Disappointment and Dishonoured Guarantees

Last year I embarked on my dream kitchen and overall was very pleased with the results... however within 4 months of completion my Decton bench had cracked and I am still not able to get any satisfaction about it's repair or replacement despite the manufacturer's 15 year guarantee and Damco's guarantees on their kitchen. I have been generous in accepting compromises in solutions that are at best second rate given the money I have spent but sadly to no avail I daily look with sadness on what should have been the source of pleasure and satisfaction.

A really lovely renovation

The workmanship and professional conduct of all specialist workmen was exemplary on all occasions. We are delighted with the finished appearance and functionality of the design. Richard proved an invaluable source of advice at all times.

Renovation has created a new home!! Thrilled :)

Love my new, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry and ensuite. A couple of suggestions to assist the client:
Final plaster sand, final tile cleaning, and final house cleaning should be included along with offering a painter (who I had to source) and also a suggestion as to best place to purchase appliances and tiles. All this would offer a complete package and leave little to no stress for the client. Otherwise my renovation was handled very professionally and completed in an extremely timely manner. All the tradesmen where fantastic and management were very thorough and efficient. I would definitely recommend Damco. It was costly but my forever home is now absolutely amazing!! You get what you pay for and I am very impressed with the results!

Awesome job!

Am extremely happy with my new Kitchen and Bar, Damco Kitchens have proved to be more than the right choice for my requirements, from day 1 working with Rick on the 3D design was impressed on the results tweaking my ideas into something exciting with Ricks valuable expertise on the renovations. The Damco’s team, during the detailed schedule updates and progress reports were constantly downloaded on the builders site, which was accessible to me 24/7,
With the enormity of the job, Damco’s top project Manager Stephen made sure everything was to plan and time, scheduling of all tradesmen for completing the job.
I would recommend Damco kitchens, quality always wins over anything else.
Thanks Damco.

Very happy with Damco Kitchens..

It gives me immense pleasure to provide this recommendation to Damco Kitchens.

I had a strict deadline from the initial contact with Ajay (Damco Design Consultant). Ajay impressed me by understanding my kitchen requirements. He created a 3D design along with any changes required which helped impart confidence that we were in good hands.

His showroom had all the colours for cabinets, stone, handles and any other requirements. This helped in fast track our project. His knowledge on designs, products and process was quite immaculate. He took a consultative approach rather being pushy at all.

Once the design was approved a great project manager Steve took over the process who came fully prepared on what has been designed along with next steps. I was quite amazed when I was told they have a software (Buildertrend) where I will be able to track the progress of the whole project. It articulated all project milestones along with dates. This helped impart a lot of confidence in me that Damco will be able to achieve the timeline. They continued to provide logs after every stage completion.

Damco has changed my perception towards trades. They have employed great trades people who are very polite, well mannered, well qualified and amazing with their workman ship. They did not cut any corners.

We had alternative quotes with similar pricing, but I guess you pay for what you get and we surely made the right choice choosing Damco. We are very thankful to Ajay and Steve for making our kitchen makeover such an amazing experience with their their exceptional service and workman ship.

We are beyond happy with our Kitchen. I would highly recommend Ajay and Steve from Damco Kitchens to everybody out there looking to get a new Kitchen and Bathroom renovation.

Professional result for our chosen design.

We are over all very pleased with our renovation results. To the Kew Damco Kitchen team, thank you for always keeping us informed, and always having your trades arrive on our agreed times. We had some major hiccups, however Richard was on hand to resolve the problems, this necessitated a much longer time for completion, fortunately we were available for this period. The renovations were: A full walled timber veneered office unit and bookshelves, a laundry remodel, and a challenging breakfast bar design retro fitted in the kitchen. We are loving the kitchen timber bench and stone panels. Thankyou

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Hi Dom and Victoria Thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback here on Product Review! It is fantastic to hear that you are pleased with your renovation results! We'll pass on your feedback to Richard and our Kew team - we know they will be happy to hear your comments. We are sorry to hear about the hiccups you have had and glad to know Richard was on to it. We do appreciate your patience. We hope you continue to enjoy your kitchen for many years to come. The Damco Kitchens Team

Very happy client

Thank you to the Damco team. From the initial design sit down to final sign off the experience has been a pretty smooth one. Every renovation has its hiccups, but Damco were able to fix any issues within a day or two and always on call. The kitchen looks amazing and at a good price too.

