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Coles Peanuts

Coles Peanuts

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I would not have Coles unsalted peanuts for free

Not worth the cheap price far better to get Nobby's at the extra price.
Coles unsalted peanuts need continuous culling not the peanut you can have without checking.
Definitely not suitable for sharing
This is not a review based on a single instance but have progressively got worse.
The peanuts are suitable for human consumption but personally I would only eat them if there was no other food available.

Used to be great, terrible since late 2014

May 2017- This is misleading to show against the Coles peanuts review whereas I originally reviewed the Coles mixed nuts product. Can productreview please move it to the correct product as appropriate.

I was impressed by these Coles brand mixed nuts, they were so much better than the other commercial brand which everyone knows about. They used to have a low peanut count and we're always fresh. The past 3 packets have been a complete disappointment and let down. I gave it 3 attempts from different stores to make sure of this and I am completely disappointed. Coles, you have lost me and all of my family as previous buyers of these nuts which used to be top notch. It appears that commercial decisions and possibly alternate suppliers have been introduced. Coles will no doubt find out when they do their year end product supply review and see the dramatic turn around of this product. Too bad as you once had the perfect recipe.

A yummy crunchy nutty option.

These are pretty good, they are salted and unsalted varieties and the salted ones taste basically just like salted peanuts. I think they do lack just a little bit less flavour than the branded ones, but other than that, these are just as good as the ones that you may more money for. These also come in a foil pack, so that makes storing them much easier. They are crunchy and make a fun and yummy snack. You can also serve them along with drinks during the summer in a party and they are perfect for nibbling while watching tv.
These are lower in price compared to the branded ones.
These are a high kilojoule snack, so I cannot eat too many of these.

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