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Debit Success

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This company needs to be shut down

I’d tell you my experience with this company except that I’ve read the first five complaints and they already say it all — endless emails telling me a whole lot of rubbish in an effort to make me give up and cut my losses re. numerous penalty charges made when I had sufficient funds in my account and they claimed I did not.

They readily take your money but they do not like reimbursing you charges they’ve made once they’ve been caught out.

I’ve been told funds are meant to be available 3 days in advance of when you sign the contract for a scheduled amount to come out (?? never heard of this concept before). If that was the case shouldn’t it be written on the original contract you sign?

There’s so many dodgy, illegal things going on with this company.

Report them to consumer affairs ombudsman. The more complaints filed the sooner action can be taken.


Absolute worst

Worst company on earth. I cancelled my gym membership over three months ago and am still getting charged fees. What an absolute scam. Do not have anything to do with this company. Scammer alert!!!

They were really so kind and very helpful!

Debit Success have been truly so understanding with my payment situation! They always make it such a pleasure talking to them and they are so kind and helpful! I really am so grateful for their understanding and help within the payment plan! Thank you really so so much!


Been taking money for 12 months

I have had my gym membership cancelled 12 months ago yet you keen taking money out. Gym has been notified and as has office of fair trading do not use world gym or debit success. Zero stars

I'm changing gyms after my contract is up to avoid these scammers.

They don't charge on consistent days, Friday one fortnight, Thursday the next and charge a $10 dishonour fee for the first failed transaction (an issue when you don't know when the money will be coming out).

I've also had random charges to my account multiple times from this company.
I strongly suggest you ask the gym or service provider you are setting a debit up with what company they use. If they say debit success, avoid!


Poor Customer service!!!! Not Happy

Been paying for a theme park pass for my son & I for 3-4 years without one missed payment, without any notice that my card was about to expire I got slammed with a $10 late fee for unsuccessful payment not for one account but for 2 so ended up being a $20 late fee even though my son is only 7 it’s classified as his own account so it isn’t linked to mine what 7 year old can pay their own bills! Anyway I ended up contacting them about this issue and the First Lady was lovely and had my late fees waived! Same thing happened again for my partner card expired & they reckon they sent sms & emails to say unsuccessful payment but we didn’t receive a thing until a phone call today which led me to a phone call with a lady that was so smug & didn’t want to help at all except make us pay for 2 unsuccessful attempts now we owe $44 and tried to explain we hadn’t received any notification until today’s phone call and she could not care less as long as they get their money! I’m so disappointed that I have being paying my accounts without any failed debit attempts and this happens :( apparently it isn’t a legal obligation to notify us of any expiring cards. Even though my new card hadn’t even been taken out of the mailbox yet! Cancelled my 3 accounts and won’t be getting anything that is run by this company!

Also asked to speak to a manager and she declined and said no I couldn’t.Hi Melita, Sorry that you are experiencing such difficulty with this account - it is certainly not the experience that we wish for our customers to experience, so that we have a complete understating of your situation, are you able to provide your full name, the full names of those who currently have accounts and reference numbers emailed to resolutions@debitsuccess.com so we can investigate further and provide a complete resolution. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Vanessa


They made an error by taking two payments out of my account instead of one with each worth $438. I have spoken with them about getting the second payment refunded back to me as it has know left me with no money to pay bills or buy groceries and the earliest they say they can do the refund is 5 days and that's putting it through their system as an urgent request... this is not acceptable!!! Especially when it is their error. Would definitely not recommend using this company. If I could I would give them a Zero rating.

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Hey There, So sorry to here of the difficulty you are experiencing with your account - I can certainly understand your frustrations. Regrettably I am unable to discuss accounts on this platform, are you able to email us on resolutions@debitsuccess.com to discuss in further detail on what exactly has happened with your account? I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you and in the mean time, please do reach out if you have any further questions. Sincerely, Vanessa

Zero Star if Possible......

