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Horrible ..horrible..

Bought a adult unisex sunglass from online shop last week and today i received a kids sunglass... No word to express gratitude towards f####%$# david jones for sending that useless thing..

Never buy online from David Jones

They took my money and for three weeks no one can find out what happened to my order and when complainted to the manager he promised to help but did not even can or wanted to help and let stranded for another week. I had to make a big scene then they said sorry we don’t have the stock and gave me a refund

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Item purchased is lost of track

I paid for an item online on 11th of Aug but haven't received it yet, 6th of Sep.

I contacted David Jones via a few different ways, by email, over phone and live-chat. No response from email. People over the phone and live-chat just asked me to wait and said they would escalate this to a different department. For weeks, i've been trying to contact them to get at least an update or timeframe about where the product is and when they can delivered but no luck.

The most words i heard or read are, 'unfortunately...' .

I thought it's really a 'unfortunately' for me until i came here and saw so many negative comments.

Good luck David Jones!

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Order was cancelled four days after it was supposedly shipped

I ordered an item for a birthday present from David Jones Online, ensuring it was in stock and could be delivered quickly.

Purchased it on Saturday and received Proof of Purchase and tax invoice email. On Monday, I received an email to say that my order had been shipped and was provided an Aus Post tracking number. Was expecting it by Wednesday at the latest. Nope. On Friday, I received an email to say my order could not be fulfilled. Yes, my order that had apparently been shipped and had spent the week in transit with a courier was no longer in stock! No explanation given, no update to say another item from stock would be sent instead.

I then spent 90 minutes dealing with various people in David Jones costumer services, and still no item. So at the moment, I need to wait for a gift card to be emailed to me (which can take 24 hours) and then re-purchase the item again. And pray to the online gods that this time it gets delivered.

I will never buy from David Jones again.

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Never never again

Ordered click and collect before 1pm. Why tell customers that item will be available for pick up after 4pm. More than 24 hrs later, the store has no record of order. Stock manager has gone home, order won’t be fulfilled until morning, provided stock is available. Good lord. Can’t run an online service then please don’t offer it.

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This is an absolute joke! What has happened to David Jones?? Quick reliable efficient service. Items are either not available and if they are you need to click and collect!! - this is not online shopping! Please bring back the old David Jones.

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Absolutely terrible customer service!

Still waiting on an order placed on 26th July. After 2 phone calls and 40min on the phone, there has been no resolution and the store is unable to advise where the item is. Have been told I will be contacted via email in 48hrs, which I was also told on 9th Aug, but was never contacted. For a store that used to pride itself on customer service, your standards have definitely dropped. I won’t be ordering online again with you.

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Slow delivery not mentioned on ordering

I ordered a washing machine online and expected it would be delivered within a few days. Nowhere on the website did it mention it can take up to 13 working days and that the delivery would come from Samsung itself. If they did I would not have purchased from David Jones online as I was without a machine. I learnt my lesson there. They sent me a tracking number via email but on their own admission it didn’t relate to anything! I wish I had bought the machine elsewhere as many companies offered next day, free delivery with removal of old machine. The online assistant staff were most unhelpful. I would not buy from them online again.

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They don’t know international shoe size differences #$&@*

AU shoe sizes are not the same as US shoe sizing! You cannot advertise a US14 shoe as an AU14, because it is actually an AU13 (Same as UK13) SURELY a store like DJ’s should know that!! Bought 2 pairs of Sketchers online advertised as AU14’s which arrived and where clearly marked as US14 and UK13’s. A waste of time, effort and money.
You need to lift your “game” DJ’s ..... shoe buyers beware!

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Unbelievably bad.

.Went to checkout my basket (12 items) from their so -called "on-line store" only to discover that none of the items could be delivered. Advised they were "click and collect" only.
mmm...not great but ok . I was prepared to drive to pickup my order. HOWEVER, they don't collate the order!
You apparently are supposed to click on EACH item and then pick it up from a store that has it (mostly 3 or 4 stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Not great if you live in WA)
When I finally got through to their client help they told me the only way I could get my items was. to phone each individual store and get them to transfer it to a local store where I could then pick it up ??? Umm, that is not on - line shopping.
While every one of the people I I dealt was pleasant, courteous and tried to be helpful, DJ 's online is a bad joke.

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Great online buying experience and quick delivery

As a stay at home carer I find it hard to get out to look at products in the shops so online shopping is a must. I always do a lot of research on the items I am purchasing and the retail store I am using. I did read quite a lot of bad reviews regarding the online shopping with David Jones so was a little put off, but as they offered free delivery and the product was cheaper I went ahead.
I am so glad I did as the product arrived at my home in just 3 days from ordering it.
Thank you David Jones and hopefully you will keep up the good work.

