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Citibank Plus

Citibank Plus

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Best option for travelling

Fee free travelling saved us heaps on our holidays and can just be used to paywave as well. When you look at all the options its the best out there by far.

So not fall for this card being better than prepaid travel card

I foolishly listen to people talking about citibank in online forums, think about it before you apply for one of these.

It cannot be used in a lot of countries , exchange to the foreign cash to the country/s or foreign prepaid travel card you are going to , much better and cheaper alternative

Much better than travel money cards

Whenever I travel overseas this is my go-to cash card. It's a debit card so using my own money. No fee for using as a Visa card, and best of all no fee for cash advances except if ATM operator charges a fee. Amount debited is anyways within a dollar of my conversion app. Only downside is the Citibank app isn't great, slow to load and can be fussy to log on when overseas.

Failed miserably. I got my card and requested another one for my husband, more than a month

Supervisor [name removed] was absolutely useless, staff have got no idea what they are doing. Information provided by one staff contradicts to information they provided me with previously. One stated that application can be emailed, other was in complete denial. Promised to call me on many occasions-never did.
I decided that I will transfer my money elsewhere. The entire department has got no idea what they are doing.
Ridiculous situation, sick of their inconsistencies and plain lies!!!

Too hard

I got this card to primarily use overseas. The rates and fees made it very attractive. However, it was not explained that you can’t advise them that you are travelling overseas before you leave. If they detect unusual transactions, they contact you via mobile phone and suspend your account until they can. I am not taking my mobile overseas due to prohibitive roaming charges. This card won’t work for me. Other Australian banks let you advise them before you leave. The last thing I need is no access to my money when I am travelling. I only wanted to withdraw funds at ATM

First impression failed...

Originally my thought to bank with CitiPlus was a nice experience, I was hoping to get a decent service from this Bank. Unfortunately, this Bank has failed me up again compare to any other Big 4 services. I initiated a transfer yesterday afternoon from another bank and my fund has not been cleared yet as of today. I was expecting the fund should be cleared via the over night clearing service but got into pending status.
I called the Customer service and requested a quick resolution for my issue but I got told to follow their procedure and wait for another 12-48 hours. What a frustrating process!
Realized of not getting anywhere, straight after the call, I then initiated another transfer onto my different bank and got my business sorted out within seconds. I have made Citibank too big in my eyes but I was wrong.

For Citibank, you need to keep up your work up to this fair standard of banking services:
Transfers completed before 6pm (Sydney/ Melbourne time) Monday to Friday are processed that evening and in the recipient's account the next day. Transfers made after this time, or to some smaller financial institutions, may take one day longer. ***/

Worked very well in Japan

I chose to get a Citibank account before I travelled to Japan because it miraculously had no ATM withdrawal fees and no international transaction fees. I was quite wary because it sounded too good to be true and there are so many negative reviews online.
I was pleasantly surprised by the effortless cash withdrawal and card payment in Japan. I withdrew from 711 ATMs and was charged no fee. On top of that, the exchange rates were miles better than the foreign exchange shops. I got 83 yen for 1 aud...amazing! It was easy to know the day's exchange rate using the app.
I did notify the bank via my online account before going overseas. And the only drawback is it took me 2 to 3 days to transfer money from my Commonwealth bank account to Citibank. All in All, I highly recommend if you're going overseas!

I thought Australia's banking system couldn't get worse!

Why does it take so long to transfer money to my Citibank account from PayPal when other banks appear to be able to do with by the next day? I went to sleep with the Paypal withdrawal to Citibank completed and the withdrawal to my other bank pending, but woke up to find that only the other bank was credited!

I also don't want to be forced to use a secure key or OTP. I would prefer an option where I can answer a serious of questions to prove that I am who I am instead. I think Citibank presumes that travelers keep to one SIM which is not a choice built on wisdom.

Finally, beware the horror story of getting emergency cash from Citibank while overseas - literally no option for Western Union or MoneyGram (even through the service provided by MasterCard for free because Citibank does not allow it!) and getting money at a branch will take around five hours!!!


$0 fees. Sounds great on paper.

Problem is their phone app is garbage (seriously bad), as is their mobile site, and their desktop site is aging badly. Reversing transactions without explanation, and phone support (to resolve said problems) can be between slow and hanging up on you.

You can have your zero fees and free wine, Citi. I went elsewhere because I like being able to actually manage my money with my bank (crazy, right?).

Fee free banking

If you don't like paying bank fees, this is the account for you. Account does everything you could possibly want, and all without paying any fees. Especially good for overseas travel or online shopping.

Best Card For Overseas ATMs

I've had the Citibank Plus account with its Debit card for over four years now. It recently changed from being a Visa Debit card to a Mastercard Debit Card. It has no annual fee, no overseas transaction fees and if you can find a Citibank ATM overseas, no ATM fee either - but you will pay an ATM fee with non Citibank ATMs.

