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Dan Murphy's
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Delivery is terrible!

The delivery service is a courier and will only deliver 9-5 Mon to Fri and didn’t press the door bell on 3 days that I was home. Still awaiting delivery.

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Delivery service does not deliver

Hopeless!!! Delivery delayed, customer "service" have no idea why and for how long, however no delays in charging my credit card. Never again I will order from this mob and would not recommend it to anyone.

Product Quality
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Terrible service

Very disappointed, was told 3 days delivery for an order , wow 11 days , what a poor excuse for delivery and customer service, never again, I’ll stick with the local bottle shop , you’re lost me and a lot of others , poor business practices

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Top Ryde City Dan Murphy's the Best

I always do my grog shopping from Top Ryde Dan Murphy's and I am always satisfied with the friendly staff and service. They know what they are talking about. I am knowledgeable with wine, but not scotch and they gave me great advice for a scotch as a present for a friend and he never stops raving about it, so well done to the staff.

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Good service

I purchase alcohol in store every Friday, I always have my small child with me and as the store staff can see my hands are full they always offer to help, even carrying my purchases to my car for me. This is excellent service and makes me want to keep attending this store.

Garbage Delivery Service

A week after ordering a gift I was sent a msg for me to call the Dan murphy's delivery service.
I did so and they asked for me to confirm the delivery address, which was correct.
They advised the driver attended site and couldn't find the business then 2 days later went again and could not find again. (unsure why you would attend twice without calling, the place isn't just going to appear overnight?)

They now cannot reattend again till next week.
Your joking right what's so difficult about a delivery?

Hope it makes it there before Christmas.

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By far the WORST delivery service I have ever used.

Ordered some drinks as a wedding gift for my brother's wedding.
Picked same day delivery with a two-hour time slot. The order didn't show up, no explanation or apology.
Called to complain the next day, and was promised a refund on delivery charge, plus a same-day courier deliver to rectify.
STILL no show.
Finally the following day, a store manager (thank you [name removed] from bulls creek store) delivered the order PERSONALLY, after store closing time, as, despite our promised courier delivery, they were advised that we were picking it up.
For a final flourish, they did actually attempt to deliver our order the following day, despite my having called to advise them that we had received it!
Oh, and also, some of the items which were supposedly a special price on delivery, were either unavailable, or charged at the full price regardless.
Incompetent and unprofessional.

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Amazing service!

I order a last minute valentines day gift for my partner at 9am Valentine's day , and i was amazed with the service , gift wrap and my own personalised letter for free and delivered. Although Delivery was not on time , they had the courtesy to contact me and also refund in full the delivery amount and the delay time was only 1hour which is reasonable considering the day.
Absolutely satisfied!

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Seriously how hard can it be! Over 3 weeks and no sign of my $456 order! Tracking shows “dispatched” since 30 Jan. Rang customer support three times. They have no idea where my order is! Shameful!

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Staff talked me out of a deal

I asked the staff member at the checkout if there’s was any specials on lunch products and if it was worth scanning my members card. He told me there were no specials And as soon as I got home I checked and half of my items had members offers...

How terrible and slow can you possibly be!!!

I ordered from two different companies on the same day. I ordered some Belgian Beer. One company was amazing and my product was supplied accurately and promptly. The other company was Dan Murphy’s. What I horror show!!! Took 5-6 weeks for delivery. Could only provide a delivery window of 24 hours! I’ve had plumbers on Sunday easier to deal with. They had no actual dealing with the delivery company so they were unable to provide the simplest of tracking information. Totally incompetent from start to finish.
Do yourself a favour a look elsewhere if you’re expecting a good experience.

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Ambrose in Sydney deserves recognition!

Impeccable service and prices from Dan Murphy’s online. They are always on time and our regular delivery driver Ambrose (Sydney, Double Bay store) has been amazing, consistent, polite and goes over and above with our deliveries every time. Thanks Ambrose!

