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The Worst


Gave them a month notice
They still charged me money.
Then I texted them to ask for explanation. They kept saying this is my last payment then apologised about the error.
Now over a month, I haven’t received my refund.



JMorrisSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Unprofessional and outrageous penalty


The reviewer stated that an incentive was offered for this review

Zamasu B.

Zamasu B.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC



They'll put you in debt, they'll change the amount of money coming out, if you accidentally miss a payment due to time of debit, they'll debit you double and an extra $15 all on same day next time without informing you that anything happened or went wrong, so if you don't have the much extra amount of money in the account at the time they'll change another $15 on top.They all try to be secretive about any extra debit amounts unless you specifically ask they'll not say anything and stay quiet In hopes they'll get away with charging yet another $15 again and again and again! This is the worst of the worst, if you ever see this company contract run away!!


DaySouth East Queensland, QLD

Debit Success stole money from my account.


I was charged fees for late payment due to circumstance beyond my control. Then when debit Success did take a payment they took a double payment and didn't refund me for their mistake



MiguelGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Rip offs


I have had nothing but issues with this company to the point where we have finally seeked legal advice and now can take this further as we have been ripped off . They have been charging us whenever they want, doubling payments adding late fees that should have not been added as they are meant by law to contact U if the direct debit was unsuccessful which they don't and the list goes on. I suggest anyone using this company to check Ur account note everything down.print and get legal advice also report it ombudsman as they can help too


Apparently no money to pay fee


Getting charged an extra $14.95 late fee for not having funds in my account to pay my membership I guess the $500 sitting in my account just isn’t there. Not the first time either.


MelRichmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Problem company


This company isn’t willing to help they only in it for themselves to stuff people around. Hard company to deal with and never clear on instructions on there ridiculous contract rules. I am totally getting no where with this company, it will be the last time I deal with them that’s for sure so hope there are gyms or other sport activities that doesn’t associate with debt success. I need to seek legal advise to deal with them because they won’t resolve an issue, it’s always good to get a ombudsman on your side. Dam!! their customer service needs to improve

Alec F.

Alec F.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 8 reviews



This sort of stuff needs to be left in the 90s. Hard to monitor how much you’ve paid/owed/cancel. Need to call for everything. Shouldn’t be that way in 2020!

Painful to cancel, painful overall. I refuse to use businesses that insist on using this model.



PamGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Ripp off company. Do not sign up with them.


I read the reviews to realize I am not alone. Had a go with this ripp off company for karate clasess.Unsucessfull payment will cost additional $12.
Charging for school holiday period when karate place is close for 4 weeks. Asked to cancel my account which I pay weekly basis to stop getting me ripped off further. Then they want 28 days of notice which is not in the agreement.
Don't know why sporting places use this scammers.
Stay away at all cost.


Will not use for my clients


Takes money at wrong times wrong amounts. Horrible company
Better companies out there that do not steal from your accounts early like these people do. Will advise against any body using this service



GeorgeSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 7 reviews

Shocking Company. No Better Than The Banks


They have no right to send a fee until they have tried again. Don't pay any fees until they have. Extremely dishonest company. Why does a company like village roadshow use these cowboys.

Do not trust


Accused me to not having sufficient money for my gym's membership. Despite providing three bank statements, I was still forced to pay the reversal fee when it was clearly not my fault. Staff are useless and do not actively help you but say that they will pass your issue onto someone else. Do not recommend


LalaLuluSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews
  • Verified customer

A dishonest company that harasses people


These guys are unprofessional and harass paying customers. I now refuse to deal with any company that uses their services.

I joined Lifestyle Health Club at Redbank Plains and gave the necessary notice to cancel my membership.

Now they allow Debit Success to harass me constantly for a debt I do not owe and I am now being threatened with debt collectors.

Be aware of them demanding your debit or credit card details. Do not hand them over.



MackroseSydney Surrounds, NSW

Absolute scam artists!


