is it so EXPENSIVE? i feel that there should be more brands for sale that are approved by telstra then watch the price fall the unit is made in china like most stuff now days .You get punished for living in a bad service area . The unit i got was a demo so i didnt pay $1000 plus that is asked

Waste of money

It is the biggest peice of garbage i have ever bought. Never worked properly. The transmiter always loses its signal. It has never gotten above 2 on the indoor unit. No matter whete you put each unit spend most of its time on 0 or 1 even though the window unit has 5 bar's.. your phone will show full bars but can usually do nothing with it..

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Hello Chris. Please submit a ticket to receive Technical support for your issues. There could be a fault with the unit. http://www.powertec.com.au/helpdesk/

Mobile booster did nothing

I had high hopes for this expensive mobile signal booster which claimed 9dB gain (FYI that's double, double again and double yet again) but in comparison after comparison it did not improve either voice calls or mobile data in low signal areas. To their credit, they did provide a refund but only after their CEO embarrassed himself by calling me names in an email to their sales manager which he accidentally CC'd to me!!! Not a business I'd be keen to deal with again.

Staggering poor service from Cel-Fi Powertec (distributor)

Ordered a replacement after our last unit failed (fairly often occurrence but worked reasonably well when it did work). A week after ordering and authorising payment to our credit card I have to ring up to find out why we haven't got it. I am then blamed by accounts for A:) Not paying for it already... you took my credit card dah! B:) Not asking whether they had it in stock when I ordered... Didn't stop them taking the order...
Now I am told it is weeks away and all I get is "too bad you should've asked if it was in stock" AND " If you'd checked your credit card you would have seen we hadn't charged you for it" These guys don't care about service as Telstra was stupid enough to make Cel-Fi the only authorised unit.

Hi Dave, at Powertec we always try to offer the best service possible to our dealers and customers. So we do care about service and our customers. For your situation in between you ordering and the items shipping, we ran out of stock, so we apologise for this and not notifying you sooner. Your feedback is important in helping management improve our processes. The product you ordered is in high demand, we should plenty more stock next week.You apologise for not notifying me sooner? You didn't notify me at all. I had to ring you!

Question about cel-fi

We live in a rural area in Queensland 80ks from the closest town. We get full service coverage 12ks from the house and We get service now and then but not all the time in our house but will it still work?

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Hi Flick. Cel-Fi needs one bar of signal to work. With the signal dropping in and out, you would need to purchase a lpda or yagi antenna to bring the signal in from outside and to get full optimisation. Hope that helps.

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I have a celfi booster at the top of the property with the booster antenna pointing to the house. Between the house and the top of the property there is my workshop. The old repeater at the workshop has 5 bars everything is great in fact I can do without the repeater here but I use it to distribute signal in the steel shed all is good. I have a repeater at the house with a very high antenna and it has 5 bars. I tried to different repeaters at the house all with 5 bars and I still get major drop out can't text and the data is rubbish. Past the house on front of property out of reach of the repeater but just coming off the booster whilst not many bars on the phone I can make a better call. What could be wrong at the house?
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I purchased a cel fi go mobile today. All connected correctly but when powered up it won’t allow you to select a mode and can’t connect to the app
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I have the same problem, did you end up being able to resolve it?

What is the difference between using a cel fi pro or a cel fi go for use inside a two story house is one better than the other for this Regards Mark Augusta wa
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