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Negative -100 Stars /

Living in the 21st century where Amazon, Coles & Woolworths offers 'same day delivery' It has been 5 days since my online order and my item is NOT YET SHIPPED. I spend 45minutes waiting on the phone to only receive "Its coming soon" from the customer service. I decided to go online to use their 'CHAT' but after spending half an hour waiting for a reply, i finally received "All our customer service are offline"

David Jones can suck a##

Amazon could deliver products within 7 hours. David Jones cannot even ship it after 5 days

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Bad Customer Service leave David Jones away

I bought something from David Jones online with a free gift pack. Next day I received email said gift pack out of stock and they cancelled the free gift pack. I spent more than 2 hours on their online chat and phone call. They told they can't cancel the order. Only thing I can do is I pick up the order and then return it. Their customer service is really waste life. Screw David Jones.

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Terrible Service

I was in the market for a new washing machine due to my previous one being irreparable. I did my research and decided on the Bosch model that I purchased. I looked online for the best price, and whilst I may have been able to get it a tiny bit cheaper elsewhere, I was able to earn Qantas frequent flyer points by purchasing online with David Jones, and had an element of trust in the name David Jones, and so I chose to purchase.
The purchase was made on Saturday 13/07/2019. The confirmation email I received advised that a representative would be in contact to organise delivery. I didn’t expect that I would be contacted over the weekend, but rather likely on the Monday. I wasn’t contacted. I sent an email on Monday 15/07 in the late afternoon, asking when I could expect to hear from someone about delivery. The next day I received a response from Julia, advising “orders for the WAN22120AU 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine are supplied and processed by the vendor, Bosch. As such, estimated time frame for these products are approximately 2-3 weeks. Once your order has been sourced by the vendor, the order is then transferred to the local David Jones Warehouse who will contact you to arrange for a suitable delivery time. ”
2-3 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to source a washing machine, but given this was the case, they should advise customers of this in the order confirmation email.
I waited 3 weeks, and did not hear from anyone in that time about delivery. I sent an email on Sunday 04/08 advising it had been 3 weeks and had still not heard from anyone. I then received a response from Vanessa on Tuesday 06/08, advising that they had been in touch with Bosch and my order had been processed and stock had been allocated and that Bosch would be in contact with me directly to organise the delivery.
I received a call from M3 logistics Wednesday afternoon to arrange delivery, to be told deliveries are only made between 9-5 Monday to Friday. I work full time and live alone. So I had to make special arrangements with work to allow me to be home for the delivery, which was inconvenient, but manageable. The delivery was organised for today, Friday 09/08. The delivery guys called me at 8:44am and said they were 30 minutes away, however didn’t arrive until about 45 minutes. They were friendly enough, however just left the delivery and took off. Any large item I’ve had delivered from other places in the past have unboxed the item, installed if necessary, and taken away the packaging. I am now left to install the washing machine myself and dispose of the packaging.
Worst online shopping experience I've had.

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TO be prepared to call a hundred times if your item is faulty

Very unpleasant experience, you need to chase up the online customer support yourself for the last 1.5 months where everyone in there is just rolling the balls.

I bought a Chloe handbag online and it turned out to be faulty. I have to refund the bag physically at BOURKE ST DJ and placed a new phone order to a James street store in Queensland. When the second handbag arrived, it was faulty again with obvious marks and stains on the holder. I called customer support three times but no one has taken responsibility to resolve the issues. The recent call that I was told this is not what they can help, I have to call the store directly, I would gladly appreciate if this was told at the first time 1.5 months ago. Fyi: I have been chasing up dj since the beginning of july. Shopping has never been this hard for me. On the second call, I was told this handbag was on discount and condition may not be good. Seriously, you would need to update your website prior putting it on discount! With a note says faulty item. Wouldn't recommend anyone to buy expensive stuff from DJ.

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Misleading Click and Collect Guarantee!

I purchased an item early morning at 7am after reading their policy online stating that you can collect your item if you ordered online before 1pm!

I really needed this item for tonight and of course, David Jones did not have my item ready! The item is literally there at the counter but because I purchased online, they cannot grabbed the one in the counter and kept saying that my item is NOT ready to be picked up and for me to wait for my collection email!

David Jones should put down the statement regarding being able to pick up same day!

Absolutely useless.

I’m housebound with disability, and my parents are my carers. I do as much shopping as possible online, for both them and myself. I read an article that said David Jones was introducing a rewards card because they were losing customers. I have bought from them before, but I didn’t seem to be signed up for any rewards and couldn’t work out how to, so I signed up with a different email address as I was making a purchase on behalf of my mum anyway. She needed to buy a gift for my sister.