Thus it is great for overseas travel. Consider - if one is going on an overseas vacation and expects to spend $5000 on accommodation, meals and car hire - then this account and Debit card will save $150 in the foreign exchange fees typically charged by other credit and debit cards. Better that $150 in my pocket, than it just be given to the banks.

The actual currency exchange rate at any minute can be found at the XE,com website. This card uses the Mastercard exchange rate found at www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html, and the rate is set once per day. So that one can easily compare the Mastercard rate to the true rate - and it is usually pretty good, varying by around 0.5 to sometimes 1.5 cents from the XE.com rate. The Mastercard rate is always very much better than what banks charge for putting money into their debit Travel Cards which nearly always deviate by three to four cents from the XE.com rate. The debit Travel Cards and other similar things like Qantas Cash are thus relatively very expensive on the exchange rate, but they do protect against a major drop in Australian currency - which does happen occasionally.

As part of rewards for this account and debit card, one does get email offers to events, and there are restaurants in Australia where one gets a free bottle of wine for using the card. I don't like wine, so have never tested this aspect out.

Until recently, Citibank were like other banks where you notified them of which countries you were going to before you went. But Citibank changed this last year and you no longer need to notify them. BUT....if they deem a transaction suspicious, they block the transaction and send a One Time Pin (OTP) to your mobile phone, which you have to then enter into somewhere in the Citibank App to unblock the transaction.

Of course this means that one has to have a phone with international phone and data roaming on it, and the Citibank App has to be on it. I raised this issue at the Australian Frequent Flyers site, and while most people hadn't had this action occur to them, it did happen to a couple of people, and they weren't too happy, one chap having to stuff around for 20 minutes to finally unblock the card.

As for me, the Citibank App used to work fine on my two Android 4.3 phones, but one day it stopped working on both, and despite several uninstalls and reinstalls, it won't work. So now I just send Citibank a message on my account site before travelling, telling them that their App doesn't work on my phones and which countries I'm going to. They have responded that that they have noted that information. And I have had no problems using the card on ATMs in recent trips to Bali and Bangkok - though I suspect that if that block were to occur, it would be with a retailer rather than at an ATM. Regardless, I always have the foreign exchange fee-free 28 Degree Mastercard with me, in case the Citibank card is blocked..

On the plus side, this new system does have the advantage that one can go to countries one wasn't planning to go to, and get cash out there. Several years ago we took a train trip to Tijuana from San Diego, and when I got there, realized that I had no way of getting Mexican money out from the ATMs, and didn't all that many US dollars in my pocket. I would have had a far more pleasant visit had the new system been in effect back then.

To summarize,
a. if one wants a Debit card this a very good card for local usage (especially if you like the free bottle of wine with the restaurant meal) , and
b. if one wants a card for overseas usage (especially for getting foreign cash out of ATMs) this is the Must-have card.

Brilliant travel debit card

The Citi Plus Debit MC is awesome for travel in Indonesia and Vietnam. Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City Airport is great because as soon as you clear immigration there is a Citi ATM. I was able to get cash at excellent rates (pretty much as you will see on xe.com) and NO FEES.
A similar experience in Jakarta, but this time I couldn't find a Citi ATM, but then found out BCA ATMs (which are just about on every street corner) have an agreement with Citi and don't charge fees either. Awesome!
Have also used the debit card for online overseas purchases.
The debit card means that if you account gets skimmed, the maximum you can get scammed is the amount in the account, which is an extra layer of security.

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Just used it in Germany. Citi does not operate there - but tried a Sparkasse ATM to withdraw Euro. Was expecting to get slugged with ATM fee. Transaction went through at excellent exchange rate (compared on xe com) and no fees. Heaps better than the airport exchange counter. Very happy again.

worst banking experience ever

Opened a Citibank account because I plan to travel overseas at the end of the month.
A few days after opening I receive an email with a PDF attachment asking me to open it and enter my personal details. Of course I would never open such an attachment so I contact citibank instead. Citibank confirm that they do not send this suspicious attachment requesting personal info and ask that I forward the email. I send it on but hear nothing about it since.
Today I received the new card and activate it.
I try to test the card for an online purchase and receive a message "your credit card appears to be issued outside Australia please try a different card". I contact Citibank, I'm told the merchant doesn't accept the master card because it's linked to a debit and not a credit account. I try my NAB debit visa and it works fine. I contact the merchant and they confirm it accepts debit and credit and refer me back to Citibank. I contact Citibank and they suggest I use my NAB card for this merchant! I try to move past this and contact Citibank to set up PayID. Citibank inform me that I need to set this up directly via the PayID website. I have other accounts set up for PayID and know this needs to be done via your bank. I explain this to the representative but she guides me to the PayID website and of course there is nowhere to set up PayID, caught out and not sure what to do she hangs up on me! I call Citibank again this time to close the account. What a complete waste of time and resources. There is no way I can risk travelling overseas with this lack of customer support. I'll pay the extra fees to use my regular account overseas.