These guys have been helping themselves to $14.95 for no reason every fortnight when they take my child care fees. I also put a limit of $250 on my fortnightly debit in the contact as my bill is only $80 p/w and have been unusually billed by child care till the end of the year for $490 so I am waiting to see if they break contract and take more then the $250 in one fortnight no doubt they will. I will be going straight to the ombudsman either way $105 of a single mum so far absolutely appalling!

Isiah V.

Isiah V.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews

Just terrible


Debit success just sucks, I had contacted my gym before about the payment yet they still pester me about debit I had already fixed. Any Gym should not trust them.


ExodusMetropolitan Adelaide, SA



Ive recently started a new contract with my gym, debit success, they took the original money i owed out of my account, then they returned it, and now they are saying im late on my payment and charged me with a late fee, i went to pay it, and it asked for my client number, password and then went on to ask me for netcode which im not meant to disclose to anyone! It seemed weird so i went to check reciews on the company and saw almost everyone else is having simalar issues. I cancelled that transaction and also changed my netbank password which i originally gave to them. Hopefully tomorrow i can find a new way to pay my gym fees! This is not right!




  • 3 reviews



When my payments are taking out of my bank I get a email the next day saying I'm late paying 2 weeks later I get a fine $20 anotherone $10 ring them up to say they're taking it out on the wrong times I think the company's that are using this company should be checking on what's going on the osbunman should be looking in to them



They are not a very good company I put my details correctly in and was paying my gym membership then I started to get late fees saying the card was declined even though I had enough money in the account so I paid those late fees off and all was going well i recently had my card stolen and I changed the details they told me I had an over 100 dollar late fee on it so I contacted them for the woman to rudely speak to me and ridicule me when her end kept cutting out she also hung up on me when they called back.


ImyFar North Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Would not even given them 1 star


Payments were deducted fine with no issue for the first few weeks,
I have today just received my second email asking to now pay $34 dollars late fee. This is a total of over $50 now in late fees.
Im completely confused, as my account as more then the balance required and has every week, every other payment I make online or in store goes through with no issue.
I would avoid using this company,


Adam S.

Adam S.Perth, WA



Same as everyone else charged late fees when the money was available ignored the bank statement I sent them change date of billing to suit them. Customer service are rude and of no help. Deserve negative stars

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Questions & Answers




Why does debit success ask for my netbanking client number and password when attempting to pay online by direct debit? If I disclosed this information I would e violating the terms and conditions of my netbanking account with my bank.

There is a reddit that talks about this - https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/c9bnb8/zap_fitness_payment_gateway_asking_for_netbak/


No answers

Sophie R.

Sophie R.asked

Someone other than debit success please reply!
Has anyone gone through the accc or financial ombudsman to sort this company out? I am at my wits end with paying extra money every week. It is disgraceful how this business works but I just want to find a way out of it. Ever since signing up for my gym they have been nothing but trouble. I still use my gym and cannot afford to pay the fee for breaking the contract. I have also heard from countless people of them transferring their gym membership only to have debt collectors come back months later saying they owe $800+ to this company. I am sure they aren't attempting to take money out of my account resulting in a fee. I just want to know what my options are to avoid this fraudulent and pathetic excuse for a company.

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Julia P
Julia P

I would also like to go through a financial ombudsman as I have been charged outside of my contract for Debit Success

Kylie R

Kylie Rasked

Does you company appear as DEBITSSUCCESDF Notting H" on bank statements?

2 answers
Debit Success
Debitsuccess T.Debit Success

Hi Kylie

Thank you for your message. In order to accurately respond to this rplease contact us via pr@debitsuccess.com with the account name and number and we can look into your query.

Kind regards, the Debitsuccess team


Yes, that is one of the ways their company appears. Debitsuccessdf is the company name and the location debiting the amount is usually shown afterwards. I am not sure why this needs a name and account number, unless they want to be using it for 'chasing a default' or similar.

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