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Cel-Fi PRO

Cel-Fi PRO

4.4 from 28 reviews

Worked Instantly - the external antenna is worth buying

I bought the Cell-Fi Pro to boost my Telstra phone signal in my 2 storey town house. I was getting dropped signals and complaints that my voice was breaking up.

I bought this Cell-Fi Pro unit from Powertec and decided to pay a bit more for the external antenna.
The unit arrived in 2 days.

I initially set it up without the external LPDA antenna. It worked as per instructions and I was getting 2 or 3 bars of signal strength, which was an improvement. I then added the external LPDA antenna which gave me 4 or 5 bars within my house. Definitely worth having the antenna. I have the antenna and Network Unit sitting on an upstairs shelf. The Coverage Unit is downstairs in the lounge. It works very well.

Great tech support

With these guys you get a real person on the other end of the line. Very helpful, they go out of their way to solve your problem - highly recommended business.

simply great

I received the Cel-fi 9 months after having no success with another brand, along with very poor support. The contrast of support and actual result is amazing. I now have 5 bars on my phone and no dropouts. Very happy to reccomend Powertec and Cel-fi

Limited Extension of Coverage

These two units have to be too close together within a solidly built house to be of much use. Also, placing the second unit out of sight within a cupboard further limits its use. The main unit should be placed by a window, so it’s impossible to hide it. Basically you need both units out in plain sight relatively close together which limits the solution.

telstra 4g smart antenna (yagi antenna) usless

Bought one for $1200.00 and didn't do a thing, can only get 1 bar on the antenna & strangely enough from time to time I get 2 bars on my mobile. The telstra mobile tower is approx 3kms away on top of a hill 25 mtrs higher than our home.??
Don't waste your time these are useless and you will spent all day messing around with it, My advise is if you have bad reception, then rally together with your neighbors and contact the ombudsman.
we are 20kms from Bunbury, 3kms from a tower and have little & no coverage - the smart antenna made no difference, (nothing smart about them at all.)

Better than expected

I find it rare that you buy a product that works as well as advertised or even better than expected but the Cel-Fi Pro for Telstra 3/4G is among those rare products that excel.
Plug n Play, although I did spend a bit of time moving it around to get the best out of my Cel-Fi. The only problem, which I kinda wish was made a bit more obvious in the instruction is that it doesn't like to much Wi-Fi. I only found out about that the Wi-Fi can cause errant messages when I reverted to the "help" section on the Cel-Fi Wave App I downloaded to my phone. Previously I had the Network unit set up right next to my Wi-Fi router and wondered why the system seemed to work but every now and then would throw up a "units to far apart" message when they clearly were not as the system was working.
Network unit has only 1 bar of 4G without any outside antenner but I am now getting 5 bars on the Coverage Unit that gives me reasonable to good mobile reception where in some places I had none.
Well worth the money.

Quick & easy - exactly what I need

With a bluestone office, my phone reception is terrible where I need it most - even though the Telstra tower is only 2km away. Also, the mobile broadband backup unit gets no reception at all in the office. Installed the Cel-Fi with one unit nearest the Telstra tower, the other in the office, within a minute I had 5 bars on the phone. So now have the 'Network Unit' permantently located up in the roofspace. Get full 4GX on the mobile broadband unit too. Nothing to configure, true plug-and-play. Excellent gadget, and the associated app is great too.

Didn't Work for Me

I tried to set this up,but didn't work well. Interestingly my phone got better reception. I tried various methods from the celfi website to get it work like going through their FAQ and also took this to where I can make phone calls fine without and it didn't work. I also got the antenna up on the roof where phone reception is fine and it didn't work.

Wasted 3-4 hours of my day so ready to return. Possibly a dud unit as it seems good for others. That said review here seem much more positive than when you look at the US amazon reviews. Strange but glad if other got reception fixed!

Perfect Reception Deep in the side of a hill in a dugout.

