Slow then missing order, Mixed dozen not very mixed either

First & last purchase from Cellarmasters, ordered Charming dozen’ online to pickup at local BWS, a week later get an email, not text as expected, that my order was ready. Go into the store next night en route to a party intending to give 2 bottles as a gift - 20 minutes later cannot find order.

Ask them to call me THE NEXT DAY about delivering the next day so as not to be rude on phone at my event. They call me that night saying they found it and ask me to pick up. Eye roll. I refuse and ask for free delivery as not driving back to store next day, and store eventually agreed. Next day, one hour on phone after being accused of not being home and not living at my address as driver could not understand ‘1/253 Ground floor unit’ is not the same as no 1253 on same road in another suburb. 2nd eye roll. If I had I not been home never would have got the wine and I would have been blamed for sure.

White wine was virtually all Chardonnay, my least favourite, with one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc so not very mixed and tasted pretty crappy. Reds were quite good but again 3 bottle were exactly the same.

Could not recommend at all.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Delivery advice

CM kept me up to date with my order. Acknowledged it, then advised approximate delivery date, then actual date, then message to say it was delivered .

All no care and no responsibility (Sydney burbs)

Missing box (box 1 of 2). The wine advisor I spoke with told me, several times, to “sit back and relax…your missing wine will be delivered...”. She didn't acknowledge concern, spoke ‘over the top of me’ on multiple occasions and used a very condescending tone.

Surprisingly the website states the order as “delivered”.

Good consistently reliable for decades.

Friendly helpful staff. I like their periodic specials n gift vouchers and have never had any complaints with their service or offers. With many online wine order competitors emerging, it would have to keep their special offers really special to be on top of the game!

Absolutely disgusting slow delivery, waited 36 days and no delivery, I then cancelled and ordered fr

I purchased a dozen wines which was not delivered, I waited 36 days and then canceled. I got my money back but no compensation for non-delivery. I ordered from another company which delivered in 10 days at a cheaper price.
Since then Cellarmasters have sent me several offers of wine, which get screwed up and thrown in the rubbish bin.
Stop sending the rubbish.

Hi Allan, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with us and for the delayed response. This sounds like an issue that warrants some compensation, so I am sorry that did not happen. If you send an email to enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au or call us on 1800 500 315, we would be happy to issue you a $50 voucher, should you order from us again. I can also arrange for our mail to be stopped, if that is not of interest to you. Kind regards, JeremyI have already asked that you stop sending rubbish, so stop sending.

Good quality wine at affordable prices. Home delivery is also a massive plus.

I drink a lot of wine and like to have an ample selection on hand for entertaining. Cellarmasters always have a large selection and alternative wine varieties if you're feeling adventurous.

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Hi Mark, Thank you for the amazing feedback and on behalf of the Cellarmasters team, I wish you a Happy New Year 2019! It's great to hear you are enjoying our wine selections and our service. There are a lot of excellent alternative wine varietals out there so it is nice to know there are adventurous people like you out there to appreciate it. I hope you had a nice a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kind regards, Jeremy

Prices higher than in some other stores even on discount

Nice variety of wines and wine packages. Prices are higher than in some other stores even when discounted . Website easy to navigate

Excessive Marketing

I purchased one case of wine a couple of years back. The quality of the wine was good for the price and the delivery went as promised. However, the reason for my low rating is the marketing calls made by Cellarmasters ever since then. They are usually while I'm at work and I still get calls despite repeatedly asking them not to call anymore. There is usually a break for a few months after each time, but then the calls resume on a weekly basis again.

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Hi Matt, Thank you for your review, and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the wines provided by Cellarmasters. Regarding calls from Cellarmasters, from time to time we have our wine advisors touch base with customers to see how they are enjoying their wine, and if there is anything they may be interested in purchasing. However, if you do not wish to receive calls from our wine advisors we can certainly remove you from our call list. Simply email your request to enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au and we would be happy to sort this out for you. Thanks again for taking the time to provide us with this feedback, and have a great day. Regards, Jess.

Confusing experience

Placed an order for delivery to QLD yesterday and the order completion email confirmed this, but my Cellarmaster account said delivery was going to be made to Victoria. Tried to call them during business hours only to get a voicemail message saying they were closed over the Christmas break. Received a phone call this morning from a very smug customer service representative offering to cancel the original order and re-order to ensure it would go to QLD. At the end of the conversation he advised that it would take approx. 10 business days for delivery (yes, this is in the FAQ at the bottom of the page) but this is too long for me so I cancelled the order. I will try another company before I give this lot another go: the smugness of the customer service representative, the confusion with regard to the delivery address and long delivery times. I suppose the one positive to come out of this was that during the phone call I was able to find out the long delivery time and was able to cancel the order. Also one very small quibble - only 30 characters for the gift card message - couldn't even fit in who the gift was from.

