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Davey Crystal Clear Media Filter

Davey Crystal Clear Media Filter

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Cracked in 24 months

This is the second Davey sand filter I have owned which has cracked.
I had an older model plastic unit which cracked 9 years into its 10 year warranty, fortunately i had the paper work and it was replaced under warranty however the replacement late model unit has also cracked 24 months on. Poolmart said they won't remedy the situation.
The crack and water leak resulted the destruction of the pool's water pump also.

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Mine just did that too, did you do some research into alternatives? what did you end up going with?
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Hey. I went to a different pool shop because the other didn't want to help) they were stockists of Austral. Hadn't heard of them before but we are now 5 years in at it is going strong still. I think it is the FG Media Filter. (fibreglass shell)

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