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Cocoonababy Nest

Cocoonababy Nest

4.2 from 9 reviews

Works like a charm and gives you peace of mind

We have had this for weeks and take it to our parents any time we might stay over, our little girl is very strong so the belly strap gives us peace of mind that she wont roll.

Purchased in May 2019 for $300.00.

Absolutely love this bed

My son slept in this sleep aid from day 1 up until 8mths old, it was only when he started to turn on his side inside the belly strap that we reluctantly knew it was time to put it away. This aided in sound sleep with no reflux and was invaluable in taking it where we went so much so we bought 2 meaning he could nap anywhere we were on his little nest. I highly recommend this to mothers however as with Any thing always watch your babies

Purchased in August 2017 for $110.00.

Money well spent, highly recommend!

My little guy was born early at 37 weeks and was a total snugglepot, esp at night would only sleep on me. After a few weeks of research I bought this and from the first night he loves it and sleeps for hours. It’s great for settling him in it too, rather than picking him up each time. I was skeptical at first, but could not be happier. As for SIDS - no product is SIDS safe. Even if you have them on their back with no blankets etc there’s still a risk. He certainly can’t roll to the side in this, in the first 3 months. My dr’s midwife also says this is a fantastically designed and made product.

Not as good as I thought it would be

I purchased the cocoonababy online to use for my twins. They didn't like it. I started using it at 6 week mark. I think because they were so use to sleeping in a cot this was different to what they were use to. I just sat them in it when they were awake then they would squirm after a while wanting to be taken out. I wouldn't buy it again. Just stick to conventional sleeping methods, bassinet or cot.

Not SIDS safe at all!

As a health professional that works with new parents I questioned the Cocoona baby online about the safety of this sleeping device and about them posting that it is used in Melbourne hospitals. They told me it was used at Cabrini and RCH. I then asked some ex colleagues that work in these hospitals and they assured me that the Cocoona baby was definitely not used in these hospitals. I then questioned Cocoona baby online about this and they suddenly blocked me!

One of the best mattresses you can buy for your baby

Look take away all the marketing of preventing reflux, optimal positioning and whatever else, that may or may not work for your baby. This is still a premium comfortable mattresses, at the very minimum it is just going to be nicer for your baby to sleep in than the cardboard crap that comes with bassinets and even the slightly thicker ones you can add on.

For our baby, it didn't do much for reflux and stomach issues but overall he sleeps so much better. Just out of sheer comfort and he also picked up putting himself back to sleep very fast because when he fusses himself awake, at least it seemed he was still comfortable and ready to drop those eyelids again. On the mattress we had prior, eyes open meant another hour of pain putting him back down.

It seems expensive but you need to consider what you'd buy for yourself and why we subject our beautiful newborns to cheap flimsy mattresses.

This is NOT SIDS safe (maker never claims this btw), there is absolutely no such thing, that is the whole point of SIDS, we do NOT know what causes it, there is no such thing as being SIDS safe. There is only products that are designed to maybe help prevent SIDS from what we understand of it.

The only reason this would be unsafe in terms of SIDS is it's ability to be rolled over if your baby is a heavy mover or just getting to that age. However I have found that it fits rather snuggly in our bassinet and you couldn't roll it even with the most vigorous almost breaking your bassinet swinging. Using this by itself I wouldn't personally recommend, the roll factor is a big danger, you should try and see if you can setup it to be "walled in".

All in all, our baby sleeps better and longer with this mattress, couldn't recommend enough just at this level. If it also helps your baby with reflux and other things, I'm happy for you :)

Totally recommend!

We bought two of these for our twin girls and from day one they slept like angels in them. Honestly I don't know what we would have done without these beds. They are safe and SIDS approved!! They are a total must have for twins or babies with reflux. One of our twins had terrible reflux and would only sleep in her Cocoonababy bed, anywhere else and she'd wake up choking.
Definite worth spending the extra money on these, I don't know what we'll do when they grow out of them.

Cocoonababy is excellent, my daughter slept through the night from 4 weeks old!

My parents bought this for us while I was pregnant. We weren't sure we would use it but when our daughter arrived I popped her in it the first night and she snuggled in. She absolutely loved it. From 4 weeks old she slept through the night and seemed to realise that once she was in the cocoon it was 'big' sleep time.
At 12 weeks old our daughter got a cold and the doctor recommended she not be placed flat on her back. Not sure how parents would safely put baby to bed with that advice, but for us it was easy, just pop her in the cocoon!
It is quite expensive, however, as a new parent having the baby sleep through the night is priceless!


I recently purchased this to get my 5 week old to sleep in her bassinet. She always wanted to sleep in her bouncer. As soon as I bought this she is now sleeping in her bassinet! I wish I came across this when she was first born. Marie is very nice to deal with and went out of her way to get the cocoonababy to me ASAP. Would recommend to a friend.
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Questions & Answers

Hi, I was going to purchase this to keep baby safe wile co sleeping. Would this be able to lay next to me while sleeping?
2 answers
Absolutely - I did this when we went away for a weekend, it was perfect!Hi Kristen, I would recommend you get on the SIDS and kids website and have a read or call them. As a MCH nurse we follow these guidelines. It is recommended that all babies sleep on a flat, firm mattress in a cot or portacot that meets Australian standards.

Hi, just wondering what kind of bassinet you used to put the cocoonababy in? I am really interested in this product but can't find a suitable bassinet to put it in, as I have read that the sides of the bassinet need to be at least 39 cm high. Many thanks.
3 answers
I have a kingparrot bassinet. The square one with mesh sides and it fit perfect in therethanks so muchI used it in a bloom alma mini


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