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Hi Ayjay, Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback and we are sorry to read of your experience with Cellarmasters. I'd like to take a closer look at what happened so that we can determine the root cause of the issue and prevent similar experiences like this in the future for you and other customers. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate your account so could you let me know the email address on your customer file via enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au? Apologies once again but I hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Jess


Whilst it was some back and forth, Jeremy did his very best and resolved the issue. I am so impressed at how actually genuine they are. They did everything they could, especially Jeremy and made sure I and my family will be having a very Merry Christmas! Definitely will shop with them again :)

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Hi Jess, it is great to hear from you! Thank you so much for your positive feedback, we’re glad to have been able to work with you to find a solution. Wishing you all the very best for 2018 and for the happy times ahead. Cheers, Jeremy


My second purchase from Cellarmasters was the. "Award winning mystery Shiraz"
As was the case with my previous effort...The product was as represented, at the best advertised price and was delivered to my home in Perth in four days.
The only negative was that on both occasions I did not order enough.

December 5th 2017 Update: jeff

It had not occurred to me that my opinion would be of further interest or consideration after my initial effort.
(Review) I am not here to push anybody's bandwagon ,or promote the commercial interests of a supplier , of a product for which I have a need subject to price , or quality ,and service.But I will say that I have had previous disappointments dealing with online merchants. and
I have noted the complaints about a Cellarmasters less than adequate delivery service . Which I believe are genuine. and. seem to be aged.,and assumed that slow delivery is not going to affect my judgement relative to my ordering patterns. I had an empty cellar and did my homework..I am currently delighted with MY purchase decisions and Cellarmasters service.

July 16th 2018 Update: Jeff..Perth

The good service,good product,prompt delivery and more than competitive prices have been ongoing.
And then we hit a hurdle with a carton of Sauvignon Blanc that we felt was a bit flat.
Cellarmasters ,without argument picked it up ,and promptly issued a full credit. ..So I ordered another Sauvignon Blanc and got a beauty (At a very reasonable price)...Win Win...How good was that?

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Hi Jeff, sorry for the late response and thank you so much for your feedback! We are passionate about the quality of our wines, so it’s great to hear that you are so happy with your purchases. Rest assured, if you ever find a wine that your not entirely happy with, our home tasting guarantee means that we always have you covered. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything further we can help you with. Cheers, Codie

A good idea being destroyed by excessively "clever" marketing

This used to be a good option to purchase good wines and have them delivered reliably to your door. I have been a member since the 1990's when the Myer wine club was bought out by these clowns. It has been downhill ever since.

The latest marketing trick is to gouge further profits by reducing the number of bottles in a box from 12 to 10 while keeping the price either the same or slightly lower to appear attractive. Be in no doubt though the per bottle price has gone UP!.
Owned by Woolworths, most of the wine labels are owned by that company completely or are a "special" label from reputable winemakers who produce a very mediocre special brew for cellarmaster. Not a wine available anywhere else. Do your research before committing to purchase and read the fine print. Additional charges such as "Handling fee" are also added to your order instead of being included in the purchase price. You don't pay a handling fee at your local bottle shop.
They rely heavily on promoting discounts which appear to be attractive until you realise this is another "clever" ploy to show the reduction of a full case price against the price you would pay by the a single bottle. (their single prices which you have to call especially for). I'm sure this is technically in line with consumer law but I find the practice grubby.
It is a convenient service but frankly I find a lot of the wines no better than clean skins. There are better wines and prices to be found elsewhere. In short, I think my days as a loyal customer are over. Over zealous marketing practices have ruined it for me.

Hi Luigi, Thank you so much for your feedback, I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We take pride in providing a wide range of wines to suit every budget, taste and requirement. The decision to introduce a selection of 10 bottle cases (+ a free premium bottle) has emerged as a result of a high demand from customers, many of whom have requested more cases of varying quantity. We understand that these sizes are not for everyone, and still have plenty of twelve bottle cases on offer for customers who would prefer a more traditional case size. While we do charge a modest handling fee of $1.20 per case (metro) or $1.40 per case (regional) on all orders placed with us, we would always prefer to be upfront with our customers about these costs, rather than hiding the fee within the price of the product. With that in mind, we understand your concerns and will be sure to pass your feedback on to our marketing team. Finally, we are very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy some of our wines. As we never want our members to be disappointed with their purchases, we do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee which covers members in any instance where they are not entirely satisfied with their order. For future reference, you are always welcome to contact us on 1800 500 260 (or email us at enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au) and one of our friendly Wine Advisors will endeavour to resolve your concerns. We hope this helps clarify your concerns. Once again, sorry for the late reply, we hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, CodieThank you at least for your reply. I note your claim of catering to every budget does not extend to claiming to be value for money. I can also see that you must have been absolutely overwhelmed by customers clamouring for you to reduce the number of bottles in a case from 12 to 10 and keep the price the same. It would be hard to ignore such requests. As for the "handling charge" I repeat that no where else has ever tried to charge me extra for serving me or fulfilling my customer order (with the exception of Trumpville but we don't want to go down that path do we? Your claim about being "upfront" is the opposite to reality. You are being delusional. It would be "up front" to display the actual cost a customer must pay for the wine without all the hidden extras. Airlines have been severely caned recently for such practices. Above all however the quality of the "home brand" wines being sold is total rubbish. and in my opinion you are misleading the public in so many ways and at the same time destroying the quality base of the Australian wine industry. Your business model is doomed.

