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Dux Prodigy 4

Dux Prodigy 4

135ZB4P, 170ZB4N, 135ZL, 170ZL and 170ZN
2.2 from 18 reviews

great product

We needed a new unit for our rental property. This product ticked all the boxes, great price, great service, great unit. Positive feedback from out tenant. We would definitely buy again.

Purchased .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance

Great like-for-like replacement

We needed to replace our 16 year old Dux Prodigy 3 in a hurry (big puddle on the ground under the unit) so I went to the local Bunnings at 7am on a Friday morning and had a new Prodigy 4 supplied and fitted by 1.45pm the same day. Can’t get much better than that! Everything appears to working perfectly so far. I looked into swapping over to a continuous hot water system but we would have had issues with the size of our gas supply pipe (too small) and lack of nearby electrical outlet. In the end we stuck with what we had and couldn’t be happier.

Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse for $890.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Household Size 4 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
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Hi Brett, Thank you for taking time to leave an excellent review. We do appreciate your business. Please email us at help@dux.com.au if we can help for you in the future. Cheers, The Dux Team

Hot Water Replacement

Our new Dux hot water system was installed in December & from the moment it was installed, I’ve been so happy with it. The Install went smooth & the installer was on time & very polite

Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 3 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
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Hi Rachel, Reading your review made our day! Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a nice review. We are incredibly grateful that you took time out to leave a review!! Best Regards, The Dux Team

Hot water replacement

Installation was quick and easy!
Hot water is HOT and is enough for a family of 5...
We were quoted $3100 by another plumber... instead we paid $1300... very very happy customers!!

Purchased .

Value for Money
Household Size 5 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
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Hi JLK, Thanks for the positive feedback - much appreciated!! The Dux Team


Great unit works well and water temperature is great no complicated about this product l would fully recommend to all my friends if any one to buy a new hot water system buy this product go to burnings they are good price and will arrange delivery and installation and take old system away

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Sam, Thanks for the positive feedback - much appreciated!! The Dux Team

Very happy with our water heating system

We had a Dux unit for over 10 years, I think about 13-14 years. We never had a problem with it and when he had to replace it we got the same Dux water heating system in an updated version. Very happy with our hot water heating system for the moment and I hope we will in the future too.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Mel, Thanks for your positive feedback - much appreciated!! The Dux Team

Crap heater

I would not buy A dux ever again and have advised everyone I know how poor these are and when it comes to after sale service don't bother cause they are not interested. Stay away from DUX it lasted 1 year and it has had problems ever since pay a bit extra and get a Rinnai.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
Hi Shane, We're sorry to hear you're not satisfied with your Dux water heater. Can you confirm if the water heater is working at present? We'd like to review your situation, but need some details to locate your customer records in our system. Are you able to email your name, best contact number, water heater installation address, model number and serial number to help@dux.com.au? Best regards, The Dux TeamHi our hot water goes out every day and has done since it was about 14 months old and we have to relight it. Best contact is MELINDA HANSSON 0403 309 548 Install Date 15 / 5 / 15 Purchase date 4 / 5 / 15 Model no = 135ZN Serial No =14111945002HHi Melinda, Thanks for sending your contact details through. The Service Agent was booked for Friday and we hope that your issue has been resolved. Best regards, The Dux Team

Luke warm water

units was installed 2 years 4 months ago, so it is out of warranty.Gas keeps going out having to relight approx 2-3 times per day. It replaced an 18yo dux system that never gave any issues but packed it in finally. Replaced with the 135l prodigy system. Gas goes out all the time and their service agent tells me these systems are very poor quality. Another agent tells me he can modify to give no issues so I'm going with that option to save $2460 (modify is $90 + call out)

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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Hi big woody, We're sorry to hear about your experience with your new Dux Prodigy gas water heater. We make these products in our Australian manufacturing facility, and they are premium featured, with a 4.5 star energy rating and the highest first hour capacity of any 4 star gas water heater on the market. It sounds like something is not functioning correctly with your water heater. We have received your details and will be in touch to organise an inspection. Best Regards, The Dux Team

Dux 170ZN Gas Water Heater

Coming into winter and no hot water
I would expect that a major item like a gas hot water heater would last longer than 5 years
Water is leaking everywhere and internal corrosion is evident at base
Not a good product made evident now by reading reviews
When you specialize in gas water heaters this is very disappointing from DUX

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Crack in the tank within 4 years

We had the Dux Prodigy 4 for 4 years before the tank started to leak. Contacted Dux who organised a plumber from Cavana Hot Water systems to inspect.
The plumber who attended said the tanks split at the bottom joint and it is a common manufacturing issue.
Dux organised a warranty replacement but I had to pay for the install which was around $800 which I felt was very expensive.
Retrospectively, I could have spent an extra $200 and purchased a brand new unit from another manufacturer with a full warranty. Lesson learnt I guess!