We have just moved to Coober Pedy in SA. We are living 6 km out in one of their famous dugouts. Phone reception outside 1 bar of 3G. Inside no service at all. We have 3 mobile devices loaded with data and could not use them. Installed a Blackhawk Yagi antenna at about 6 metres up and the Cel-Fi pro units inside and now we have full 5 bar 4G inside. Could not be happier.

Product Update

The Install
Installed the system around 3 months ago using a yagi external Antena connected to the base station using low loss coaxial cable.
The Telstra Tower is 5km away with tree coverage so mounted the Yagi as high as possible.
The Good
Massive improvement in the signal from 0 bars to 5 bars 3G can make and receive calls and data throughput is respectable but only at 3G speeds.
The Bad
The unit for no reason does not connect every call its normal for me to miss calls as they go directly to message bank I would say about 1 in 5 calls, Calling out is fine, Also the range of the indoor unit is limited to around 15m.
The unit is expensive but I had zero coverage so it's a massive improvement but it's not perfect.

The team from https://www.telcoantennas.com.au/ came to the site and installed a 5m mast and then aligned the antenna to get the strongest signal. The system now works perfect no dropped calls and 2-3 bars of 4G signal.
The techs advised me the new indoor unit is even better with optional indoor antennas to improve the range of the units which is fantastic if you have a big property.
Will do a product review when we eventually upgrade the indoor unit.

Expensive but worth it!

Really expensive product, was really nervous about the investment, but definitely no regrets now I can use my phone everywhere in the house!

Super easy to set up, just plug in to the wall.

The Perfect Answer to Fringe Service Areas

My residence is about 500 metres from the Regional City of Mount Gambier in South Australia. Internet and mobile phone connectivity has been poor, with regular drop out of the signal. 1 to 2 bars of 3G were common, dropping to 1 or 2 bars of 2G, with parts of the house having no reception at all. Telstra said that I was in a poor 3G/4G area and house construction plus location and distance from the nearest Telstra Antenna most likely would affect connectivity. The house is large, solid construction of limestone and brick with a color-bond roof.

I have put up with this poor connectivity and regular drop out of signal for several years, hoping for an improved signal upgrade, given Mount Gambier City boundary is just down the road and gets 4G reception in most places. From reading many reviews, my situation is very similar to residences in Regional Australia, unreliable connectivity and no planned upgrades in the foreseeable future. Also 2G will be no longer available towards the end of 2016, which was a worry to me, given my unreliable service.

In mid April 2016, I purchased a Cel-Fi Pro and can honestly say that I now have a reliable service and good connectivity for both mobile internet and mobile phone. Also, internet download speeds have improved which is welcomed. The purchase of the Cel-Fi Pro has meant most of the house has 4 bars of 3G and sometimes 1 to 3 bars of 4G. My mobile Internet 4G Advanced11 Modem is mostly 4 to 5 bars of 4G. I now am getting value for money spent on paying Telstra my monthly account! In addition, signal strength was such that I did not require an external antenna to be installed. At the moment, weather at home is drizzling with rain, cloudy and 16 degrees. In the middle of the house, my mobile phone has 4 bars of 3G whereas previously it would have been dropping out!

The Cel-Fi Pro is also very easy to install. Overall, very pleased and would recommend the Cel-Fi Pro 3G/4G(LTE) unit to any landowner in a fringe service area. Cost of Cel-Fi Pro may seem high, but once installed and you have a reliable connectivity, the cost becomes secondary to good reception.

Perfect Enhancement for lousy Vodafone service

The Cel-Fi has turned a completely dysfunctional Vodafone service into something quite workable. Started with no service or just one bar. After positioning the base unit in the optimum position for our location we now get 4 to 5 bars 4G inside our house. A bit pricey but worth it in the long run.

works perfectly!

We have never had 4G till now an 3G was hard to get but thing of the past now! It was an easy 5 min set up process. 5 stars

Immeadiate signal improvement

I purchased the Cel-Fi PRO Telstra Repeater from Powertec Telecommunications in January 2016. I previously had a one-bar Telstra signal, with sporadic coverage (i.e. quite often I'd be perched on the veranda taking/making calls). Ten minutes after unpacking and installing the Cel-Fi PRO, I was enjoying 3 or 4 bar coverage throughout around my property. No more call drop-out since installation. Yay!!!

