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Cyclone Tools

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Outstanding quality and customer service

Great spade, used for 10 years without an issue. Then moved to Canberra and the clay soils resulted in a snapped handle. No receipt but no issue with replacement under lifetime warranty. Unbelievable! Cyclone you've created a fanboi!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Cyclone 2KG Supersplitter -- wood splitting axe. Surprisingly high-quality at fraction of price of Euro equivalents.

Needed firewood splitter for small, ancient wood heater/stove. Perfect for the job. Quality (handle, balance) feels like an expensive Swedish axe but cost me $69 not $699! Hybrid tools like this have never worked for me, but this is one is a champ. Easy to handle, well balanced curved thin (just right) handle. Effective hybrid cutting head really surprised me -- straight through Jarrah and then works like a much heavier maul/splitter. My only criticism -- overstrike collar is essential with any long handled axe...why would Cyclone make this classy product and then only offer a junk $5 over strike protector (optional extra), which doesn't even fit properly?! I modified one so problem solved, but would have paid an extra $15 to have one included and fitted. Otherwise, excellent tool.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

A1 Customer service

I had a problem with a Cyclone metal rake- the handle broke through a natural fault inside the timber which could not have been anticipated. I received really impressive customer service. Good quality tools with great backup. Karen

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

blade broke

A blade broke on a pair of 6 month old loppers I asked for a new blade under warrant ( lifetime)
Their answer- Unfortunately that model is discontinued and we don’t have any more replacement blades for them.- so how can you service lifetime warranty. they also told me "There may be another brand that makes them or you could replace with the bypass style loppers we sell in Bunnings."
After posing the question they the responded with -Snapped blades are caused by user error or wear and tear.
I replied with- a manufacturing fault can appear in any item , so your comment is not correct
Seems the cyclone as getting like the rest as they used to be pro active
They'll only get my hard earned $$$ once not twice

Cheaply made. Broke within a week. Poor quality wood used for shaft.

I bought a half moon lawn edger. Looks much like a shovel. Shaft compltely splintered split and shattered at the base where it joined the metal part when applying minimal force. In fact the way it broke looked like it was not even a solid piece of wood. Got a refund but honestly this is so cheaply made and light weight. Keep your invoice. You might need it. And their website does not even load.

Buy once and never replace

Good quality tools made the way they should be.

Hopefully they retain the quality and customer service and won't go down the cheap disposable Chinese rubbish that is flooding the market.

I also had a faulty lawn aerator which was welded bent, and they were extremely helpful. Thanks. Will buy again.

CYCLONE Tools : Service in a world where service no longer exists

I bought a Cyclone Heavy Duty Ratchet Lopper a number of years ago. I have to admit I tend to push them to the limit cutting anything up to 50mm diameter. The other day I managed to take a chunk out of the blade when I was cutting some dry branches. I checked on line looking for replacement blades; Nothing to be found!!!

I contacted Cyclone via their website to see where I could buy a new blade. I got a quick response asking me to send photos of the lopper so they could identify what blade I needed. No talk of cost. I sent them the photos.

Within 3 days I had a new blade - No charge / no cost / no questions about having the receipt!

Do yourself a favour and buy CYCLONE tools. They have won me over!

Gold Standard for Garden Tools

Cyclone tools are a staple in my family with my dad and grand farther insisting on buying Australian made. Many years ago (roughly ten years) I bought a standard post hole shovel. I am no landscaper so this is just a general household tool for camping and gardening. I have not seen any cyclone product fail. After ten years of service, I found a hairline crack in the steel neck of the shovel. I thought it was worth a shot to claim the warranty.

Sent in an email, and received a reply the following morning. I replied with a photo of the crack and without hesitation, and a replacement was posted to me.

You will only find green garden tools in my shed.

Disappointed-Dutch Hoe Product Code: 632402

Disappointed-not good enough in my opinion.
Bought one of these the other day at a retailer and after 5 minutes use steel head loosened. It's no wonder-poor design-one ! (ungalvanised !) screw through head into very light duty timber handle which wouldn't take much to break. One screw ! They're joking surely-and not even galvanised-beggars belief given their past history and reputation. What's happened ?-perhaps they're being run by the bean counters now like many others to save a few cents on an extra screw and some galvanising. Won't do their reputation much good methinks

Thank you Cyclone

I had a pair of pruners that unexpectedly fell apart during use after only a couple of years. I contacted the manufacturer and sent in some photos; without hesitation they replaced them with a top of the range pruner. Really impressive Cyclone, I will buy your products again and recommend you to others.

Product service

Some years ago I purchased a pair of Hedge Clippers (shears) made in Australia Cyclone branded, which have performed very well until the main rivet failed a few weeks ago. I remembered that the product claimed a "lifetime Warranty"
On contacting Cyclone, the requested a photo of the failure, and one inspected, supplied free of cost a replacement product.

This is excellent service & PR by Cyclone & I would highly recommend their products which are available at most good hardware stores.

Questions & Answers

hi out of curiosity what wood is used in my aussie shovel and mattock handles, is the aussie wood better than american hickory? carl
No answers

How does the lifetime warranty on your shovels work I’ve got 2 different old ones that I brought a few years ago that have split down the bottom where the handle sleeves in?
1 answer
You can just take them back to where you bought them (Bunnings?). The may then just replace them from shelf stock or contact Cyclone to check what needs to happen.

Spare parts for Cyclone hand hedge trimmer?
1 answer
Contact Cyclone directly on 1800 335 019.

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