No customer support overseas

I opened a Citibank Plus account because they didn't charge fees for international transactions. However when I had a problem using my card during a recent trip to Mexico City their customer support was appalling. I couldn't access my funds and spent nearly a week being mucked about by email and expensive phone calls in the middle of the night. In the end they were no help at all. I have since closed my account.
There are a number of other banks offering fee free international transactions and I would suggest that any of them would be better than Citibank.

Just don't

I had Citibank account for 3 years for international transactions and minor savings. I had nothing but trouble. It's all good on the paper - no fees ever. Well... Citibank sticks its nose where it doesn't belong. It blocks your transactions (for weeks!) if they deem the transactions suspicious. I had numerous calls from Citibank (in very poor English too - Hello Mumbai!) asking for the purpose of my transactions. As a result, I couldn't pay for my international purchases and buy Christmas gifts for friends overseas in many more than one occasion.
Cherry on the top, A few days ago I've received a letter from Citibank, notifying that my account is being closed for unspecified reasons. They didn't ask, they just close my account.
Thinking about Citibank? Just don't. Save yourself a trouble.

Citibank & Australia Post Travel Sim cards not compatible

We opened Citibank Plus accounts to use on an upcoming overseas trip. We also purchased Australia Post Travel Sim cards which we will be using in our mobile phones. Everything was going ok until we updated our mobile number to the Australia Post travel sim phone number as Citibank needed the mobile number we will be using overseas as a point of contact and to receive the OTP (one time pin) for online transactions. We spent many weeks phoning Citibank to try to sort out why the OTP was not coming through to the travel sim. Mind you another account we have with different bank had no issue sending their pin through to the travel sim. After much frustration with Citibank doing work arounds and maintaining that the issue wasn't with their system we gave up and will not be using their card.

Great Debit Card...

I travel overseas many times a year and use this card, it is excellent...exchange rate is very good and no ATM fee unless the ATM itself charges a fee which most do now especially in Asia.
I use the ATM's in Bangkok at Citibank in Terminal 21 Shopping Centre..never a problem.

Excellent card

I agree with previous comment.
Novice traveller recently come back from trip through Spain, Germany, Italy and Croatia and had NO PROBLEM using at ATM, shop or restaurant. No ATM fees at all.

Rate was very good very close to rates online which are usually bank to bank rates.
Much better than my friends who were using westpac and nab travel cards which lock in a rate and charge fees.

Would recommend this card for travel.

EXCELLENT card, no ATM fees and rate was gooood

After reading some of the reviews online I was a bit hesitant to get this card.

Just come back from travel to Spain, Italy & Croatia and no problems using ATM or using at restaurant/shops.


Rate was better on this card than friends using the Westpac travel & NAB travel card (their rates were locked in).

Rate on card was close to cc but actually better after cc fees/charges.

Would defiantly recommend this card for travelling.

Best card for cash overseas.

I travel overseas on business many times a year, the Citibank Plus account is the best one I have tried, no transaction fees only at their ATM , but you have to pay if using another banks ATM, this is not Citibank's fee but the other banks, so it varies, even so the exchange rates I get through Citibank are close to or even better the the XE.com rates, for example in Bangkok I received 26.35 THB per AUD whereas XE were quoting 26.32, the closest exchange rate from SuperRich was 26.10 and banks were offering only 25.45, so Citibank was much better.
I've had no problems with customer service, I had to travel once on short notice, they put a block on my account, just as my previous bank did so nothing different there, as I was in a Citibank branch I got them to call Australia and had the account fixed in a few minutes, excellent customer service really.

As I said I travel frequently and have tried a number of banks and exchange ways to obtain currency, this is the best, the only downside is the few locations they have, but this is to minimise costs which unlike other banks, they do pass on to customers. Depending on the foreign ATM fee, it still works out better to use their ATM and pay the fee, getting a better exchange rate usually makes up for it.

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Hi. Just signed up for a citibank debit for traveling to the UK, Europe, Turkey and Morocco. The site states they have extensive ATMs worldwide. So far I can only find 4 ATMs in London and 0 in other cities/countries. Does it need to be a citibank atm for no withdrawal fees? Or do Citibank not charge for most ATMs? I understand some ATMs do charge their own fees which is outside Citibanks control. Thanks
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You are correct very hard to find this information, from what I can find it seems to be from any ATM displaying the CIRRUS®, MAESTRO® And mastercard which I find a bit odd considering it is a visa? This is from the U.S. Citibank site since the AUS site is hopeless. I did get a brochure when I got my card, unfortunately I cannot find it now. If I find it I will post the details.How did you go with answers to your question? I am travelling to India next month and there seem to be only 2 ATMs in the area I am travelling in. Were Cirrus and Maestro ATMs accessible at no cost? Thanks.I found this on the site: With a Citibank Plus account, enjoy fee free ATM withdrawals at all Citibank ATMs worldwide.

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