My experience, with customer service teams of Dux and Cavana, was terrible.

Keep away from them, if you can. Poor product quality + Poor customer service

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Not working properly since installed.

I rent this house for 10 years now and never had problems with the gas heater till last April when it decided to die and the real state was very quick to fix the problem and send the following day a plumber to install a new system. from the beginning I got only warm to mild hot water but I thought give it a time is new but after 3 months looks like the burner turns on only once a day imagine with 4 children and 2 adults I need more than that, the plumber came and checked the installation and everything looks ok, I took a shower to show him that the burner didn't turn on and he certified that, he called DUX and their reply was that if they send someone and can't find anything wrong (that of course they won't) they would charge 200 dollars. I'm not sure how someone could be still doing bussines with this kind of products and reviews. Now I have to wait to see if the owner wants to spend the 200 dollars or wait for the summer to get the next shower.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Poor lifespan

Sorry to say a very poor product - tank lining issue (water exits discoloured brown) a month after Dux's 5 year warranty ran out.

DUX not interested. Will pursue them in consumer affairs under statutory warranty. One would think that a HWS in excess of $1,000 should last longer than 5 years and one month

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Dux not worth your dollars

This product has never been reliable. We have contacted Dux sales team twice, the first time they refused to fix it (pilot light issue) and second time after using a bit of forceful negotiating they managed to send out two apprentices who were quick to point out it was leaking gas and piping was loose (we knew that already) and after wasting 170 litres of water and no hot water for three days, they fixed it. Every 3 months is the same story. Being a shift worker I expect to have continuous hot water available (this product doesn't and has never offered that!) While it is under warranty, Dux refuses to replace it. Do yourselves a favour: Don't buy Dux!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Terible workmenship /part

We bought this Protégé 4 model 170 L. Hot water tank at the end of 2011, with 7 years total with extende4d warranty. Still within the 3 years warranty, in September 2014 we had a feeling that somehow the hot water doesn't last the way it did before even with no difference in usage. Then in October 2014, one day, there was no more hot water , so when we checked, it was vissable that the connector of the gas pipe is loos and is leaking gas. Only when I called the manufacturer, I realised that the 7 years warranty (normal 3+4 extended purchased), covers only the tank itself (the big cylinder) but ALL the parts that make the tank produce hot water and the workmanship is only for 1 year. And here I am telling you that the workmanship is rubbish and the parts are probably not any better, when from a normal quality hot water tank that will have approximate life span of 10-15 years, with DUX, expect only a year or maybe 2 if you are lucky. They probably know that themselves, when they guarantee their product for only a year. After that....good luck to you....either pay your own plumber to fix it, or pay them to rip you off further, ..... What a shame!!!!....add to that the arrogant customer service that are there just to tell you- it's not covered and you should read the warranty papers before you call them.....Shame shame shame....I'll tell everyone I know to stay away from Dux.

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Hi Safiya, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please email us at feedback@dux.com.au with reference number PRW145, please include your 12 digit serial number. Thanks Dux After Sales.

For the 135z n. 11months post install and leaking over night

11months post install and it has started losing around 60 ml a night from the relief valve. Rang Dux and asked if this was normal, the answer person could not tell us if this was normal or not and refused to pass us through to anyone more technical who could help. They did say they could send plumber out to check the unit but if no fault found we would be libel for the callout fee >$130. And wanted credit card details before anyone was sent out. When we insisted on talking with a more technical person to see if the leakage was acceptable the phone call was disconnected.

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Hi Ray Brown, We are sorry to hear of your experience, we would like to investigate this issue further, please contact us on 1300 365 115 - option 2 with reference number PRW139. In regards to if it is normal for the pressure relief valve to leak, for a 135L system it is normal for the system to discharge approximately 4L in a 24 hour period - depending on usage. Thanks Dux After Sales.

Little to recommend it

Had it installed as part of a renovation. Worked ok for the first 6 months or so and then the pilot light starting going out intermittently. Have had the thermocoupler (I think) replaced under warranty but since then, pilot light is going out more regularly and when it is working, the water is warm at best, despite the thermostat set to hot. Am awaiting another warranty to callout which will hopefully fix it

pilot light going out, low temparature

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Hi, Please contact Dux if you do not hear from the service contractor who is re attending your property. Please make note your reference number is PRW038. Thanks Dux After Sales.