The Cel-Fi PRO is expensive (given the device's underlying simplicity and technology); however, worth every cent given my home-office arrangements. I happily recommend this product.

BTW Telstra couldn't be bothered suggesting ways to improve my signal strength. No wonder I don't hold shares in that company!

faster faster

So fantastic! Cel Fi Pro boosted all our mobile services including voice, SMS, MMS, Video Talk, Mobile Broadband. This unit has allowed us to have phone & internet with no complicated set up. It just works!! No more frustrations with tentative reception. So grateful that a friend recommended it. Worth the cost

All play and no work

Easy to install, good signal. I made time time to set this up and was surprised how easily it was to get a signal.
Telstra should advertise this more because it solved a lot of problems that were mostly unmanageable before hand - good reception good service yippee for me

Simple, effective and very pleasing!

From a fringe rural area, we went from patchy coverage at best of times - to usable voice and data service within minutes. Clear instructions, easy installation, and increased signal = one satisfied user. Thank you and highly recommend your unit. If only Telstra would more readily recommend such solutions -- we could have been happily calling and using data earlier.

Goodbye dropped calls

Working in the Data Centre industry means that a missed call because of poor reception can cause all sorts of trouble from access requests being missed to important phone calls from the boss not getting through. I was amazed and surprised and how well Cel-fi pro works. The base station was able to pick up 3 bars of reception when my phone only getting 2. Once I setup the remote station I was getting a whopping 5 bars on my site in an area that was under a slab of concrete. I highly recommend this product to any professional who needs to ensure their calls get through with the highest quality.

Life and work saver device. Highly recommended!!

We are located close to the Cobaw state Forrest which limits my use to the internet to take on after hour support calls, work from home or even check up on any bushfires that occour over summer. After many complaints to Telstra about the lack of service in the area and hoping for improvements, nothing was being done to resolve the matter. Instead, I was suggested by a workmate to purchase and test the Cel-Fi Pro. The end result was simply amazing and very satisfying to have better signal and coverage indoors that was previously non existent. Keep up the great work Cel-Fi. I would recommend everyone.to purchase this product if you experience Telco coverage issues

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Questions & Answers

Can you tell me? I recently went through the whole process with cel fi with telstra and did not have success.I have recently switched over to optus and have had success gaining reception outdoors. If i stand on the roof i get 2 bars of 4g and then inside i have nothing. I am wondering is there any solution to my problem? I want to bounce the signal from my roof to inside the house.
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After absolute failure, including causing demonstrable interference to the local Telstra network, I had to cut my losses @ over $700 and invest in the Cel Fi product with instant success. I went from 1 to 2 bars upstairs to a now. Constant 4 to 5 bars throughout the property. I am with Telstra, have been for many years, and would not change (Telstra Business). when initially investigating I chose a cheaper option which ended up costing almost twice as much. Cel-Fi for me was like gold dust! Could not be more content

Have had a cel-fi for Telstra for 2 years works very well. Vodafone has now built a tower which is much closer. Can I use my existing unit for Vodafone or do I have to buy a new unit. Cheers
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why is your product so exorbitantly expensive? i purchased a repeater that works excellent and costs $135 with 5 year warranty all i did was activated "field test mode" or "service mode" on my phone which tells me which band im using then with that knowledge i searched for a product with that specification and thats it...
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Probably because the Cel-Fi is legal.... and works plug-n-play. You'll want to be careful with your repeater, my understanding is that Cel-Fi is the ONLY legal repeater/booster in Australia. Check that, obviously, but you'll find plenty of warnings if you run a Google search. For example, see https://www.telcoantennas.com.au/site/3g-next-g-4g-repeaters-sale-australiaoh yeah i didnt realise the product must be tested in the australian environment so it doesnt interfere with any other infrastrusture and your product most likley has been tested. but that price tag is way out of my reach can you offer a layby service?