Great wines from them

My father lives in the Barossa and he has always buys from the this Cellarmasters organisation when the sales are on.
Wines are much cheaper and top quality.
Been buying this way for years now.

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Hi Simo, Thanks for the feedback! I am glad to hear that we have earned your - and your father's - loyalty, and hope to continue to impress you for many years to come. As ever, if there are any issues with your wine or deliveries please call us in Sydney on 1800 500 260 (or email us at enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au) and we will be happy to help you out. Thanks again for taking the time to provide us with this feedback, and have a great day. Marina

Wines were good but $79 not value for money

A lot of places had the same wines, delivered, for $69.

Cellarmasters charged $79 and had to collect from local BWS

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Hi Alex, I apologise for our delay in replying! Thanks for your feedback, and I am glad to hear you enjoyed the wines we sent. We do try our best to be competitive with all our products, and I am sorry that we fell a little short of the mark for you in this instance. I have passed your feedback on to our marketing team, and if you have any other issues please don't hesitate to email us at enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au or call us in Sydney on 1800 500 260 and one of our wine advisors will be able to help you out. Thanks again for getting in touch! Marina

I enjoy the delvery

had no problems with this firm the wines are always good. I must admit I have not had any of the problems that some others have had. Just got onto the phone to them, no wait time, and had my next delivery cancelled because I have too much.

I would happily recomend them to friende

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Hi Grant, I just wanted to say thank you for your feedback (and sorry for not replying earlier). It is always lovely to hear when we are going the right thing by our members, and as always if you have any issues at all with your wine or deliveries, please just shoot us an email at enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au or call us in Sydney on 1800 500 260 and one of our wine advisors will be happy to assist. Thanks again, and have a lovely day! Marina

Lamb and cabernet sauvignon ---is there a better match.

This wine came with tasting notes which had indicated cellaring for up to 10 years would reward me with a stunning wine ---they were right.
The notes recommended up to 2 hours resting in the decanter which we adhered to and what we got was a superb drinking red --the full-blooded,full bodied,generous wine the notes talked of with intense fruit characters had all settled into a superb wine that matched beautifully with our lamb meal.

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Hi Scotty, thank you for your feedback. It’s great to hear your enthusiasm for our products and that you are utilising our advice to assist with your wine journey. You may be interested in our discover section on our website, which has all kinds of information about the production of our wines, food pairing tips and more to help make you a wine expert. Alternately if you call us on 1800 500 260, our friendly wine advisors are always happy to answer any questions about your wine. Cheers, Jeremy

Shocking !

The ONLY way to describe the delivery time it took for my case of Aussie Wine to arrive after ordering .Three weeks is ,in my opinion, is tooo long to wait with a empty glass in your hand !

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Hi Buzz, thanks for your note. We're sorry to hear we took longer than expected to deliver your case of wine. All of our cases are dispatched from our cellar in the Barossa Valley, and delivery time varies based on your address. We would be interested to hear more about your experience, so if you can drop us an email at enquiries@cellarmasters.com.au so we can follow up. Cheers, Jess

Cellarmasters service with a scowl.

Absolutely deplorable service, with four weeks taken to get from SA to NSW.
Made significantly worse by some plonker trying to justify this abysmal service.
If you are going to buy from them better plan an additional months stock to cover their lousy transport times.

Slowest delivery ever

Ordered on Monday, it's now Friday and order status still says "Hand Picked". What takes so long?! Delivery should be happening within about 3 business days of ordering. Service is just not prompt enough.

Disappointed long time client

My wine order was smashed before delivery. Customer service by some staff exemplary but others disgusting. Offered replacement cartons but had to go pick up even though my order had paid delivery. No apologies so have cancelled my account. I would have expected a phone call at least from a Senior supervisor but nothing. Client retention is obviously not important anymore.

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I received a text saying my order was delivered but the wine was no where to be seen! Just wondering if anyone had the same experience.
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Does not surprise me at all. Had money taken from my account without my consent and no delivery for over a week.I had exactly the same experience (I suspect they have done it to me twice - the first time I was overseas and so I didn't follow it up). They claim that they sent me a letter offering me their Wine of the Year and that if I didn't respond I was automatically charged for the purchase. Seriously poor form, and possibly illegal.I cant leave fast enough too much push push wine so so. Very quick to get your cash. Not happy.

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