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Majans Bhuja Original Mix

Latest review: Always risking changing a good product but they’ve done a great job. Very yummy. Added in some extra spice and taste. Can’t get enough of these. Great snack while watching tv.

Coles Mixed

Latest review: I've tried the coles brand and then the woolworths but definantely coles come out with more mixed nuts than peanuts like woolworths. Had to pick worse one with over half peanuts

Nobby's Salted Peanuts

Latest review: These small bitter salty wierd texture nuts actually gave me a stomache ache... not had this kind of reaction even to handfuls of mixed nuts (deli bought) before - what is in it thats not listed on

Nobby's Salted Beer

Latest review: Being a New Zealand company they have been taken over by the left wing PC, you will do what I think is best nut jobs. If I wanted unsalted un-oil roasted nuts I would have bought Cole raw nuts. A lot

Nobby's Salted Mixed

Latest review: In my home we have over the years been just well-off enough to nibble upon Nobbys Nuts. It was worth it. The freshness, the quality, the mix variety. Alas, it is not worth the premium price

Majans Bhuja Pea Mix

Latest review: Majan's Bhuja Pea Mix is an exciting mix of flavours and textures, a perfect snack to complement any beverage or social occasion. They are seriously moreish so make sure you have plenty of them in

Coles Chocolate Coated Almonds

Latest review: Sometimes you come across something which is really good value for money. These used to be wonderful but in the last month, the size has shrunk by about half, they are weird shapes and are not

Coles Pistachios

Latest review: Thanks Coles for providing Australian grown pistachios. The pistachios are very tasty. Unfortunately, the salt is just too much!!!! If you reduced the salt by more than half, it would taste amazing.

Coles Smart Buy Salted Peanuts

Latest review: These are yummy salted peanuts that are very economical for the pocket. They come in a great large size of 500g, and are pretty easy to find on the shelves in Coles. Since they are Smart Buy, they

Be Natural Nut Bars

Latest review: The taste is fantastic but the box and packaging is so enlarged that I feel ripped off. The product does not tell you the individual weight to compare - at 27g each. that is super light! The

Nobby's Salted Cashew

Latest review: I've bought many salted cashews over the years of vary quality but none as heavily salted as Nobby's. The quality of the cashews isn't an issue, they are good, it's just the amount of salt is

Coles Peanuts

Latest review: Not worth the cheap price far better to get Nobby's at the extra price. Coles unsalted peanuts need continuous culling not the peanut you can have without checking. Definitely not suitable for

Coles Smart Buy Salted Mixed