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Hi Justin Thank you for the fantastic feedback on your new kitchen, and taking the time to leave this review! We’re really happy to hear that you had a great experience with Damco Kitchens! We pride ourselves on our personalised service, so were thrilled to hear that you found it to be a smooth and supportive process. The Damco Kitchens Team

5 Stars

Having our Kitchen renovated was a dream project since it was something that we wanted to be perfect. We had a number of bad experience researching before we got to Damco Kitchens. We had a few quotes cheaper than Damco but had no confidence in them with how it’s going to come up since everybody wanted to give a price and sell, not sure about quality workmanship and trades.
At Damco it was so much at ease and a pleasant experience from our first meet with Aj there was no pressure we were briefed with great ideas products and process. Designing our Kitchen and accommodating changes to suit our needs and advice from the team helped us so much to put together our desired kitchen. We like to thank the team at Damco everybody from Designer Project manager and all the trades that helped undertake everything such smoothly. We love our new kitchen and Damco certainly have played a big role in getting our desired out come bringing a great transformation to our home. The completion was very thoroughly inspected by their project manager and small fixtures were fixed promptly. We would highly recommend the team at Damco to any one renovating their kitchen without a doubt.


Thank you to Rick, Sonia & Jake for putting up so much time and being so helpful. The process from designing our complex kitchen, meals area & family room has been exceptional. Much appreciate being so patient in understanding our requirements and putting our ideas into fruition, which resulted in a fantastic layout and created a more modern and practical design. In particular being able to coordinate the new kitchen install around a major reno - removal of 2 walls & incorporating a new sliding door to our verandah - has resulted in an amazing area which has completely transformed our house. Right from the outset in dealing with the builder as well as their own tradies, the scheduling, installation and completion has been great. We were always kept up to date with what was going on & any issues were quickly resolved to our satisfaction. Our kitchen looks absolutely stunning which would not have been possible without your help through out. We would highly recommend Damco Kitchens for a great reno. Thank you!!

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Hi Sandra & Joe, Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback on Product Review! We’re so glad that you love your new kitchen, are pleased with how smoothly the process ran, and that our communication channels are working well - we work very hard at this, as we know how important it is. It’s always great to receive customer feedback, especially when it is positive. We’ll pass on your comments to our team, who who we're sure will be thrilled to hear your feedback :)

Happy client

We are very happy with the advice and work carried out by the Damco team on our bathroom/ laundry room which was not a normal square box of a room. Rick our designer was a delight as was Richard our PRoject Manager who resolved very quickly a small issue we had .
We have no hesitation in recommending this company and coming back to them for further renovation work.

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Thank you Isobel for such a great review! We work really hard to offer the best possible service and we are so happy to see that reflected in your project. We will make sure Rick and Richard get the recognition they deserve. Hope to see you again !!!!

A good kitchen with only a few minor hiccups.

From start to finish it has been a pleasure dealing with the crew. Satisfied with the kitchen but then I am not the fussy type. Finish could have been better in detail however it looks good and the next test would be down the track once the kitchen gets used. I plan to use them for the bathrooms and will make sure it meets my expectations.


Pathetic experience we had with Damco during the free consultation period with Damco’s designer [Name Removed] who asked us to pay $ 1000 on the free consultation session to calm his insecurity levels for his impractical designs.The most impolite designer [Name Removed], who had his mind set that I was there to take his designs for free in the free consultation session as my spouse hadn’t showed up on time and also cause they were threatened by Masters being his competition for designing our home.They had the audacity to ask me and my partner to come back when both of would be present together or leave as they had too much work on his plate to entertain us for their self-held meeting. When we didn’t budge they bombarded us with questions relating to why we were present there when we had also consulted Masters to design our home as his competition.
His levels of insecurity dint come down till I raised my tone for indirectly distrusting us and creating a disruption to our meeting. They finally showed us his impractical kitchen design which took us 2 hours to re do by giving him ideas rather than he giving us.
Once the whole design was finalized and an average quote was given they asked for commitment from us by paying $1000 upfront on the “free consultation session”. We refused to do so as we needed to think over his ideas and get back to him with our research.
They dint believe us and refused to discuss the bathroom design and go ahead with the meeting. They also mentioned they dint care if we were upset with his behavior as they would get 99 other customers against losing one.
We wouldn’t recommend [Name Removed], a designer of Damco, to anyone as they wouldn’t work for you unless you satisfy his insecurity levels for his impractical design that is rather is below average and nothing extraordinary.