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Absolutely not the cheapest in town

As a matter of fact all Dan Murphy stores charge $ 93.99 for 1 carton Leffe Blonde beer. The same beer can be bought at Liquorshed in Jandacot for $ 74.99. Being a regular customer of Dan Murphy in Cannington WA it would be greaty appreciated to purchase aforesaid merchandise at the same price.
Richard Fenson

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Terrible - Don't waste your time

Lesson learnt. Read the reviews and trust them. How they continue to operate baffles me. Staff on the phone can be touch and go and even the good ones seem to get things wrong. Standard delivery apparently means they can't specify a delivery time yet they did send one and did not actually come during the time. Given it's alcohol, it requires someone over 18 to sign for it, so their logical solution is you should be at home all day between 9-5pm mon-fri and wait for the delivery. Solution? I changed the delivery to a work address the afternoon of the failed delivery after which the alcohol went back to Glen Waverley but wait there's more.......delivery won't come on the next day as promised but rather the day after that if I'm lucky. Oh the absolute joke they are!!!!! Save yourself the time and money, shop somewhere else and get the better service you effectively pay for.

Terrible- don't order from them

I wish I invested time to read people reviews before ordering from Dan Murphy online shop . Never ever again. Order never came . Couriers are not even coming to the street and then telling that no one home for delivery. And it is not a X-mas time when lots of them were doing this. And don't trust that it is 10 days you will expect your delivery. Over 2 weeks and still nothing. Liars and promises. Customer service is terrible experience over the phone.

Waiting for order

I’m waiting more like 3 weeks and nothing. Nobody take care for customer. Very bad service. I called several times and sent emails and nothing. Everyone says a different explanation.

Trying to rip off

The oldest woman working at the checkout on Friday the 01/02/2019 tried to rip me off today so I told her to keep the bottles she was going to overcharge for then she got annoyed.

Good Price and Service

I have had 3 deliveries to different addresses and numerous pick ups from store and everything has always gone smoothly. No complaints whatsoever.

Staff in Smithfield Cairns shockingly bad...

Staff at this outlet unbelievably bad no idea of service real bogans and unfriendly to boot the car park is a pigsty always rubbish strewn about shopping trolleys rarely brought in and it is a very busy shop it is amazing because the other one in Cairns which there are only two - the one out in Earlville is always neat and tidy and much better staff the managers in the Smithfield one just don't seem to have a clue they need to be moved on or rotated I have mentioned this to head office but they never bothered to even reply to my feedback as I have purchased here for the last 8 years under duress I might add.

Extremely poor service

Had to order over phone as online would not let payment process. Worst decision. I live in South Australia and delivery was to be to Queensland. 3 days later wine arrived at my house. It was for a birthday present but Dan Murphys would not rectify the order until they had picked up wine at my house! 3 days later someone picked up the wine and they did not even knock on the door. 2 days later someone else came to pick up wine, he told us this frequently happens. Phoned Dan Murphys to be told order was in a warehouse but because Townsville is classified as country they could not tell me when it would be delivered. Long past the original birthday of the recipient. In the end had to cancel order and get refund and send money for the friend to select himself....where is the surprise in that!!!! Wish i had read these reviews first as i definitely would not have chosen Dan Murphys. Everyone be aware of this dreadful customer service.

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Has any one failed to get the Irish competition points when purchasing Guinness Draught cans 440ml? My advise is check .
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It's a simple case of I bought a carton of beer but it was the wrong carton I still have three six packs left what can i do?
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Grow up simpleton,it took them 11 days to deliver a bottle of gentleman’s jack, no lies, pathetic service

Went to Dan's today and the lady asked me for ID, I'm nearly 40 mind you, that wasn't the problem. She then took my licence and started typing on her Computer. I'm not sure why she has to do this to check my age but I was concerned as I have never had anyone I provided my if , to check age type info into there computer. Any advise would be appreciated
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