Mum got a $10 voucher for signing up, which was great. I went to the sale section to find something suitable for a gift, but after clicking on hundreds of items, I was struggling to find anything that wasn’t click-and-collect. I messaged DJ on Facebook to ask if there was a way to filter out click-and-collect items. The automated reply said, “We try to be as responsive as possible. We'll get back to you shortly.” A week later, I hadn’t heard back, so I messaged them again. They said there was no way to filter, but if there was something specific I wanted they’d look into it for me.

I told them that by then I’d purchased a Philosophy perfume from the sale section, but the order had been abruptly cancelled. I also told them I had received neither email notification nor explanation – just a new $10 voucher to replace the one I’d used. They didn’t reply to this message.

I assumed the perfume was simply out of stock, and placed a second order for a Philosophy gift set, slightly more expensive. Again, the order was cancelled. Again, no email notification, no explanation.
I contacted DJ again via Facebook (they never did “look into” my last cancelled purchase for me) and they said “We will follow up with our online team and request they contact you as soon as possible.”

Next I received an email saying “we are currently investigating your orders with our order verification team.” A follow-up email said: “In order to protect the security of our customer’s accounts, we require further verification before some orders can be processed.” I had 24 hours to forward copies of the “credit card used to place the order and valid photo ID such as a driver’s licence, passport or other Proof of Age card/Photo Card (approved by an Australian State/Territory Government).”

Confusingly, the email said “We kindly request that you provide the below information within the next 24 hours to enable us to continue processing your order…Please ensure you send the information within the timeframe specified above to ensure your order is not delayed or cancelled. Please be advised that you will need to place another order after we have verified your documents, as the current order #-------- has already been cancelled.” Which is it? Are you processing my order or has it been cancelled?

By now I was fed up. I had been trying for two weeks to place an order totalling about $30, and I was not only finding it impossible, but was being treated like a criminal, presumably because I was using my mother’s credit card but placing the order in my own name. This is something I do very frequently, and I have never once had a problem.

I contacted DJ again via Facebook to find out what was going on and why this extra information was necessary and they said, again, “we've raised this with our Online team, who will get in contact as soon as possible.” This is simply not true. They’ll get in touch with you if and when they feel like it.

Meanwhile, I forwarded the details they’d asked for and waited. Two days later, nothing. I sent a follow-up email reminding them to respond. Three days later, still nothing. I sent another message via FB to remind them that I’m waiting to hear back. No response yet, and I’m giving up.

This whole process has been stressful, time consuming and humiliating. It’s become abundantly clear why they’re losing customers, and a rewards card isn’t going to solve their problem. They’re losing customers because they behave as though they don’t actually want them.

I have to say that in the two weeks this saga has dragged on, I’ve made three purchases from David Jones’ leading competitor, and the online shopping process has been not only easy, but a pleasure. We’ll be shopping there from now on.

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Sale but always out of stock

Every time out of stock or some items are only for click and collect. The best thing is the closest place could be 800km. What a joke. If don't have take the item out.

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Item missing, terrible customer service

At the start of the month I ordered 2 Clinique items as they were promoting a free gift with purchase... this never came. I have made multiple phone calls the first one I was told “we will send it out” the second call “there’s no notes on your order, I will follow it up and call back” (no phone call back) the third call “that wasn’t a promotion, it is Lancôme”
Ummm no how about you learn your promotions, the Lancôme is the current promotion but not the promotion running when I ordered.

Yep will definitely keep ordering from Myer.

Product Quality

Worst online experience

This was the first & I must admit the last experience with David Jones online.
David Jones sent me a gift card to spend at David Jones to encourage me to move away from Myer. It was sale time & I purchased a calvin klein bag on sale.
Next day, I was sent an email "On this occasion, we're sorry to advise we are unable fulfil the item(s) in your order". No other explanation.
I call them up and am told that the item is not at the pick up store so David Jones cancelled the order.
I ask is the order at another store? I am told - yes.
I ask to move the pick up to another store and am told "No, the order is already cancelled you will have to purchase it again" (meanwhile I have to wait for my original purchase money back).
I asked what happens with my reward card that I used towards the item? I'm told "You will receive a new one in the mail" and given no indication as to when.
I asked what about that the item was on sale and isn't anymore? I'm told I am to pay the full price and chase David Jones for the discounted amount"!!
In all the times I have purchased items on line, I have never experienced this.
I didn't rebuy the bag and will go back to shopping at other stores.

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