Perfect Kitchen....Perfectly Managed

I have been shopping around for long for that one company who could deliver my drenm kitchen. I am a foodie and love cooking...so I had very specific requirements for my kitchen.
Ajay from Damco Kitchens (Kew) visited me and he was very patient at listening to my requirements and agreed to draw up a design before I visited the showroom. I was very anxious to see the design translated from my mind onto a 3D kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised and that kicked off my dream kitchen project.
Except a few hiccups....which I believe are part and parcel of any building project....the project was beautifully managed. I dealt with the project manager Jake who was meticulously organised and made things look easy. I had specific requirements with regards to the doors and the pantry shelves which were accommodated for.
Great team to deal with....a seamless experience through and through.

Very Much Recommended Damco Kitchens

Thank you Damco for doing a great job on my kitchen and bathrooms. Thank you Ajay for putting up so much time and being so helpful. The process from designing a complex kitchen as mine and making it so functional has been exceptional. Much appreciate being so patient in understanding my requirement and coming up with a fantastic layout which I could have never thought of neither did get any help from other places. Your pricing payment process, Check measure, scheduling, installation and completion has been brilliant. Bravo Team Damco for a great service. My Kitchen and bathroom looks absolutely stunning which would not have been possible without your help through out. I would highly recommend Damco Kitchens for a great Reno. Thank you!!

12months later i am still disapointed

Designing the kitchen was fabulous, selling us the kitchen was fabulous.... installing the kitchen a nightmare. It started from day 1 when the guys to remove the kitchen didn't turn up so the project manager started it... then the plaster broke into the house to "view the job" before he started... how could he break in? the house was without locks for ten days when installing the double doors... then the cupboards were ordered the wrong size (we were asked to keep the smaller size and they would build into the wall to accommodate the fridge)... the sinks we had didn't fit the design (normal sinks)... the bench tops were too short so the cupboards were cut down to size exposing an unpolished portion of the flooring...the wooden bench tops are crap (although they do look good) ....the 2pak cupboards (they told us these were the best they supplied) are chipping......the list of issues with the kitchen goes on and on - no one cared. The French doors (purchased by us but installed by Damco) were "butchered" and cant be fixed because you cant replace wood that has been removed/hacked into (as suggested by two carpenters), however Damco weren't willing to pay for new ones and gave us $900 towards the claim of $2100 (to purchase and install new doors) without a reason why the claim was reduced. I look at the kitchen and am disappointed at how much it cost and how cheap it looks...sometimes it makes me just want to move house - dramatic I know but I am just so disappointed at such an expensive exercise.

Kitchen Renovation

My experience wit Damco has been easy and all question for a novice renovator have been address promptly. I have been kept informed all the way. I'd recommend these guys . Thank you.

Installation of kitchen

Our initial visit with Rick was extremely helpful and we had no hesitation in going with Damco, We met Szabi and NIck at the check measure and they were great with ideas, etc. our kitchen is now finished and we are absolutely delighted!

Kitchen renovation

We had damco do our kitchen and we are extremely happy with the service and outcome of our kitchen. Timeline was set and completed on time. All our family and friends have all commented on how beautiful our kitchen is... 5 stars for servic and quality.. Especially to [Name removed],

Made our Deam KItchen come true and turn our Laundry around into something great.

We love our new kitchen and thank Damco for all the work they did from the start to the end.
From the start when [Name removed] come in and heard and designed what we wanted, when we did not know how to start. Then to all the work men coming & going, headed by a great project manager- [Name removed]. He made sure everything was done perfectly every step of the way and heard and fixed every issue that we had.
They also worked on our small laundry and placed some storage cupboards in, to make into a more functional working laundry.
[Name removed] was great to make the kitchen and laundry reno go ahead of time frame, which was great.

As a side note- just needed to keep on communication was needed from Damco, when ahead of scheduled. For trades were showing up, unscheduled, according to the time line given by Damco.

Overall we LOVE our new kitchen and have already and would continue to recommend Damco on the work they have done to our kitchen.
Thank you [Name removed] & [Name removed] and all the people involved at Damco Kitchens.

Excellent product and service

Highly recommend Damco Kitchens. They managed the process extremely well (including structural work, permits and building surveyors) and managed to resolve any issues that arose quickly. We love our new kitchen and are very happy with the look and quality. The commitment to quality was evident when we received a replacement door because the factory foreman wasn't entirely happy with one that was supplied, and we couldn't work out which was the faulty door! An added bonus is that everything is made in Melbourne which makes getting replacements very quick! Most importantly Szabi managed to complete the phases of the kitchen in the timeframes agreed, which was important to us.

As a note, take your time at the quote stage and especially at the check and measure because things move quickly after that and it's difficult to make changes.

All in all we would definitely recommend Damco Kitchens.

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