Being noticed via sms that my account is overdue with unsuccessful debt attempt. Check the account, fund is sufficient. Now they're charging $7 more for it!
It happened last time that no notice to advise me updating my expiring credit card details but two unsuccessful attempt notices with additional $15 on top of my normal payment.
To be honest, all other companies notify you (several times) before collecting penalties... Apparently this one earns its profit by collecting penalties...
Will possibly quit my membership because of this... had enough...

Unfriendly customer service and charge not stopped when it was supposed to

So I had called to cancel my membership. Person I spoke to was kind of rude and I was told I had to give 10 days notice and therefore there would be one more payment deducted. But here we are two weeks after I stopped my subscription and I am still being charged. Not a happy at all.

Absolutely disgusting!

Charged reversal fees (apparently)when my membership payment was in the bank not once but several times and I’m not the only one at the gym this has been happening to as I soon found out, statements have all been printed off and verified the money was in at the time the the direct debit was to come out as per my contract, it’s seems because you want to take money that you are not entitled to which leads to not enough for my other payment to come out and getting charged fees you are at fault, happy days DS you are in for some explaining it seems ;), people have been put in jail for less.

Zero Stars

My gym uses this company and my partner and I are constantly charged fees for unsuccessful payments. There is always sufficient funds in our account. Every other direct debit we have comes out successfully.

Garbage Fire: the DebitSuccess Story

This company is very exploitative. When the credit card associated with my gym membership expired they didn't contact me to update it (like every other company I deal with) - instead they charged me absurd fees that were twice the payments I missed. I ended up paying almost $55 to clear a debt of about $20!

I cancelled my membership with the gym in question as a result, so this was a bad outcome for me and for them - they will now lose $413.40 annually just so they could recoup $20.

So yeah, be very wary of any company that uses DebitSuccess, I would suggest avoiding altogether.

These guys take ripping off customers to a new level

If you see them in a contract, run.... don't walk, run out the door. They are are all bad, trouble is most here only find these reviews after they have been ripped off.

Our case. Debit a small sum of $15 one a month from a Mastercard, debit fails, by the time we find the email that's gone to spam, they have attempted to debit it again, fails.

For that they charge 2 x $10 fees for the failures.

When most people read this in their terms, they will think wow, that's expensive, better make sure there are always funds in my account. But it's not as simple as that.

They will charge you for every failure to charge, regardless of why it failed. In our case, bank reissued the card two months before the existing card failed. Activate the new card and the old card is deactivated. Bang, you have a charge failure.

Knowing how these systems work, they would have most likely been given a reason for the charge failuire, and in this case it would not have been "Insufficient Funds", ie an error that says it failed, permanently, so don't bother charging the card again, it's going to keep failing.

They don't give you any indication in the email to say why it failed, when they absolutely could. So you can easily get caught in the trap of assuming there were not funds in the account, check, there are funds, no worries leave it until next week, will probably work. Nope, charge failed, you just got hit with another fee.

While I can't prove it, I suspect they will hit you with that fee in all cases, even if there is just a technical issue.

Want to call and question this with them, good luck, they will quite smugly say tough, you saw the terms so go whistle in the wind.

But terms and conditions don't make it legal, to the best of my knowledge it's most likely illegal, as there isn't a chance they incur a charge this high for a failed transaction, they are just profiteering over bank fees, which is illegal. I'm in the process of clarifying this with ACCC. If so I'll update the review, but the more people file a complaint, the more likelihood they will get hit with huge fines.

Worst company i’ve ever dealt with

This company is just unbelievably greedy and completely incapable of providing a fair or reasonable service. I’ve never been treated worse by any other business. I’ve used direct debit platforms many other times, but debitsuccess just simply scam you. They have no mercy and no compassion.