DUX After Sales Service

We purchased a Dux Prodigy 4 gas water heater on 2 Dec 12 through The Plumbing Doctor Newcastle. Then on 2 June 12 the unit failed , the installer was called to repair. The Plumbing Doctor failed to realize that they initially installed the unit even though they had affixed their company sticker to the unit. As a result they charged us $245 to replace the Thermocoupler. We attempted to claim under the warranty from both Dux & The Plumbing Doctor on 1 Nov (due to being on extended holidays) both refused our claim. We lodged a complaint with NSW Dept Fair Trading - even they failed to persuade The Plumbing Doctor due to their negligence and Dux said the fault was not reported direct to them initially so they could not assist.
The unit failed again on 8 Jan 13 as the unit was outside warranty and we did not trust the original installer, an independent plumber was calEd. He replaced the thermocoupler, then the unit controller, still it did not work. The gas would only stay alight for a short time
I phoned Dux on Friday 11 Jan who immediately said unit was out of warranty and call suggested we call one of their recommended plumbers.
Our plumbers after enquiring found that the Prodigy 4 was prone to failure due to incorrect gas/air mixture.
This was relayed to Dux who again fell back on the warranty being expired. I insisted that I speak to a manager, service person Arpita promised to call back by 5pm. As no call received by 4.50pm I phoned and spoke to Sandy who advised that their computer systems we down and phone back on Monday. She could not help even though we would be without hot water for at least 3 additional days.
I don't hold much hope Dux will assist and again hide behind its warranty clause.

Does not work

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Hi, We would like to investigate further. Please email Dux on feedback@dux.com.au and give a brief description of the problem. Include your name, address and phone number so that we can contact you quickly. Please also include the 12 digit serial number of your hot water system. Thanks, Dux Hot Water

Didn't even last 3 months

After 11 years our Rheem heater ruptured the tank so in the haste to get hot water back on I called a plumber mate who said he could install it that afternoon if I could find a new heater on on Saturday. Bunnings had the largest stock of multiple manufactures so with my friends help over the phone I was able to purchase a similar system. Install was easy enough and we've been happy for the last (nearly) 3 months.On Saturday the tank on the new Dux ruptured so with less panic, because it was under warranty I called Dux Customer Service at 10am.
That's what started my quest to write Dux a 1 star review.
The polite lady told me that she couldn't get a plumber out on Saturday but 1 would ring first thing Monday. At 1pm on Monday I again rang Dux Customer Service and I was told the plumber had been given the job and would ring soon to do the inspection. At 7pm the plumber rang and said he would be around in 15mins. After turning the water on and having it stream from the hole in the tank I was told, "you defiantly need a new one". The plumber couldn't get hold of his boss on the phone so now I'm still waiting for a replacement unit.
2 x kids in winter with no hot water for a least 3 days, thanks for nothing Dux!

It only lasted 3 months, very bad warranty service

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Dear TEAM, Dux would like to investigate the incident you have written about. Please email Dux on feedback@dux.com.au and include your name, serial number and address so that we can easily identify your product and get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks.

Questions & Answers

why is brown water shown in the hot water tap?
5 answers
why is brown water shown in the hot water tapWe had brown water soon after the plumber changed the unit. He left the water to run maybe for a minute until it cleared. Since then we had never had brown water.Hi Jaime, Typically brown or discoloured water coming out of the hot water tap may indicate that sediment in the hot water lines is flushing through, or there has been contamination of the water supply source (particularly after heavy rain or if there's construction near by). If the tank is old, it could be starting to rust as the enamel layer breaks down in part over time, and the exposed steel section of the inner cylinder begins to rust. This could be an indication that your tank is on the way out, and it may be time to consider replacing your current system. If you send your contact and water heater model details through to help@dux.com.au, we can arrange for a Service Agent to visit your site and inspect the unit. Thanks, The Dux Team

Where abouts is the polite light?
No answers

Can the 135 litre prodigy 4 lay down for transport? My local Bunnings (Seven Hills) guy wouldn't let me load one in the back of my station wagon, insisting the package must be upright at all times to avoid damage to the tank and fittings inside the carton. All the plumbers in my area have vans and there is no way a tank can stand up in a van. Now I have to contact an installer in the middle of the christmas break who will buy the tank at trade price and still charge me $250 plus to do a clean swap over of my old hardie dux system.
1 answer
Hi Anthony , Thank you for your feedback .All our units need to be transported at 90 degrees as they have a sacrificial anode which can break during transportation if layed down. Hope this information has been useful and if you need any further information please contact us on 1300 365 115 . Regards Dux Hot Water

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