They will charge you additional $10 fees even when you have sufficient funds in your account, and will try and do anything to prolong your contract even when you have finished, they've actually got sued for this before and lost. They're immoral, unethical, their staff is rude and snobby, and they are solely about getting your money. If a gym or club you're considering joining uses debitfailure, it's in your best interest to look elsewhere.
If anyone else has had the same happen to them make sure you get on the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, and lodge a complaint.

Not that bad....

Apparently they couldn't debit my account which incurred a $10 reversal fee, which is somewhat detestable but the service rep was polite and they just took my extra $10 and I stopped using the service using debit success, I don't really believe you should be billed for not having enough money in your account but it's nothing to freak out over.

Money hungry and inhuman

My credit card got hacked and my bank didn’t inform me when they cut my card off so when the money for my membership came out, it declined. However they coincidentally didn’t tell me until three days later when the late fee was charged. A charge of $14 turned into $67 within a week and a half. I got in contact with them to explain the issue and I was told to pay it before they cancel my membership so that I could attend the gym in the mean time and that I could send them through a document from my bank stating that the was fraud present in my latest statement. I have sent it in and I have called them multiple times and I still have no refund. Now when Im trying to cancel my membership they continued to charge me for my weekly membership and now have put multiple a late fees on it. I’m a young uni student trying to get by and stay fit and healthy with just enough money each week and all I wanted to do was join a friendly and inviting atmosphere to improve my social and spiritually well being but now I’m being charged ridiculous amounts of money from a company that strives on ripping people off. So money hungry, would definitely advise anyone to stay away from a gym that involves debit success as their way of finances.

Joke of a company

I had my card stolen and they tried to take out my payments multiple times and charged me an absolute fortune for it. I called them to explain and they had zero sympathy. Avoid this company. Money-hungry.

Great service

The accounts team are always helpful willing to offer the best service and advice.
They are prompt with getting back to any account issues and go the extra mile to resolve problems

Absolutely useless and money stealing.

Absolute useless I diots. Couldn’t send a payment through because “my account wasn’t ready” so they charge me $40 extra in late fees because of they’re mistake after I emailed them after repeatedly trying to make my payment and having this message pop up. They’re absolutely useless and won’t fix anything you complain about.

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Questions & Answers

Someone other than debit success please reply! Has anyone gone through the accc or financial ombudsman to sort this company out? I am at my wits end with paying extra money every week. It is disgraceful how this business works but I just want to find a way out of it. Ever since signing up for my gym they have been nothing but trouble. I still use my gym and cannot afford to pay the fee for breaking the contract. I have also heard from countless people of them transferring their gym membership only to have debt collectors come back months later saying they owe $800+ to this company. I am sure they aren't attempting to take money out of my account resulting in a fee. I just want to know what my options are to avoid this fraudulent and pathetic excuse for a company.
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I would also like to go through a financial ombudsman as I have been charged outside of my contract for Debit Success

Does you company appear as DEBITSSUCCESDF Notting H" on bank statements?
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Hi Kylie Thank you for your message. In order to accurately respond to this rplease contact us via pr@debitsuccess.com with the account name and number and we can look into your query. Kind regards, the Debitsuccess teamYes, that is one of the ways their company appears. Debitsuccessdf is the company name and the location debiting the amount is usually shown afterwards. I am not sure why this needs a name and account number, unless they want to be using it for 'chasing a default' or similar.

Hi, I am unable to afford any payments for the final part of my contract due to unemployment. I am already in arrears for my apartment weekly rent who are horribly warning us we may have to leave if payments are not made which again I can’t make anytime soon. I am worried and scared that due to me not having any work and not being able to afford my final payments with debit success I will be in trouble. Can you help?
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Hi there Thank you for your question and we are sorry to hear of your situation. As we're sure you can appreciate people are on different contracts and unfortunately due to security we're not able to respond to specific client information through this forum, however please contact us via pr@debitsuccess.com with the account name and number and our team would be happy to look into this. Kind regards, the Debitsuccess team

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